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[Sabrina Darby] ñ On These Silken Sheets [us-presidents PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ Lush, vivid, and emotional, this erotic Regency anthology was delightfully sinful The storytelling was mesmerizing and focused on the lusty world of the exclusive club, Harridan House Decadent and full of sensual naughtiness, I felt like a voyeur in the lives of these sexy characters.
My first impression upon reading this book The format was bold and refreshing The stories really are complete novel like story arcs, 30 or so 1 2 page chapters, condensed down to novella size The pace is fast sacrificing a little in the way of setting and atmosphere, but not in character or conflict I really felt like I was experiencing a new format for storytelling.
The first story, Against the Wall, starts steamy and strong It definitely gets your attention by jumping straight into the sex and conflict and the tension remains high throughout For me, the other novellas struggled to keep up, though each had their high points.
There seemed to be a glut of sex club themed collections out this year and I d say this was one of the stronger ones I read.
A fantastic debut from Sabrina Darby On These Silken Sheets combines all the sumptuous things I love about historical romance with the very best kind of heat I can t wait for her next book

f I were to describe On These Silken Sheets with one word it would be hot Downright sizzling even.
Against the Wall The Tale of Carolina Hargreaves and Viscount StantonThese twoI enjoyed this story the most, though I think I would have killed one or the both of them at any given moment I took a vicarious sort of joy when Carolina s Aunt verbally slapped her down for being stupid and Stanton suddenly realized what a fool he had been those two months Daily sex plus no precautions at all usually ends only one way Still the two of them interested me, especially Carolina who took to her sensual nature quite easily and wasn t ashamed of the fact that she knew how to please herself It ended a little abruptly the epilogue jumping at least 10 months into the future Four erotic Regency novellas by the eloquent Sabrina Darby, who has become one of my favorite historical romance authors I am enchanted by her voice and writing style The spareness and succinctness of her words in beautiful and elegant language completely engages me in the story The chapters are very short about one or two pages but manage to convey a lot of meaning, emotion, and nuance in a short space The running theme throughout the book is Harridan House, an exclusive pleasure palace for the wealthy to indulge their basest desires Darby also mentioned Harridan House in Private Research, a contemporary novel, when the hero in that book researched his family s history.
For my full review on my historical romance and history blog My guilty secret this is one of the books that taught me to enjoy erotic romance There are four inter related novellas about the goings on at Harriden House, ont of Regency England s most exclusive gentlemen s clubs run by the secretive Madame Rouge She, and three of her friends meet men, have sex and fall in love in that order In Harriden House every possible sexual act between consenting adults can be purchased or observed or both But its not only about body parts as the men discover when they meet the right woman Even Madame Rouge herself finds a soulmate And in the fifth and final vignette, readers get an epilogue that shows that Happily Ever After doesn t always have to mean love and marriage.
This is a set of four interwoven novellas, featuring two couples each I wasn t sure I d care for the format, as I don t really like novellas, but not only did I become a fan of the book, I became a fan of the format.
What makes this work is the varying levels of experience amongst the eight players, the differences in their motivations, and how much they each risked to find love My favorite was 3, Roses are Rouge Madames need love, too, yanno.
I recommend this highly It s good erotic romance, heavy on the romance yet still hawt It s billed as erotica It is not.
Hidden Behind Black Silk Masks And Draped Across Silken Sheets, In These Four Regency Novellas, Pleasure Awaits At Harridan House, An Exclusive Club Presided Over By The Mysterious Madame RougeIn An Intense, Anonymous Sexual Encounter, A Man Who Has Vowed Never To Marry Unless He Can Be Faithful, Might Just Have Met His Match Under The Tutelage Of A Mysterious Lady, Another Man Learns How To Throw Away His Stuffiness And Really Please A Woman Madame Rouge Explores The Push And Pull Of Choosing Between Intellect And Desire And In The Final Story, A Confirmed Bachelor Meets The One Woman Who Can Lure Him From The Myriad Delights Of Harridan House, Madame Rouge S Maid, Who Has Decided That At Twenty Eight It Is Finally Time To Enter The World She S Observed For So Long I was really looking forward to reading On These Silken Sheets, so much so, that I gushed about it to my friend dear friend Mona Leigh who ended up being able to read it before me O.
o As I finally delved in and started to devour it, I was in total love, that is until I reached the third story and it felt as if the book I was reading was taken away and replaced with a complete and random 180 While the first two stories are smexy and extremely HOT, the last two left me cold and sad.
This is a series of novellas that are all connected by the Harridan House The writing is okay but the stories themselves are fun and steamy I cared about the characters and I enjoyed reading the stories I have read this collection several times and I still love it.

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