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[ Read Online Salzano's Captive Bride ✓ political-development PDF ] by Daphne Clair î Another generic blackmail marriage gimme a baby or else bargain theme, just like any thousands of HP books out there Boring plot, uninteresting H H, lotsa fillers, too much unnecessary observations details on wildlife Hero s terms of endearments made me cringe, for some reason, no romantic vibe To cap it all off, the guilt ridden hero finally decides to be a nice, honorable guy by doing something unbelievably stupid the end, only hours after heroine gives birth Ok, it s not sensible to me Isn t childbirth so painful, that U ll be bedridden for hours to recuperate How did the heroine have the strength to rush to the doorway, screaming from the top of her lungs before she fainted dead away Talk bout melodramatic Sad to see that DC s probably obligated to veer I ve ummmed and ahhhed over the rating for this book because everyone in it is actually pretty awful Although the H was probably the most likable for his sins Lets go through the characters and their faults H blackmailed a woman he s just met into marrying him and having his baby to punish her for her sister hiding his possible child.
h aided skanky sister in hiding the baby that might possibly be H s despite hearing hes already lost a child and wife in an accident which he blames himself for and doesn t push for DNA testing in end.
skanky sis had a one night stand with the H after her high school boyfriend was chatted up by a scantily dressed woman at carneval, gets back with BF and doesn t tell him for ages abou HOW is she supposed to know you re madly in love with her You told her you want her to marry you and give her a child instead of her sister Then she s free to go HOW THE HELL IS SHE SUPPOSED TO REALISE YOUR LOVE Which part of that was romantic However, I kinda liked it cause poor guy suffered intensely Also, this is where I confess that I skimmed through 80% of the book so I personally know nothing of the ick factors But don t let that stop you from finding out all about them read Naksed s 1 star review of Salzano s Captive Bride by Daphne Clairhttps www.
com review show 3 1 2 to 4 stars This is fairly different in that it takes place over a year or so and they are together for the whole thing Even though the hero forced her into marriage he was really pretty nice to her, caring patient, gentle etc She was not real strong but was interesting int how she tried to fit in with his family and country Thank goodness she developed some interests etc So many times these girls end up with rich guys and then just seem to sit beside the pool for the rest of the book His remorse at the end was a little rushed but over all I really enjoyed this book.
The hero Marco arrives at the heroine Amber s home demanding to see his son Amber has no idea who he is and why he seems to think she has his son, until Marco calms down enough to show her a letter he thinks is from her The letter is actually from Amber s rather irresponsible sister, whom had a one night stand with Marco a few years back and she doesn t know for sure who the father of her little boy is Amber s sister regrets sending the letter and asks Amber to pretend it was a lie, but Marco is not fooled But he does agree not to pursue the paternity issue if Amber will marry him Amber agrees and goes with him to his home in Venezuela, but she struggles to settle in as well as finding it difficult to trust Marco Marco tries his best to help Amber adjust, as well as giving her time to get used to the desire that Es una historia bastante extra a, toda la historia se inicia por la hermana pero luego todo eso queda en un plano secundario como si nunca hubiese existido, hay algo de chantaje pero cuesta engancharse a los personajes que no muestran mucha complejidad De lectura r pida pero con muchos cabos sueltos.
Marco Salzano Is Furious One Moment Of Passion In The Sultry Heat Of Carnaval Has Had Its Price Burning With Suspicion And Anger, The Arrogant Venezuelan Is Going To Track Down His Errant One Night Stand And Claim His Love Child But He S Accusing The Wrong Woman Pretending To Be Her Sister, Fragile Amber Convinces Marco That The Baby In Question Is Not His But When Marco Discovers Her Deception, He Vows To Take Amber Not As His Mistress, But As His Bride An interesting way to become married kind of a different slant to a forced marriage that turns into love Liked how the story was spaced out over a year as they got used to each other Reading about the exciting sights she got to explore was entertaining and enjoyable Nicely worded descriptive scenes brought the outback alive.
Better than I expected actually, though I think it might have something to do with also hearing Marco s side of the story giving him a bit depth than the usual powerful, rich, towering men in the Harlequin books.
One reviewer mentioned that there was unnecessary maybe lengthy descriptions of the wildlife and environment that Amber finds herself in, but I thought it was a nice touch.
Marco mistakes Amber for her sister He believes she is hiding his son from him When he discovers he has the wrong woman, he blackmails Amber making her his wife and demanding a son.
A really sweet story Love conquering a hard, demanding man is never easy.

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[ Read Online Salzano's Captive Bride ✓ political-development PDF ] by Daphne Clair î pamyatnik.pro Laurey Bright she also writes for Silhouette Books Her romances often appear on American stores romance best seller lists and she has been a Rita contest finalist, as well as winning and being placed in several other romance writing contests Her other writing includes non fiction, poetry and long historical fiction, She also is an active defender of the ideology of Feminists for Life, and she has written articles about it Since then she has won other literary prizes both in her native New Zealand and other countries These include the prestigious Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, with Dying Light, a story about Alzheimer s Disease, which was filmed by Robyn Murphy Productions and shown at film festivals in several countries Starring Sara McLeod, Sam s wife in Lord of the Rings Daphne is often asked to tutor courses in creative writing, and with Robyn Donald she teachs romance writing weekend courses in her home in the winterless north of in New Zealand Daphne lives with her Netherlands born husband in a farmlet, grazing livestock, growing their own fruit and vegetables and making their large home available to other writers as a centre for writers workshops and retreats Their five children, one of them an orphan from Hong Kong, have left home but drift back at irregular intervals She enjoys cooking special meals but her cake making is limited to three never fail recipes Her children maintain they have no memory of her baking for them except on birthdays, when she would produce, on request, cakes shaped into trains, clowns, fairytale houses and, once, even a windmill, in deference to their Dutch heritage from their father Daphne frequently makes and breaks resolutions to indulge in some hearty outdoor activity, and loves to sniff strong black coffee but never drinks it After a day at her desk she will happily watch re runs of favourite TV shows Usually she goes to bed early with a book which may be anything from a paperback romance or suspense novel to history, sociology or literary theory.