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[ Read Online Henrietta's War: News from the Home Front, 1939-42 é civil-war PDF ] by Joyce Dennys Î WWII from the perspective of the home front in a small village in Devon I was taken aback and disconcerted at how light hearted and cheerful it is, frothy, even But then one recollects that as a collection of newspaper sketches, many if not most of its original readers had plenty of grim reality close at hand and probably cherished its wittiness greatly It s enlivened by sketches by the author which add some period charm.
This book consists of fictional letters from the pen of Henrietta Brown, a housewife and mother, married to local doctor Charles, written to her childhood friend Robert However, much of the life of Henrietta mirrored that of Joyce Dennys born in India, she attended Art School in Exeter in the book, her lodger was also a fellow art student and she was also the wife of a doctor, a mother and a writer and artist During the way, the character of Henrietta became a propaganda tool a comfort to those people who read the letters in Sketch magazine, as well as helping her own frustration at not being able to work as a writer Husband Charles amazement when somebody sends her an unexpected food parcel from Australia after reading one of her, mouldy little stories probably shows her resentment than any other line in the book These letters were co This is a compilation of a set of fictional letters based one the real WW II experiences in Joyce s town While she and her family are given different names, everyone else in the book is fictional as is the childhood friend they are addressed to They were printed in a London newspaper throughout the war.
The humour is lovely, the characters endearing and the writing good Naturally, WW II was a serious time, but there is almost always a time and place for humour to help people cope, and I think this is a good one This book ends during 1941, and I m waiting for the second in this two book series to arrive to read the letters from the rest of the war.
A lovely, gentle, cozy read This book transports you to an English village at the height of WWII It might seem an odd time and place to find so much gentleness and hope but the characters of the book show so much strength in challenging situations that you can t help but love them.
Delightful classic English village humor Think Angela Thirkell without the nastiness, snobbery, and tendency to run on Agatha Cristie without the body in the library If you need something to help you cope with the sheer awfulness of life today and the pervasive corrosive cynicism this will do nicely.
Enjoyed this immensely A lighthearted look at a series subject Set in WWII in a small English village, it s a look at the attitude of the people by the local doctor s wife Though the names are different, this is written at the actual time of the war so we have first hand accounts throughout It is in the form of letters to an old friend at the front and she is filling him in on all the doings of the village If you enjoy home front stories of the war and some great character depictions, you ll love this Would definitely recommend it.
Spirited Henrietta Wishes She Was The Kind Of Doctor S Wife Who Knew Exactly How To Deal With The Daily Upheavals Of War But Then, Everyone In Her Close Knit Devonshire Village Seems To Find Different Ways To Cope There S The Indomitable Lady B, Who Writes To Hitler Every Night To Tell Him Precisely What She Thinks Of Him The Terrifyingly Efficient Mrs Savernack, Who Relishes The Opportunity To Sit On Umpteen Committees And Boss Everyone Around Flighty, Flirtatious Faith Who Is Utterly Preoccupied With The Latest Hats And Flashing Her Shapely Legs And Then There S Charles, Henrietta S Hard Working Husband Who Manages To Sleep Through A Bomb Landing In Their Neighbour S Garden With Life Turned Upside Down Under The Shadow Of War, Henrietta Chronicles The Dramas, Squabbles And Loyal Friendships That Unfold In Her Affectionate Letters To Her Dear Childhood Friend Robert Warm, Witty And Perfectly Observed, Henrietta S War Brings To Life A Sparkling Community Of Determined Troupers Who Pull Together To Fight The Good Fight With Patriotic Fervour And Good Humour Henrietta S War Is Part Of The Bloomsbury Group, A New Library Of books From The Early Twentieth Century Chosen By Readers For Readers For most of this book my rating was a or rating But as I read the last couple of entries I just began to see so much of her humor Not sure that I had realized that she had also done the illustrations And I think it began to remind me of the Lucia and Mapp stories that I had stumbled upon at the local public library, long before it was on PBS.
The biographical note at the conclusion advises that Dennys had put aside her artwork when she married a doctor much like Henrietta and became a mother After they came back to England and difficulties with Germany had picked up she started writing and illustrating these little missives under the name of Henrietta Brown as letters to her childhood friend Robert covering 1939 through the end of 1941 And the thing is that it was done contemporaneously Painting an interesting picture of a small community in Wartime Devonshire.
I had wanted to read Joyce Dennys Henrietta s War Notes from the Home Front, 1939 1942 for such a long time before I finally got my hands on a copy I have seen many favourable reviews of it over the years, and am now adding my own into the mix The book s blurb greatly praises Dennys, saying as it does Hundreds of small towns in England underwent dramas similar to those enjoyed or bravely borne by the citizens of this one But none of those other small towns sheltered an observer with such an eye for comedy, who was equally deft with pen and pencil Henrietta s War is a fictionalised series of wartime letters, which first appeared as a regular magazine feature in the United Kingdom, in the now defunct Sketch They were not published together until 1985 however, after Dennys uncovered them in a drawer during a particularly thorough spring clean She Inevitably I found myself comparing this to The Diary of a Provincial Lady which, of course, I love But I also loved Henrietta s War News from the Home Front 1939 1942, which is gentler and kinder in some ways I assume that the setting is Budleigh Salterton, since the town seems to own several of Joyce Dennys s paintings of local scenes they are full of the sort of characters who populate her book, which is rather joyous I love the story, early on, that the local fisherman are telling the summer visitors outrageous stories, and Charles merely observes that perhaps the fishermen aren t always being entirely truthful Or little comments like Bindweed is a crawling plant which has its roots in Australia There are fewer references, too, to enervating battles with the servants Henrietta seems to get on quite warmly with hers But despite its humour, Henrietta s

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[ Read Online Henrietta's War: News from the Home Front, 1939-42 é civil-war PDF ] by Joyce Dennys Î pamyatnik.pro JOYCE DENNYS was born 14th August 1883 in India The Dennys family relocated to England in 1886 Dennys enjoyed drawing lessons throughout her schooling and later enrolled at Exeter Art School In 1919 Dennys married Tom Evans, a young doctor, and they moved to Australia While living in New South Wales, Dennys s work was constantly in print and exhibited in many galleries In 1922 Joyce became a