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Download Epub Format ò The Secret Year PDF by ¿ Jennifer R. Hubbard What is with these weird depressing books I keep reading lately Geez I knew going into it that the girl Julia died and Colt, the guy, is trying to cope with her death after having a secret relationship with her Throughout the whole book I just felt bad for him He had so many questions he would never get answers to and raw feelings he could never really express I thought the ending was terrible I don t feel like anything got any better for him Yes he realized that he needed to stop living in the past, but I didn t feel like he was really able to get on with his life Maybe if things with him and Kirby ended up differently I would have felt better about the way it ended, but I thought he was lonely at the end than he was in the b Perhaps a fitting title to this novel would have been The Secret Year I had Sex, sex and sex and sex.
Colt Morrissey has always lived in the flats, while all the rich kids live on Black Mountain, the paths don t associate, its not a big deal to Colt, its just life That feeling changes during the summer when he begins a secret affair with Julia, a beautiful girl from Black Mountain Julia has her own life, full of country club parties, friends and a popular boyfriend Austin Colt has his own life, with friends, working and somewhat messed up parents The two meet one night down on the river and against everything that makes sense in both their life, they begin to meet secretly on Friday nights for a year The meetings consist of la Take Romeo And Juliet Add The Outsiders Mix ThoroughlyColt And Julia Were Secretly Together For An Entire Year, And No One, Not Even Julia S Boyfriend, Knew They Had Nothing In Common, With Julia In Her Country Club World On Black Mountain And Colt From Down On The Flats, But It Never Mattered Until Julia Dies In A Car Accident, And Colt Learns The Price Of Secrecy He Can T Mourn Julia Openly, And He S Tormented That He Might Have Played A Part In Her Death When Julia S Journal Ends Up In His Hands, Colt Relives Their Year Together At The Same Time That He S Desperately Trying To Forget Her But How Do You Get Over Someone Who Was Never Yours In The First Place This book was good, it had situations that many people want while at the same time they think they want but really don t When you begin this book Colt had been dating a girl named Julia for a year and she had just died, then it goes on to explain how he felt about her, what she felt about him, tons of other things, mainly about his trying to sort out not only his feelings he still had for this dead girl but feelings for others around him, especially when her younger brother gives him her journal about all the nights they shared together In a way you can both love and hate Colt You can love him for falling for someone, but hate him for not giving it up, getting past it, moving on, but that s only because we do the same The best part about this boo Julia lived on Black Mountain Road the place for prestigious and privileged kids Colt lives in the flats, the home of the less wealthy and less renowned individuals They have been secretly seeing each other for a year a year filled with sexual tension and passionate longing That is until Julia is killed in a car accident right before her senior year, leaving Colt alone and despairing to deal with her death Julia s younger brother, Michael, leaves Colt with a diary filled with entries addressed to him Colt hopes that by the time he is done flipping the pages of the secret diary that he will be done coping and ready to move on with his life The Secret Year was a sensual yet sorrowful read Readers will be mesmerized by the taboo romance between Colt and Julia as he leafs through her diary The character development of Colt was superb, and people s hearts will ache al I was really excited to read The Secret Year, but unfortunately, it just wasn t the book for me I found it quite difficult to get through, and struggled to form any kind of attachment to the characters The premise is fantastic, and I can t fault that at all It s unusual and intriguing, and is the reason I bought the book in the first place To live with any kind of secret is difficult, but to have a whole year that essentially only exists to two people is unimaginable.
Hubbard definitely had the idea for a brilliant story, but I personally didn t gel with any of it I didn t see why Colt and Julia liked each other as, besides sex, they didn t really interact a lot Their relationship was very much on the physical side, and I didn t think it was enough to explain why these two very different people felt so strongly towards each other Their chemistry wa Jennifer R Hubbard sold her first novel, The Secret Year in attempting to creating something beautiful Her novel focuses on a poor boy that lost something that was never his to begin with which kind of boggles the mind, doesn t it and about the girl he falls in love, a young lady who isn t as stereotypical as the rest of those rich honeys we re always hearing about in YA television and books If you think there s intrigue enough there, wait until you hear the punch line.
The girl everyone wants to be is dead.
Hubbard s novel has been tagged by many popular reviewers as emotional, heartbreaking, and romantic It, I guess, was kind of all those things But I had than a few problems with it.
Female YA authors who create male MC s have to be careful They know the min There are quite a few things about this book that are irksome, the biggest being that there is no tension and therefore no resolution It merely chugs along, but not really accomplishing anything First, the love story between Colt and Julia is a big pile of who cares or to be accurate, the sex story between Colt and Julia because these two are nothing than well, I can t even say friends because they aren t, with benefits They have a chance meeting down at the river on the wrong side of town near where Colt lives and then she comes back and offers a no strings attached sex partnership Let me repeat, they aren t friends At school and pretty well everywhere but the backseat of her fancy car, she ignores him and pretends she doesn t know him There is no love story.
After she dies, he is given a journal supposedly written as letters to him and

The Secret Year was a book that had been on my wish list for quite some time so when a friend gave me her book to borrow I was quite ecstatic But what happened is what s happening to me with a lot of books lately, I have really high expectations set, once I read the blurb I get really excited thinking this is a totally me book, it s a book I keep thinking of buying but put off, a lot of my friends had really enjoyed the book so that sets the bar even higher But once reading The Secret Year all my hopes were dashed, oh why book why did you have to let me down The Secret Year was told from Colt s perspective yes I was actually jumping up for joy, a male pov throughout the whole book I hadn t read one in so long and I was hoping it would be achy and intense like Adam s pov in Where She Went This book is awesome I couldn t put it down, I practically had to put toothpicks in my eyes because I didn t want to sleep I am actually kind of sad that I am done reading it, I might have to read it again The book was very drawing and actually funnyI loved Colt s humor and I loved that it was told from him All the romance type books I read are always told from the women s perspective Ironically I was just thinking about how I wanted to read a book from a male POV, then I found The Secret Year the next day It was refreshing to read a book told from the males view I think books should be told in the male view like this, gives us women perspective instead of agreeance I think I was shocked how it starts with Julia s death.
I thought, jeez, she s already dead, where could this book go BUT WOW like I said, I could not put it down and Colt s Character is just really profound, how he wa

Jennifer R. Hubbard

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