Trailer à On Our Way Home PDF by ✓ Sebastien Braun

Trailer à On Our Way Home PDF by ✓ Sebastien Braun This beautifully illustrated, simple tale, celebrates the bond between a Dad and his adoring son Brilliantly captures the unconditional love and unbridled joy that each finds in the other Actually made Me a little misty, and I m not a cryer.
What a warm story I absolutely loved this daddy bear going on a one day adventure with his pup, and celebrating being together The choice of colors and the light effects are mesmerizing This Warm And Heartfelt Picture Book Celebrates The Love Between Father And Child Together, Daddy Bear And Baby Bear Walk Through The Forest, Racing And Resting And Gazing At Wonderful Things On The Way Golden Leaves Falling From The Trees, The Big Yellow Sun Going Down, And Beautiful Stars Twinkling OverheadWhen They Arrive Home, Daddy Tucks His Sleepy Little Bear Into Bed With A Kiss And A Cuddle With Its Gentle, Simple Text And Lovely Art, On Our Way Home Is The Perfect Bedtime Story He gets mad at me every time I try to read this I don t know why It s a fine book.
Simple story about a kid and his dad spending a day together.
Very bright and vibrant pastel illustrations are the focus of this story Each page bursts with color of the forest, the plains, or the mountains and the animals that live there.
Large, sparse text and the appealing illustrations make this an excellent candidate for Toddler Time.
This is a great book for dads to read to their sons, or as a Father s Day storytime A father bear and his cub are walking home together On the way, they raced, counted falling leaves, and ate berries They watched the sunset together and then watched the stars come out I loved the illustrations which were so warm and inviting Recommended for ages 1 6, 4 stars.
The illustrations are 5 stars Wonderful, beautiful, I want to hang them on my wall The words are simple and nice but nothing really special I still loved reading it just to look at the pictures I also liked the love between a father and son Very nicely done Daddy Bear and his little one are on their way home As they share the journey, they reflect on what they are seeing The text is simple the illustrations are beautiful A great book for Toddler Storytime.

Four stars for the illustrations which, I think, really tell the story The text is nothing special and seems almost unnecessary When I stopped focusing on the words and went back through really soaking in the illustrations, the story truly touched me There is a certain warmth and gentleness, with a touch of humor and whimsy, that match perfectly with this story of a young bear and his father going for a long walk before bedtime They appreciate nature and one another it s very loving and snuggly A sweet bedtime story, especially for daddies to share.
A simple and charming picture book about a papa bear escorting his cub home, as night begins to fall My own son immediately called the characters daddy and Justin, which personalized the story for him.

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Trailer à On Our Way Home PDF by ✓ Sebastien Braun I m French and studied fine and applied arts at Strasbourg University.I taught applied arts before becoming a freelance illustrator, first of all for editorial clients in Paris.When I moved to London in 2000 I developed my illustrations for children and since then have beenworking exclusively on children s picture books.If you d like information about my work, please drop me a line.I m a mem