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Trailer Å The Clone Republic PDF by ä Steven L. Kent First off, let me say that no, this book is not anything like Star Wars This book is fascinating to read, and after reading the rest of the series, Steven L Kent has managed to become one of my favorite authors This book tells the intriguing story of Wayson Harris, a Unified Authority marine fresh out of training The book takes place in the 26th century, and the Unified Authority is a hyper evolved plutocratic version of the United States As Harris journeys across the various planets of the U.
A, he deals with concepts such as a sometimes not so subtle prejudice against cloned servicemen who are actually unaware of their synthetic origin , corruption in government and society, and dealing with foreign culture in an age where those words were supposedly rendered meaningless centuries ago Harris also has to deal with the inherent immorality of war The phi The Clone Rebellion follows the character of Private First class Wayson Harris from his first posting from the State run orphanage from where he was raised The storyline is almost exclusively told from this perspective but in the third person DHarris s first posting to may seem to be a bit of dump but as the Clone Rebellion it becomes very apparent that the posting was form of protection from powers high up looking to keep him out of trouble As the story progresses though Harris is thrust into the lime light due mostly to his own action and the urge to do what is right D This is portrayed extremely well with each deed coming perfectly naturally and to the surprise of the main character who is constantly under the impression that each promotion is totally undeserved D This adds some humour to the proceedings DThe other characters in the book though are also we Earth, AD Humans Have Spread Across The Six Arms Of The Milky Way Galaxy The Unified Authority Controls Earth S Colonies With An Iron Fist And A Powerful Military A Military Made Up Almost Entirely Of Clones Private First Class Wayson Harris Was Raised In A UA Orphanage Among Thousands Of Clones Born And Bred To Be The Ultimate Soldiers But Harris Isn T Like The Other Marines He Has A Mind Of His Own He Figures He S Paying For That Independent Streak When His First Assignment Out Of Boot Camp Is The Smallest Marine Outpost In The Whole UAWhen A Rogue General Surfaces, The Remote Desert World Harris Thought Was A Dead End Posting Becomes Anything But Fighting Off The General S Raid Gains Harris A Promotion But It Also Brings Him To The Attention Of Some Unfriendly UA Leaders They Have Their Own Plans For The Military Plans Harris Disrupts By His Very Existence For In An Army Of Clones, The One Unforgivable Sin Is To Be Different Sci Fi Check Military themed Check A loner as the main character Check Some twists and turns you don t see coming Check You ve got me I like how this book deals with the colonisation of space when there are no Aliens in the whole galaxy How will mankind deal with that With a dictatorship in which Earth controls its colonies with an iron fist and a large military presence Highly possible I also like how it deals with an army of clones It could have been boring but here we get a special twist Yes, they are clones but every clone has a different personality and they don t know that they are clones I also like the main character, Wayson Harris, and a lot of the supporting characters, Vince Lee, Admiral Klyber, Master Sergeant Shannon and Captain McKay guess what I ve been thinking the first time I read that name and so on, a lot I like how My Thoughts This is going to be a really tough review to write, mainly because this book wound me up for quite some time before I reached the end, and not really in a good way Please remember that this is just my own opinion, and you will need to read the book yourself to form your own views I am going to break this review down somewhat, to help me to articulate everything that I feel I need to There is quite a lot for me to get through First Impressions The idea of this novel struck me Give me anything to do with conformity, cloning, remnants of a dystopian society and I will be all over it, whether the book is set on planet Earth or otherwise I had never picked up anything from military sci fi before, and so this has opened up a whole new genre for me I love to read military history, action and adventure stories, fantasy and science fiction and so as long as a book has Good book This follows the life of a Marine in the future If you like sci fi and not complicated , I suggest this Currently reading the second book in the series.
Titan books in the UK are currently catching up on a lot of authors that our US readers have already met Jack Campbell, Kevin J Anderson and John Birmingham, for example.
Their latest conscript is Steven L Kent, whose nine book series has already been quite popular in the US The Clone Republic, the first in the series, is standard mil SF for those who want to upgrade from those clones in the Star Wars novels These are books that cover similar ground but are much adult in nature and please note, the language used often reflects this It is the year 2508AD The Unified Authority rules over the galaxy, using clones for much of its policing across the colonies The story is told from the perspective of one of these clones, Private First Class Wayson Harris, initially newly assigned to the small and obscure desert outpost of Gobi on a planet called Ravenwood As a clon Did you enjoy Deathstalker Vlad Taltos Drizzt Ender This series is of that high of a caliber to rank in my five best of all time This series is outstanding While it is necessary to read them in order to properly follow the sequence of events, he goes into enough detail within the book to allow you to catch up or bring back to memory things that have transpired The premise the military consists entirely of clone soliders, very expendable clone soldiers with no thought for self preservation The galaxy has been explored and settled Earth is united in purpose and government Our main character is also a clone, but one from a mold that has been tossed away due to its inability to distinquish friend from foe And he has valuable allies in the military and the government Yet someone wants him dead Expect the unexpected, there are so many pl

This story felt clumsily cobbled together and all the relationships between the characters felt superficial When characters died I didn t feel anything and it didn t seem to me that the surviving characters felt much The story kicks off with a prologue that finds the MC in the year A.
D 2510, about to face likely death in some remote outpost on some dumpy planet The rest of the book details the two years leading up to that point but a lot of it just wasn t that interesting The whole story circles back around to the beginning but I m just not sure what the whole point was.
Damn This started so well, and I thought I had found another space opera type series I could really enjoy The opening dialogue, which I read in the bookshop, drew me in immediately, in the way truly engaging thrillers doName The sergeant barked the question withouth bothering to look up from his desk p 13 Fantastic I was immediately in the story, and the fact that Wayson Harris, freshly baked space marine and key character, was portrayed through an I narrator point of view made this even immersive.
The first time I grew a little bit sceptical about Wayson was relatively early on, in the second chapter In the scene in question, another marine puts Wayson in an uncomfortable, illegal even, situation Remember, this is I narrative So here is how I extricate myself from this spot of

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Trailer Å The Clone Republic PDF by ä Steven L. Kent Steven L Kent is the author of the Rogue Clone series of Military Science Fiction novels as well as The Ultimate History of Video Games.Born in California and raised in Hawaii, Kent served as a missionary for the LDS Church between the years of 1979 and 1981 During that time, he worked as a Spanish speaking missionary serving migrant farm workers in southern Idaho.While Kent has a Bachelor s deg