ê The Prize of All the Oceans: Commodore Anson's Daring Voyage and Triumphant Capture of the Spanish Treasure Galleon ð Download by ☆ Glyn Williams

ê The Prize of All the Oceans: Commodore Anson's Daring Voyage and Triumphant Capture of the Spanish Treasure Galleon ð Download by ☆ Glyn Williams This is an excellent and detailed account of the voyage of George Anson and his ship, the Centurion, that was commissioned by the Admiralty to seek out and harass the Spanish fleet in the south Pacific in 1740 Despite incredible hardships and ordeals suffered by him and his squadron, Anson was able to persevere and return to England with one of the greatest naval treasures of the era His receipt of his share of the prize award from this expedition is also explained in detail and helps to explain how the fine line between piracy and government decree was navigated in the 18th century.
A part of history that was just vaguely familiar to me before reading this sometimes heartbreaking account of how difficult sea voyages could be Plus the idea that one country could just plan, from the King on down, how to plunder another country s wealth, is hard to reconcile with the ideas of sovereignty and coexistence They weren t even at war, for gods sake I guess that s why it s history, fortunately.
Clearly written informative history of Anson s 1740s voyage An appalling piece of British naval history, although financially rewarding for the survivors Alas, back in England, many of the sailors lost their lives soon after the loot was distributed The book is Dewey cataloged 910.
4 Voyages Around the World, putting it in one of the most overlooked history book sections of libraries.
Williams non fiction reinforced and complimented van Wyck Mason s novel, the Manila Galleon.
Since Mason too quickly ended his version after Anson s capture of the treasure ship, the final chapters of Williams history might be a goal for previous readers of Mason For non novel history enthusiasts with no knowledge of Anson, I recommend The Prize of All the Oceans Manila GalleonThis site has An excellently written narrative of a little known piece of maritime history I hadn t heard of George Anson, the Spanish Treasure Galleon or any other of the details that are covered in this book but that didn t prevent me from quickly developing an early fascination with it It took me only a few days to absorb this harrowing and dramatic British naval tale in fact I was quite upset that it was so short a read Not since my reading of Larry McMurtry s Lonesome Dove have I been so disappointed to get to the end of a book and find there was no reading left.
Filled with high adventure, heroic journeys, unconscionable suffering and considerable heartbreak Prize is gripping to the very end Each of the seven ships i A gift from Em to encourage me in my Wager Anson fascination and to help with my Facts Fiction compilation for The Unknown Shore and The Golden Ocean Not all that much I didn t know yet in this book, but it did introduce me thoroughly to Pascoe Thomas, and gave me a clearer image of Anson as a person.
A very good reference book for connections, links and corrections of the original accounts Well written, too Much recommended.
Loved how well sourced, thoroughly researched and narratively detailed this was The holistic approach which included explorations of the politics and medical knowledge of the period was well executed, never losing focus on the story at its heart Anson s trek round the world My major issue was with the lousy copy editing although the fault might well lie at the author s feet The lack of commas to set off dependent clauses was the particular irritation consistently had to reread sentences to sort out what was being said Very frustrating but, as an editor, I read like one, so I can t help it.
Anson S Voyage Of Holds A Unique And Terrible Place In British Naval History The Misadventures Of This First Attempt By Royal Navy Ships To Sail Round The World Make A Dramatic Story Of Hardship, Disaster, Mutiny And Heroism Only One Of Anson S Squadron, The Flagship Centurion, Completed Its Mission The Other Vessels Were Wrecked, Scuttled Or Forced Back In Shattered Condition Out Of Officers And Men Who Sailed From Spithead In September , Almost Died, Most From Disease Or Starvation With Crews Ravaged By Scurvy, Anson S Ships Were Battered By Relentless Storms As They Attempted To Round Cape Horn Two Of The Six Men Of War In The Squadron Turned Back, Their Captains To Face Later Accusations Of Desertion A Third, The Wager, Was Wrecked On A Desolate Island Off The Coast Of Chile In Circumstances In Which All Discipline Vanished This Work Recounts This Classic Story From Sea History, Detailing The Dramatic Hardships, Diasters, Mutiny And Heroism That Occurred This was a much better book than I expected when I cracked the cover It had been sitting on my to read shelf for over 10 years, and I am sorry I did not get to it sooner Anson s voyage belongs to an era before British supremacy at sea was taken for granted, and I was surprised to learn, for example, that Royal Navy officers and men in the 1740s did not have a standard uniform This, is a very readable and informative account of an epic voyage with an equally epic mortality rate from scurvy Another account of men of iron sailing in ships of wood.
The Prize of All the Oceans Commodore Anson s Daring Voyage Triumphant Capture sp treas Galleon by Glyn Williams 2001 Workmanlike, but Williams manages to make every seminal moment anticlimactic.

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ê The Prize of All the Oceans: Commodore Anson's Daring Voyage and Triumphant Capture of the Spanish Treasure Galleon ð Download by ☆ Glyn Williams Glyndwyr Williams.