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[ Pdf Bloom è western-sahara PDF ] by Elizabeth Scott ô There S A Difference Between Falling And Letting Go Lauren Has A Good Life Decent Grades, Great Friends, And A Boyfriend Every Girl Lusts After So Why Is She So Unhappy It Takes The Arrival Of Evan Kirkland For Lauren To Figure Out The Answer She S Been Holding Back She S Been Denying Herself A Bunch Of Things Like Sex Because Staying With Her Loyal And Gorgeous Boyfriend, Dave, Is The Right Thing To Do After All, Who Would Give Up The Perfect Boyfriend But As Dave Starts Talking And About Their Life Together, Planning A Future Lauren Simply Can T See Herself In And As Lauren S Craving For Evan, And Over, Who She Is With Evan Becomes All The Fierce Lauren Realizes She Needs To Make A Choicebefore One Is Made For Her When I had read this book, I wanted to discuss it with my friends I found I couldn t It doesn t have anything to do with the plot or the story, but with the protagonists One hour after I had read it, I realized I didn t know the names any Have you ever tried to tell somebody about a book and had to begin Well, there is this girl her name I don t know Let s just call her girl 1 Girl 1 has a boyfriend his name I don t know either Let s just call him boy 1 She also has a best friend, whom we can call girl 2 and meets an old friend, boy 2 If you haven t noticed This won t work.
I never read a book and forgot the names of the protagonists just as fast as I finished it Looks like there is a first time for everything.
If you like those books with typical love stories When Lauren is with Dave, she s envied by all, and Lauren thinks nothing can get better than being with her boyfriend With him, his perfection rubs on her, making her perfect as well But Lauren isn t happy And when an old friend, Evan, comes along, Lauren suddenly realizes that she should change things about her life before she can t I am not impressed with Bloom at all I guess I had high extremely high expectations and was less than pleased when I finally finished reading I don t think I liked anything about it Nada.
Lauren is whiny times a hundred Overboard She s always complaining about this or that yes, teenagers do that, but I have an incredibly hard time sympathizing with her about anything It s like her story is so, so forced Everything screams fake and lifeless It s terrible when the world the author has created doesn t resonate with me at all She

Why I disliked the book 1 Lauren was too boy crazy Every thought she had was Evan Evan Evan Dave Evan Evan Evan Evan I get sick of the realllllfast And the book is 231 pages of this nonstop 2 She thought her relationship with Dave was boring and safe because Dave didn t want to take it to the next level Do some role reversing, does this sound right And she kind threw her virginity in Evan s direction This whole sex debocle didn t sit right with me.
3 I don t get how she could befriend Gail in the matter of days, and then spill all her dirty little secrets to her That whole Gail Lauren friendship didn t work very well, Gail was only there when Lauren the plot needed her, and then she disappeared into the backdrop.
4 This is where I should say I break up with Dave Or that I stop seeing Evan But there s nothing to say because I don t do anything I think about it, tell myself I wi 3.
5 stars AND YES, I will admit that I m adding half a star for those mind blowingly HOT kisses Man, this woman can write kissing scenes like nobody s business Even if the ones kissing have a tendency to make me REALLY want to slap some sense into them.
Also, I hatehateHATE the phrase chewed off smile Ms Scott seems to have a thing for it, but whenever I read it I think of someone literally chewing off the other s smile And that s justblech.

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