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[Diana Preston] ã A Pirate of Exquisite Mind: Explorer, Naturalist, and Buccaneer: The Life of William Dampier [comoros PDF] Read Online ê Darwin Took His books Aboard The Beagle Swift And Defoe Used His Experiences As Inspiration In Writing Gulliver S Travels And Robinson Crusoe Captain Cook Relied On His Observations While Voyaging Around The World Coleridge Called Him A Genius And A Man Of Exquisite Mind In The History Of Exploration, Nobody Has Ventured Further Than Englishman William Dampier Yet While The Exploits Of Cook, Shackleton, And A Host Of Legendary Explorers Have Been Widely Chronicled, Those Of Perhaps The Greatest Are Virtually Invisible Today An Omission That Diana And Michael Preston Have Redressed In This Vivid, Compelling BiographyAs A Young Man Dampier Spent Several Years In The Swashbuckling Company Of Buccaneers In The Caribbean At A Time When Surviving One Voyage Across The Pacific Was Cause For Celebration, Dampier Ultimately Journeyed Three Times Around The World His Bestselling books About His Experiences Were A Sensation, Influencing Generations Of Scientists, Explorers, And Writers He Was The First To Deduce That Winds Cause Currents And The First To Produce Wind Maps Across The World, Surpassing Even The Work Of Edmund Halley He Introduced The Concept Of The Sub Species That Darwin Later Built Into His Theory Of Evolution, And His Description Of The Breadfruit Was The Impetus For Captain Bligh S Voyage On The Bounty Dampier Reached Australia Years Before Cook, And He Later Led The First Formal Expedition Of Science And Discovery There A Pirate Of Exquisite Mind Restores William Dampier To His Rightful Place In History One Of The Pioneers On Whose Insights Our Understanding Of The Natural World Was Built Before there was Charles Darwin, there was Willim Dampier He explored the world and made observations about what we know as evolution over 100 years before Chuck D His discoveries and writings resulted the addition of hundreds of words to English vernacularmost still in use today The same can be said of his maps of the ocean currents, winds patterns and seasonal changes of the oceans around the world.
He sailed with the British Navy, pirates and lived among Central American Indians It s life in the Caribbean after 1492 I found the jumping around with the timeline to be a little confusing at times, but this story is truly amazing The foreward by the authors outlines their attempt to follow his path across oceans and jungles The hardships they endured with modern shortcuts really helped me to grasp how fantastic and amazing his writings and adventures are.
One of the foremost figures of the age of exploration, the English sailor William Dampier 1651 1715 rose from obscure beginnings to earn fame as an explorer, writer, and scientist His contributions to virtually every field of natural science were astonishing, and informed generations of explorers and naturalists including Cook, Humboldt, and Darwin He was also a notorious pirate, and it is the apparent contradiction between the ever curious and meticulous naturalist and the opportunistic and ruthless buccaneer that the Prestons concern themselves with in A Pirate of Exquisite Mind.
Dampier is a fascinating subject, a self made man who learned to play many roles throughout his life The Prestons do him justice, not only rightly praising his scientific observations and skill Dampier was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the earth three times During the first two adventures he took copious notes of the flora, fauna and cultures he came across But importantly, he recorded the winds and currents and opined that the winds caused the currents This was in the late 1600s More than a century later Charles Darwin used Dampier s work on his voyage on the BEAGLE Hydrographers and oceanographers still cite his work Daniel Defoe and Johnathan Swift used Dampier s journal and books to obtain material for their stories and satire This little known individual has not really been credited for the effect he has had on world civilization.
William Dampier is an intriguing figure A buccaneer who was also a brilliant scientific mind, who Darwin drew on for his theory on the evolution of species, whose maps of winds and currents were so accurate you can still navigate by them over 300 years later, who introduced so many new words into the English language due to his travels It was truly fascinating to read about I think the book does a good job of not idealising him, his flaws and mishandlings of situations are discussed frankly, and on the whole I have come away feeling a much deeper understanding of this figure who seems to have faded into obscurity somewhat.
The authors of this biography say of William Dampier that he desperately wanted to make his fortune, but was seduced by the quest for knowledge And I think when I read that, I fell a little bit in love with the guy There was something very likeable about his restless spirit, his tendency to see the best in people when they didn t deserve it, and his anachronistic ability to view other cultures in a non judgmental way A well written account of a fascinating explorer and scientist.
Incredible read, just amazing, what a life Filled with remarkable stories of a adventurous life , one that will never be repeated, the things he did and places he saw make it a wonderful read.
This was a very informative book I knew nothing of William Dampier but discovered a great deal I had just finished, The Signature of All Things and this man and his curiosity of the natural world, tied in nicely For instance, Joseph Banks was mentioned in both books though not much elaboration in Dampier s accounts The book was full of history and imparted much I didn t care much for the writing style and notations of the author I read this on an e reader and the footnotes were not numbered Each chapter had asterisks at the end of certain sentences, etc and then the asterisks were just listed at the end of each chapter in the order they appeared.
Quite an amazing story about a man whose story has fallen between the cracks of history his achievements often attributed to those who came after him his pioneering works overshadowed by those who stood on his shoulders.
William Dampier s fall into obscurity is possibly the result of changing social ethics Did the English government want to give the honour of first contact between Europeans and indigenous Australians to a group of thirsty buccaneers led by William Dampier Buccaneering was quite respectable in the seventeenth century but was seen as equivalent to piracy in the eighteenth.
Dampier went to the Caribbean to the estate of an English squire but, even before he went, he was concerned he would become a victim of human trafficking At the time, men could be assaulted just walking down the road and bundled off, press ganged into the brutal regime of Royal Navy completely again The Prestons searched out manuscripts in the British Library and moldering papers in various record offices and then went one better than many biographers, actually visiting the many places his path took him around the world.
There are aspects of his life the authors only skimmed over and which I wish they had given attention While not quite as readable as Blue Latitudes, the Tony Horwitz book on Cook, I found much to admire in this book.

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[Diana Preston] ã A Pirate of Exquisite Mind: Explorer, Naturalist, and Buccaneer: The Life of William Dampier [comoros PDF] Read Online ê pamyatnik.pro From Walker Books Born and raised in London, Diana Preston studied Modern History at Oxford University, where she first became involved in journalism After earning her degree, she became a freelance writer of feature and travel articles for national UK newspapers and magazines and has subsequently reviewed books for a number of publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles T