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Download Epub Format Á The Slap PDF by ✓ Christos Tsiolkas This isn t any old review My opinion on this book has sparked an idea for a discussion I d like to have with you about offensive content in novels I d like to know how you react to it But first, let s get to my review of this book.
This book was written by a very highly acclaimed Australian Greek author I have to say, that I admire him and his blatant honesty And this is the first book I ve read of his I find it hilarious how so many people who have read this book have given it bad reviews and low ratings because they believe that the characters were horrible and the language was horrible and why would anyone want to write about such uninteresting people It really makes me laugh, because clearly, the people who have these opinions have totally missed the point Opinions like these, are what I like to call, surface opinion I read this book a few years ago and thought I would write a review as I recently watched the US TV mini series based on the book I also watched the series a couple of years ago that was filmed in Australia I love the fact that Melissa George was cast as Rosie in both versions First off, I hate this cover The one I have is a bit different I just don t like seeing a child on the ground obviously upset and crying When I picked it up in the bookstore and read the back I thought the premise was fantastic and original A man slaps a child Hugo at a friends and family barbecue Hugo is not his child, and the book explores how this event affects everyone that was in attendance at the barbecue I was very intrigued The book was compelling to say the least While there is a varied cast of characters in the book, it is written from the viewpoints of eight characters All of these char I do not consider The Slap to be a great piece of writing I feel it was created to provide mass appeal I found the quality of writing a little patchy, and in places offensive The basic premise is an interesting one the incident at the party and how it affects the lives of the people involved, which in turn leads to a description, history and character study of a group of loosely interrelated people The big moral question of whether the actions and reactions following The Slap were necessary and appropriate, is an interesting one, but one that I have no trouble answering No As a parent I have no hestitation in saying that if I was in a similar positon and somebody slapped my son for appalling behaviour I would have no problem whatsoever and my wife agrees Whilst I am against corporal punishment, an occasional, un premedita I read constantly I read for information, for enlightenment, for pleasure I read anywhere from 2 to 5 books a month, and have for some 45 years I was excited when I first saw this title, as I am one who shamelessly admits to ofttimes judging a book by it s cover I own to liking the look of the book, and the title just jumped out at Me The Slap Intriguing The synopsis Someone slaps a child who is not their own Oooh, you ve got Me.
A apt title would have been Slaps All Around , which is what I wanted to do to every character AND myself less than 40 pages in If this author won an award that wasn t presented by his mother after a panel of close family members voted on a ballot with this single book as the entry, then I am stunned.
How can the entire premise of a book play such a minor role in the ENTIRE BOOK How do you manage to write a story with so many characters t At a suburban barbeque, one slap will change the lives of these people Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly looks at domestic life in the Australian suburbs in the twenty first century The Slap and its consequences cause everyone to question their own families and the way they live, their expectations, beliefs and desires A gripping novel of loyalty and happiness, compromise and truth from the very start to the end.
You ll either love it or hate it Christos Tsiolkas controversial novel The Slap is heavy reading and very confronting and it all starts with a Slap The Slap starts at a barbeque for group of family and friends, when one adult slaps an unrelated child the universal tension begins The book changes perspectives of the different characters at the Barbeque to show different emotions and feelings about the events.
The Slap goes through topics like Discipline, Child Having seen this spoken of so highly and having read the initial idea of how one instant can change so many lives i thought i d give it a try i was disappointed Tsiolkas has an appalling view of humankind The way people think of each other and treat each other and stick with each other for the most ludicrous of reasons in his universe is depressing in the extreme The characters are all either racist, sexist, drunken or sluts or indeed, in a few cases, all of the above.
The idea of tracing the lives of witnesses to The Slap in question would have been interesting if a they had been believable and not monstrous caricatures b You felt any fellow feeling for them at all c The Slap had had an effect on their lives, which reading the novel it didn t Tsolkias attempts to use it as At A Suburban Barbecue, A Man Slaps A Child Who Is Not His OwnThis Event Has A Shocking Ricochet Effect On A Group Of People, Mostly Friends, Who Are Directly Or Indirectly Influenced By The SlapIn This Remarkable Novel, Christos Tsiolkas Turns His Unflinching And All Seeing Eye Onto That Which Connects Us All The Modern Family And Domestic Life In The Twenty First Century The Slap Is Told From The Points Of View Of Eight People Who Were Present At The Barbecue The Slap And Its Consequences Force Them All To Question Their Own Families And The Way They Live, Their Expectations, Beliefs And DesiresWhat Unfolds Is A Powerful, Haunting Novel About Love, Sex And Marriage, Parenting And Children, And The Fury And Intensity All The Passions And Conflicting Beliefs That Family Can Arouse In Its Clear Eyed And Forensic Dissection Of The Ever Growing Middle Class And Its Aspirations And Fears, The Slap Is Also A Poignant, Provocative Novel About The Nature Of Commitment And Happiness, Compromise And Truth FLOAT NOW WITH TAX TIPS FOR DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIOS So I ve heard a lot this morning from various MEDIA OUTLETS about this Merkin show based on an Australasian show based on this novel based on the movie Precious based on the novel Push by Sapphire.
All the descriptions say it s about a rugged individualist, a self made man who slaps some dumb grimy hippies s s kid after that kid is swingin a bat around recklessly at a birthday party neighborhood cookout commie picnic wobbly parade combined with a rodeo and a Young Republican circle jerk.
I saw a commercial for it on the media outlet s webinar and The Slap was filmed like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan It was intense.
Now I don t have kids or nothing but if my kid was swinging a bat around at some dumb commie hippies I d give him an extra Mountain Dew before bed I positively HATED that book I only finished it, because when I start a book, well I just finish it.
First of all Language There is at least one occurrence of the word fuck fucking or even cunt I am no prude, but in this case, it was way too often, and totally unnecessary That was one of the first thing that ruined this book for me Especially when you have the 70 something greek granddad, talking to his long lost friends and saying hello you cocksucker totally unrealistic and again why Or when Aisha, who is perceived by all the other characters as the most elegant, refined women they know, is having a torrid affair and thinks in the crudest language possible again the scene was ruined and the character as well.
I do concede that Christos Tsiolkas manages very well to immerse you the life of each of his 8 characters, and give them This was one of the best books I ve read in a long time Filled with despicable but ultimately somehow sympathetic characters, a microcosm of friends and family becomes a commentary on the social make up of the city of Melbourne, the country of Australia, and perhaps the world That the story is told from multiple perspectives but still chronologically ie the episode around which the plot is centred isn t retold again and again is genius and the complex, nuanced emotions of, reactions to and repercussions of a single event are ably described and brought to life by Tsiolkas An uncomfortable but highly recommended read.

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Download Epub Format Á The Slap PDF by ✓ Christos Tsiolkas Christos Tsiolkas is the author of five novels Loaded, which was made into the feature film Head On, The Jesus Man and Dead Europe,which won the 2006 Age Fiction Prize and the 2006 Melbourne Best Writing Award He won Overall Best Book in the Commonwealth Writers Prize 2009, was shortlisted for the 2009 Miles Franklin Literary Award, long listed for the 2010 Man Booker Prize and won the