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Trailer à Bleeding Violet PDF by ã Dia Reeves Taking this off my list for good.
WHOA And I say that as if I am Keanu Reeves and have just entered The Matrix, because I m pretty sure my mind will never be the same after reading Bleeding Violet It is without a doubt the craziest and most original book I ve ever read It is absolutely insane, wildly imaginitative and quite possibly the work of a mad genius I guess the best way to describe the experience would be, well, have you ever woken up from a dream and you want to go back to it so you force yourself to go back to sleep and pick up where the dream left off, except when you do, it s not the same as it was before and it s kind of messed up crazy and it s even amazing than it was originally That s what Bleeding Violet is like WHOA Hanna is crazy Really crazy She only wears frilly, homemade purple dresses and has always been a weird girl This is such an uniquely interesting and odd book that isn t going to appeal to everyone s taste, but I m glad that I d became aware of it through Teen Creeps Podcast.
Sixteen year old biracial Hanna struggle with mental illness takes the decision to move to Portero and start a fresh.
Whilst in this crazy town Hanna soon realises that she might just be the sanest person there If Reeves chaotic narrative was a way for readers to experience the symptoms of bipolar, then she certainly succeeded.
Whilst I found it slightly hard to follow the story at times, I still found Hanna to be a fascinating and interesting character.
It s also really important that these issues are addressed in mainstream novels.
Both brutally bloody and plenty of scenes of Well, that was a hot mess of crazy overwrought people doing things that made no sense in an entirely implausible setting But, I have to admit it was moderately entertaining if you didn t try to think too hard There was plenty of action and colorful descriptions Reeves is definitely imaginative so much so that lots of the ideas were pretty much wasted, which is frustrating to me and it is always nice to get a book that isn t identical to all the others in its genre.
So, that rating is 2 stars by the goodreads definition it was okay I d even, with some reservations, possibly recommend this to some older teens looking for a change of pace in their YA fantasy.
I had to wait a while to review this, because otherwise I would have snarled my way through a glowing review powered on my sheer fucking outrage over the crap people say about this book Did you guys know that sixteen year old girls who are confident and sexually active are sluts Oh, and people with mental illness should not be the protagonists of young adult fiction because it s upsetting That s right, being exposed to people with disabilities is really unpleasant, and it shouldn t happen to unsuspecting normals, particularly those delicate young impressionable ones Hang on, where have I heard this before It s on the tip of my tongue Oh Right I remember now pants So, um, the actual book Okay Some of you who consider yourselves outsiders looking into the fantasy genre will really dig this one It s this twisty, hallucinatory fantasy horror about a Short review A girl version of the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany s chases after her mom they support themselves in the same way, anyway There s no room for crazy cats Shoo She rubs up against everything Whomever said that cats don t beg for affection like a dog were dead wrong If you ignore them they do just that This girl is determined to rub against all who ignore her And kitty got claws.
Long review The narrator of Dia Reeve s Bleeding Violet is crazier than a shithouse rat, as we like to say in the South If Reeves were adept as a writer, the crazy eye view wouldn t have been such a detriment As it was, attempting to look over her blazing purple shoulder to see what the hell was going on got to be trouble than it Love Can Be A Dangerous ThingHanna Simply Wants To Be Loved With A Head Plagued By Hallucinations, A Medicine Cabinet Full Of Pills, And A Closet Stuffed With Frilly, Violet Dresses, Hanna S Tired Of Being The Outcast, The Weird Girl, The Freak So She Runs Away To Portero, Texas In Search Of A New HomeBut Portero Is A Stranger Town Than Hanna Expects As She Tries To Make A Place For Herself, She Discovers Dark Secrets That Would Terrify Any Normal Soul Good Thing For Hanna, She S Far From Normal As This Crazy Girl Meets An Even Crazier Town, Only Two Things Are Certain Anything Can Happen And No One Is Safe I gave up after 250 pages, I just can t be bothered any I don t get why everybody likes this book, I m sorry.
Maybe I gave up too soon, but right now I m feeling too annoyed to give it another try.
I really wanted to like this, but this is just a bunch of random crap It makes me feel like there is something wrong with my head for not getting the joke.
Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves is a very strange book indeed I would say if this book were made into a movie, it would be a cross between Tim Burton s Beetlejuice and Guillermo del Toro s Pan s Labyrinth Trippy is the word that comes to mind while I read the adventures of Hanna Jarvinen Hanna is a biracial teenager born from a Finnish father and a black mother, who may or may not be a professional escort, and never wanted her to begin with Hanna not only is manic depressive, hallucinates, and sees and talks to her dead father, but won t think twice about killing to get what she wants.
Hanna may sound a bit bloodthirsty, but she is pretty much the only normal one when she decided to live in Portero, Texas where her mother is Hanna ends up on her mother, Rosalee s doorstep and has this fantas I don t believe there are words to describe BV, but I guess I ll have to settle for actual words Usually, I would wait a couple of hours to really let a book sink in, but with BV I want to bounce up and down and tell everyone about her freakishly awesome novel I saw a few comments by some that claimed they found parts confusing, weird, and many other things that I laughed at If your not the type of person who loves the strange, the freaky, and the interesting, then you will not fall for Bleeding Violet This book blew my mind away I couldn t stop reading it, I didn t even take a break to go eat until I had read several chapters Bleeding Violet has a perfect balance needed of a good novel, humor, love, action, fantasy, alive dolls There wasn t one thing I hated about this boo

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