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[ Read Online Fallen ↠´ dying-earth PDF ] by Lauren Kate ☆ This book is fucked THEY FALL IN LOVE IN TWO DAYS.
Evidence of this book s similarities to Twilight 1 New girl at school2 Mary Sue3 Girl attracts the hottest guys even though she has no personality or depth or anything remotely interesting about her4 Guy is extremely mysterious because he stands at a corner and glares at everyone passing by rude, and tells the girl to stay away from him5 Guy follows her around, and the girl isn t fazed whatsoever6 Guy is 100 and something years old and girl is 17I don t understand What is it with YA paranormal romance writers and making their characters complete dimwits with no depth I m tired of these dull, boring, weak, characterless girls It s a damn shame I ve had such shitty experiences with YA books in my life It makes me want to give up on the YA romance genre for good.
Thanks, Satan, but your book recommendation didn t work out that well Better luck next time, yeah Along with literally HUNDREDS of other people who read this book, I was completely brainwashed by the stunning cover I literally walked into WHSmith, looked at it, had a massive aneurysm, and by the time I d come round the book was inexplicably in my hand and my wallet was thirty dollars lighter.
Who knew Gaiz I should have known better than to pick up something that P.
C Cast, of all people, loved loved loved P.
C Cast would love love love a piece of broken dry wall if it promised her some publicity I mean, really Come on Just take a look at this thingShe didn t usually get involved with rocker guys but then again, none of them had ever pulled the desk next to her even closer, plopped do 1 StarGeeeeez.
This was quite the YA train wreck And I probably should have known better But, I saw this on the library shelfits protective and majestic plastic library jacket just gleaming with promises of fantastical wonderand I was drawn in like the total sucker I am But then reality hit Sigh This thing was about 100 pages too longwhile still simultaneously feeling like it was 100 pages too short of actual information You know, INFORMATION, AKAWHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ONThe mystery of what who Daniel and all the other keys players in this thing are were withheld until the last 30 pages of this 420 page jackfest, and not only that, but I felt like we were moving at the pace of molasses High viscous molasses Traveling uphill

I didn t like this book the first time I read it, when it was called Aformal review of this book is on my blog which is still new xD Check it out Updated March 9th, 2012 Also everyone, click here sigh A fucking movie Just what I needed.
Lucinda Fucking Price.
You d still stalk a guy even after he flipped you off when you first locked eyes with him Even if he told you STRAIGHT IN THE FACE that he didn t want ANYTHING to do with you.
Why Justwhy I mean, he s hot I get it But what the fuck about Daniel Grigori is even remotely close to sweetOr did you not want sweetness in your boyfriends Did you actually want to be treated like doormat covered with shit Maybe you re a masochist, then No surprise there.
You know who was sweet and available and equally hot You know who didn t treat you like a pile of crap But of course, Lauren Kate decided to make him the bad guy in the end You all know who I m talking about I was just starting to like him, Boring, lacking interesting characters, boring, terrible love interest, Bella Swan, boring There are so many things I could rant about the 30% that I read, but instead I shall review this is one gif.
First off, I d have given this book zero stars were it possible, but since it isn t I gave it one star This book is full of fail, end of story There is no other way to describe this book, really That s a lie There is another way to describe how bad this book is Take everything that sucked about the Twilight series and multiply that by any number except zero Or one Or any negative number Aw, crap, you know what I mean Because really, this book is a bad version of Twilight except with Fallen angels instead of vampires Oh, and, compared to this book, Twilight is a friggin literary masterpiece That s how bad this book is You think Bella is irritating Meet Luce Price, the most irritating protagonist ever She s stupid yet still somehow incredibly smart, according to her grades , a creepy stalker, and has zero sense of self worth or shame When Daniel, this story s hero , flips Luc What If The Person You Were Meant To Be With Could Never Be YoursYear Old Lucinda Falls In Love With A Gorgeous, Intelligent Boy, Daniel, At Her New School, The Grim, Foreboding Sword Cross Only To Find Out That Daniel Is A Fallen Angel, And That They Have Spent Lifetimes Finding And Losing One Another As Good Evil Forces Plot To Keep Them Apart Get Ready To Fall

Lauren Kate

[ Read Online Fallen ↠´ dying-earth PDF ] by Lauren Kate ☆ pamyatnik.pro Lauren Kate is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, and her newest release, The Orphan s Song She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.