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☆ Hatchet » Download by ✓ Gary Paulsen Brian Is On His Way To Canada To Visit His Estranged Father When The Pilot Of His Small Prop Plane Suffers A Heart Attack Brian Is Forced To Crash Land The Plane In A Lake And Finds Himself Stranded In The Remote Canadian Wilderness With Only His Clothing And The Hatchet His Mother Gave Him As A Present Before His Departure Brian Had Been Distraught Over His Parents Impending Divorce And The Secret He Carries About His Mother, But Now He Is Truly Desolate And Alone Exhausted, Terrified, And Hungry, Brian Struggles To Find Food And Make A Shelter For Himself He Has No Special Knowledge Of The Woods, And He Must Find A New Kind Of Awareness And Patience As He Meets Each Day S Challenges Is The Water Safe To Drink Are The Berries He Finds Poisonous Slowly, Brian Learns To Turn Adversity To His Advantage An Invading Porcupine Unexpectedly Shows Him How To Make Fire, A Devastating Tornado Shows Him How To Retrieve Supplies From The Submerged Airplane Most Of All, Brian Leaves Behind The Self Pity He Has Felt About His Predicament As He Summons The Courage To Stay Alive A Story Of Survival And Of Transformation, This Riveting Book Has Sparked Many A Reader S Interest In Venturing Into The Wild basically, Biran is the main character in the story, he is getting on a plane to go visit his father his parents are divorced he also has a giant burden on his back, his mother was having an affair before he leaves , his mother gives him a Hatchet after, he sets off, he talks with the pilot and has a little fun by piloting the airplane swerving and swoppoing up and down until suddenly, the pilot has a heartattack becasue of gas and dies brian is forced to fly the plane himself, but until the fuel runs out, he stops at a lake to kind of softne the impact.
he wakes upon a beach this starts him on his new journey, a journey to survive this is kind of a rebirth for him he learns to do things he would nt neccesarily do in life, but now that he has to, he is he learns how to survive, he fends off cretures such as skinks, porcupines, bears, and mooses he is ab Though the story was compelling, very compelling, compelling enough that I finished it despite the compelling urge to throw it out the window, I don t think I could ever read it again The window, oh the shiny window, the shiny open window was very tempting This book was so repetitious, why so repetitious, I know not why this book was so repetitious, but the repetitions made me want to pull my hair out My brown hair, the brown hair on my head, the hair that was brown that was on my head I did listen to it on CD, which might have been part of the problem Bruce said he didn t notice it as much when he read the book, but when you read it, your mind kind of skips over things, things that might be repetitious, the repetitious things might have been skipped over that make you want to pull your hair out and throw the book

So when I was in the 7th grade, Mrs Randall formerly Sr Mary Randall, an ex nun FORCED this pile of garbage upon me and the rest of my unsuspecting classmates I was an advanced reader and it was a relatively short, easy to swallow book but it took me FOREVER TO read IT because it was THAT FUCKING BORING It s about this stupid snot of a kid whose parents are getting divorced mom and dad broke up boo hoo i m scarred for life now and somehow his plane goes down in the wilderness of Canada which I can admit is the scariest fucking thing I can possibly think of I d rather be faced with the zombie apocalypse or a gang of mass murdering rapists than being stuck in the middle of Canada so snot face has to learn to survive on his own He has a Hatchet that his mom gave him though I really can t say what possessed her to give her poor no one wants me warning signs of yes yes yes thank you to all the goodreaders who recommended this to me after my love for island of the blue dolphins became known it turns out i love survival stories with teens and i wish i could say i never tore my eyes from the page and read this in an hour, but i have been having a distractedish day today emailing my dad for father s day everyone call your dads or if they are at work, email chat them and then there was a fire across the street from me which is my number one all time fear and the people in the building are so casual about it there are two fire trucks in the street, and firefighters swarming everywhere, and i look in the windows and in two different apartments, there are people just sitting and watching a

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☆ Hatchet » Download by ✓ Gary Paulsen Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age After a librarian gave him a book to read along with his own library card he was hooked He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another Running away from home at the age of 14 and traveling with a carnival, Paulsen acquired a taste for adve