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✓ Read » Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti á At The Beginning Of Her Sopho Year, Marisa Is Ready For A Fresh Start And, Importantly, A Boyfriend So When The Handsome And Popular Derek Asks Her Out, Marisa Thinks Her Long Wait For Happiness Is Over But Several Bumps In The Road Including Her Parents Unexpected Separation, A Fight With Her Best Friend, And A Shocking Disappointment In Her Relationship With Derek Test Marisa S Ability To Maintain Her New Outlook Only The Anonymous DJ, Whose Underground Podcasts Have The School S Ear, Seems To Understand What Marisa Is Going Through But She Has No Idea Who He Is Or Does She In Waiting For You, Marisa Learns How To Be In The Now And Realises That The Love She S Been Waiting For Has Been Right In Front Of Her All Along This was my first time reading Colasanti, and I really enjoyed it She definitely has a style to her writing, it was simplistic and enjoyable It flowed very nicely, making it a very easy read Waiting For You is an emotional, fun, sort of coming of age story all centered around a first love Although I predicted whom our heroine would end up with ultimately, it didn t keep me from turning the pages at warp speed I liked the serious elements that Colasanti presented too It was definitely not something I was expecting, but I think it really added to the overall prose of the story To me the characters were a little clich d, not saying that s necessarily a bad thing, but it didn t make them stand out amongst the throngs of awesome YA characters I m going to have to pick up a copy of her other novels, probably When It Happen Rating 4 starsUpdate reread May 25, 2016A cute, short, easy read that only took me 2.
5 hours to re read I completely forgot about some of the elements in this book, and I really enjoyed experiencing them again.
Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadToo.
comMarisa has had a crush on Derek for a long, long time He s perfect friendly, cute, popular The only problem is that he has a girlfriend Then there s Nash, her longtime, geeky neighbor Sure, he s super shy, but he s also extremely sweet and smart So when Derek breaks up with his girlfriend and starts paying attention to Marisa, she s ecstatic Soon it s official Derek and Marisa, the couple of the school But then things change between Nash and Marisa They start to talk and find themselves becoming good friends And then there s the fact that the once geeky Nash isn t so geeky any In fact, he seems to have gottena style When Marisa has Derek, the guy she s always wanted, doesn t that mean she should be happy And when she s not happy, does this mean tha It was exam week, I was not supposed to give in into temptations and read, but I did, and I did not regret it at all Waiting For You is a story of a girl wanting to change herself, and she has been waiting all her life for a change From the obvious title, Waiting For You, it gives readers the impression that the protagonist, Marisa is waiting for the special someone to appear, and she is But it also involves something deep.
One thing about books like this, it gives you a moment of euphoria, and you still live by the effect later it doesn t actually go away I still find myself head over heels with Nash the boy character in the story but as usual, it s kind of cliche, not that I mind I have my own theory for cliche ness, no matter how typical or predictable a story might be, every story has it s own clicheness, you know what will happen, but the biggest question is the HOW , that s I just finished this book, and I m in love The ending was so sweet, and perfect, it made me smile, and sigh inside Waiting For You was a cute, light novel, but it took me on a meaningful journey of love, and acceptance, finding who you are, and how much the people you love really mean to you This wasn t an earth shattering novel, it s kind of predictable, but something in it just clicked with me The characters were all so very real, especially Marisa I loved Marisa, I loved her voice, I loved seeing through her eyes and living with her as she lived her trying teenage life, where she experiences pain, and depression, and uncertainty, and fights But interspersed in her life was love and friendship and dawning light The things she goes through is stuff teenagers go through al I read about 30 pages of this book and had to quit, abandon and return to the library where it ll rightfully find the hands of a 13 year old girl looking for a Hannah Montana episode on pages I quote this horrendous book I m just saying, Andrea goes Yeah, well I m just saying that Dan is seriously hot, Sterling says Can you introduce me Andrea scrunches her face up What Sterling goes.
Andrea s all, Forget it Sterling s like, Could it be any hotter I go, In hell maybe.
I swear that s how it keeps on going till you get a migraine Mostly all meaning about 75% of the book is made up of dumb, boring and long dialogue made by superficial, immature and very dumb girls.
So this book is bad Like really bad It was an easy read I read it in a couple hours but I couldn t even tell you the MC name even She was immature, annoying, and there was almost too much self dialogue going on The writing was seriously terrible.
See for yourself Nash has a new shirt News like this would normally seem so uneventful that it wouldn t even be classified as news But with Nash, it s a whole different story How can Derek be friends with her Didn t she break up with him So then why would he still want to associate with her And why would she still want to talk to him I brought my camera Every time I go bowling I m like, I have to bring my camera next time , and then I always forget But this time, I remembered For being 15 the characters were super childish, super annoying Like holy hell am I glad that book is over.
Waiting For You is a classic coming of age novel spanning a good year of one teen girls life Marisa is easy to relate to Almost too easy, taking me back to those high school days where little things small fights with your best bud are the big things Marisa has recently struggled with anxiety and depression and throughout the book sometimes slips back into that place It s handled expertly, delving straight into the mind of a teenager with a light touch, never taking the path of melodrama.
Likewise, family issues in the novel are tackled well, as Marisa comes to terms with the image of the family she thought she had and the reality of her parents separation there s anger, hurt, resentment, disappointment and a yearning to make sense of it all.
The romance It s a complicated one Th Girl likes cool boy Nerdy boy likes girl Girl has family problems issues Girl, to her shock, ends up dating the cool boy Guess whose problems issues are resolved by the end of the book Guess which boy the girl ends up with Waiting For You is utterly obvious from the first chapter and Colasanti s writing isn t strong enough to sustain interest You know exactly what s going to happen about ten chapters before it happens, and the character are caricatures So much so that I can t actually remember the names of any of the main characters in the book and I finished it yesterday.
I loved Colasanti s first novel, When It Happens, but this one is even cliched filled than her second, Take Me There, and in additio

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