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↠´ Sing Me to Sleep À Download by À Angela Morrison THE TRANSFORMATION Beth Has Always Been The Beast , That S What Everyone At School Calls Her Because Of Her Awkward Height, Facial Scars, And Thick Glasses Beth S Only Friend Is Geeky, Golden Haired Scott That Is, Until She S Selected To Be Her Choir S Soprano Soloist, And Receives The Makeover That Will Change Her Life Forever THE LOVE AFFAIR When Beth S Choir Travels To Switzerland, She Meets Derek Pale, Brooding, Totally Dreamy Derek S Untethered Passion, For Music, And For Beth, Leaves Her Breathless Because In Derek S Eyes She S Not The Beast, She S The Beauty THE IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE When Beth Comes Home, Scott, Her Best Friend In The World, Makes A Confession That Leaves Her Completely Torn Should She Stand By Sweet, Steady Scott Or Follow The Dangerous, Intense New Feelings She Has For Derek THE HEARTBREAK The Closer Beth Gets To Derek, The Further Away He Seems Then Beth Discovers That Derek S Been Hiding A Dark Secret From Her That Could Shatter Everything At last I can bring you a low priced Kindle edition of Sing Me to Sleep This is a new author edit, complete with the epilogue the powers at Razorbill made me cut I think you ll agree it finishes Beth, Scott and Derek s tragic tale perfectly.
I ve heard from so many SING readers around the world and hope to now hear from many I m thrilled to make it available to readers at last.
The kindle edition is available at 2010I m so excited Sing Me to Sleep is a 2010 Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for YA Fiction Thank you all so much for making this happen Please vote and tell the world you did via Tweets, you blogs, and FaceBook I m looking around at the other books and others nominated and can t quite believe me and my sweet little book are h I must say that Sing Me to Sleep is one of the best books I ve read these few years Angela cleverly weaves a touching, absorbing story about friendship, family, love and life Sing Me to Sleep makes me see the harsh realities of life, the unyielding power of friendship, and shows us that true love transcends all.
Beth was once an ugly girl who was bullied some mean boys in school After she received sessions of beauty treatment in order to be presentable as the Bliss s soloist during the Choral Olympics, she becomes a beauty Even though we always say that inner beauty is important, this novel suggests otherwise Just take Beth as an example, why did she receive such unfair treatments in school I m sure you know the answer well.
Beth follows her choir to Switzerland to participate in the competition There,

This review contains some mild spoilers This book has been a Christmas present Thank you, Kim And that makes not finishing it pretty impolite So sorry, Kim But I also know, that Kim has the same opinion as I have when it comes to reading and pleasure Spending time with a novel means having fun, means being entertained in the first place to us And if a book starts to bore, to annoy or to make turning pages hard, there is always the possibility to switch books I could peruse the question Is it me or is it the book And in many cases I would have to admit It s me But since we are speaking hobby here, the consequences would be the same The book has to go I am very grateful for the chance to try this one, though, because The writing is quite good If one likes makeover stories that turn a hideous girl into so I know so many people who have read this seem to have LOVED it, but by the end of it all I felt wasconfused There s so much focus on how ugly Beth is at the beginning of the book like, she SCARES KIDS AT THE LIBRARY ugly huh Really she s just tall and has frizzy hair and acne and giant thick glasses, but people at school treat her like she s some kind of monster freak Except for her best friend Scott, who is completely in love with her, but since she knows she s a beast she doesn t see it Okay, though the extent of the teasing and the scaring of kids seemed a little over the top for reality, sure, the part about Scott rang true I ve been there But what happened next really bothers me Her choir group forces her to get laser dermabrasion, stuff her bra, wear makeup and flat iron and dye her hair blonde,

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↠´ Sing Me to Sleep À Download by À Angela Morrison NEWSFLASH My newest book, AN OCEAN ATWEEN US, is now available on And now back to your regularly scheduled bio In Kindergarten I wanted to become a veterinarian, have ten kids, and a hundred cats Then I went to first grade and learned how to write It took a few decades, but I m living my dream and loving it I did end up with a wonderful husband, four amazing kids, and a