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» Before I Fall Ñ Download by Í Lauren Oliver For Popular High School Senior Samantha Kingston, FebruaryCupid Day Should Be One Big Party, A Day Of Valentines And Roses And The Privileges That Come With Being At The Top Of The Social Pyramid And It Is Until She Dies In A Terrible Accident That NightHowever, She Still Wakes Up The Next Morning In Fact, Sam Lives The Last Day Of Her Life Seven Times, Until She Realizes That By Making Even The Slightest Changes, She May Hold Power Than She Ever ImaginedBefore I Fall Is Now A Major Motion Picture Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, And Kian Lawley Named To Numerous State Reading Lists, The Novel Was Also Recognized As A Best Book Of The Year By, Barnes Noble, The Daily Beast, NPR, And Publishers Weekly I am not going for these evil sshole girls on here I cringed and raged through most of the book I didn t give a rat s ss about these evil girls The worse was Lindsay to me The only reason I have the book 2 stars is because Sam redeemed herself after all of the days she relived She went back and did all of the right things Whether it was all a dream or something, I don t know but she did good in the end The very end was bittersweet in it s own way But, going through the books and hearing all of the things the girls did to other people, because they were bullies, was just sick I hate bullies so freaking much and the book has to blow my mind in order for me to love a book with them in it This one just didn t I m not going to go on and on about it I m so glad that soooooooooo I have to confess something before I write this review This book is about a teenager, Sam, who is a Mean Girl who trips into Groundhog Day world and is set on a path to redemption My confession is that I used to be a girl almost exactly like Sam.
Shallow, egotistical and worst of all mean Really, really mean I ve commented before on the fact that I was a terrible teenager My parents did not so much try to raise me through these years More like they tried to survive me as you would a hurricane In this book, Sam comes to the final realization that she is a bitch I know I related to this bookperhaps than some other readers would because I had to come to my own realization about that It is a strange and aggravatingly unsettling experience to wake up and realize the world neither revolves around you, nor should it, because you are

I shiver, thinking about how easy it is to be totally wrong about people to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole.
4 1 2 stars Back in 2010, I read Before I Fall and immediately thought I d found a new favourite author I eagerly awaited every book Lauren Oliver released after it and yet, I have disliked every single one My dislike for her writing style in books like Rooms and Vanishing Girls made me wonder what happened Could it be that Oliver s style had so drastically changed Or was it my own changing tastes that had pulled me away from her books Returning to this book in 2015, it is still as fantastic as I remember It is truly such a strong YA Contemporary with a non realistic spin and the writing is perfect The saddest thing about reading this book again was finally understanding I hated this book, and loved it It s cruel, and frustrating, unfair, and yet it s also sad, and hopeful, and honest and authentic I m not sure how everyone else feels about their High School experience, but I despised mine You couldn t pay me to go back However, this story was so vivid, that I felt as though I could smell the grease from the cafeteria, feel the rough tile on the bathroom floor and the chill of that cold fateful night I even cringed at the hurt that all these characters so casually inflicted upon one another, so I guess I went back after all Sam is not a nice girl In fact, she is a bit of a bitch Scratch that, she is a bitch She doesn t set out to maliciously attack anyone, but she doesn t stand against it either She won t instigate the chant of psycho at the school outcast, but she shouts it just as loudly as her group of popular she witches Worse, she actuall

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