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[Jennifer Echols] Î Going Too Far [futuristic-romance PDF] Read Online ↠´ For the record, I lived in Birmingham,Alabama for three years Therefor, my opinion of this book might be somewhat biased because I am familiar with the area Like Looking for Alaska, Going Too Far takes place in a small town on the outskirts of Birmingham However, unlike John Green, Jennifer Echols doesn t succeed in capturing the feel of a small southern town This problem was also evident in Beautiful Creatures, a slow paced book with an effeminate male narrator If setting is a large part of your story, as it is here, I think it would be best to make the story feel true to its setting.
That being said, this is a MTV book Having previewed I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia, I ve realized that MTV doesn t publish quality books But I liked The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so I was willing to set aside my predetermined notions about MTV books in ge Okay so, I ve made a vow to myself to write reviews for every book I finish since making this vow , and the short warning to stay away from this book that served as my review before kept coming back to haunt me, screaming CHEAT I ve cooled off since then, so I can probably give a review without dissolving into a puddle of gooey rage and expletives.
First off, let me address the rating 4.
02 average, as of the time I m writing this review I ll be honest, it s what reeled me in And caught me like a fish on a hook, in for the same amount of torture Now I ll admit to being on the outside of a lot of book hype I was one of the like seven people in the entire world who didn t like Divergent But I would read a dozen Divergents, two City Of Bones, and top it off with an entire reread of the Twilight saga over subjecting myself to Going Too Far again.
Sound harsh Well, it is But this is a nov HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO All Meg Has Ever Wanted Is To Get Away Away From High School Away From Her Backwater Town Away From Her Parents Who Seem Determined To Keep Her Imprisoned In Their Dead End Lives But One Crazy Evening Involving A Dare And Forbidden Railroad Tracks, She Goes Way Too Farand Almost Doesn T Make It Back John Made A Choice To Stay To Enforce The Rules To Serve And Protect He Has Nothing But Contempt For What He Sees As Childish Rebellion, And He Wants To Teach Meg A Lesson She Won T Soon Forget But Meg Pushes Him To The Limit By Questioning Everything He Learned At The Police Academy And When He Pushes Back, Demanding To Know Why She Won T Be Tied Down, They Will Drive Each Other To The Edge And Over This book was HOT The chemistry and banter between Meg and John Officer After could keep me reading for probably a 1,000 pages It was an absolute pleasure to read I couldn t get enough of it.
Echols writing style is just perfect to me, it s humorous and detailed and random, everything I love She created a very likable character in Meg, someone who intentionally creates a somewhat shocking appearance blue hair and attitude to protect herself but little by little we learn about Meg and the reason she is the way she is and you can t help being on her side and wanting to be her friend And John, man, I loved reading about this boy I don t even know what to say.
I loved reading about John and Meg on night patrol and watching Meg realize she s falling in love with him It s pretty cute to see this punk haired bad a% girl get kind of self conscious around John There is a great pus Re read HOLLY SHIT I LOVED IT JUST AS MUCH IF NOT MORE AS THE FIRST TIME I read THIS BACK IN 2011 HBJFGKDAFLKSGHJBFLANFirst time reading it April 29, 2011I m going to say a few things before I start my review A long while a go I stopped reading Not completely but, I was reading a book a week instead of a book a day, there were also books that were taking me three weeks to read I was blaming it all on school and thought that my blog and club where the ones consuming my time I just realized that I was just missing the right book I started the firsts chapters of this book and then I went to do other stuff and I simply couldn t keep my mind off from the story, it was all I could think of but I really was busy that day so I had to leave it at that Yesterday I went back to the book and yesterday I finished Does anyone remember when my avi looked like this That is called The Storyteller It is a fountain that is in the heart of Five Points South in Birmingham This story tried to KILL IT Ugz ok so, it wasn t the main focus but they talk about the fountain alot at the end of the book and keep referring to it as the DEVIL FOUNTAIN Dear BOB I wanted to scream Only ignorants call it the Devil Fountain Bahs It s a statue of a ram man reading stories to his friends of nature Not reading stories of EVIL Bahs and yes yes yes it does sit in front of a big methodist church but as far as I know there aren t any protests are anything going on around the statue No witchcraft either I just can t stand how this book depicted it like it was a source of evil Ok rant over On with my review WITH PIC I tried reading this one last year and couldn t get into it The heroine was annoying and immature but I m so glad I tried it again because I loved it.
Yes, it may be slightly cliched and predictable, BUT it was so easy to read and the character growth was written really well, so much so that I ended up loving the heroine A small part of me does wish that their sex was written into the story, but that s just cause I m a dirty perv who wants to read about all John s muscles flexing In reality, I think it fit the story as a whole better that it wasn t.

5 starsWould you believe me if I say I d put off this book for quite a long time because I thought that a cop guy as the hero in a book is not cool Well, now that I ve read it I realized I was Totally Freaking Wrong Because the whole time, I was swooning and crushing and gushing over John After He absolutely took a place on my top book boyfriends And yeah, so much for putting this off because, seriously, from all the books I ve read of Jennifer Echols this is the one I so enjoyed the most It was my first time to encounter a really rebellious heroine and at first I didn t think I would be able to love her but again, I was wrong because I really did love Meg Meg was a funny, smart, and witty character I loved her sense of humor, her rebelliousness and being dangerous made her an interesting character Her story that caused her to have that kind of This was my first time reading Jennifer Echols, I d seen her book around, but for some reason I never had the initiative to pick on up Then I saw the cover and synopsis for Going Too Far and I just had to have it I think originally I d saw the title as Boy In Blue or something along those lines, but after reading the novel I think that the title, Going Too Far, fits it perfectly.
I was expecting to like this novel, I figured it would be good, what I hadn t expected was how much I was going to like it I sat down to read it and I didn t get up from the couch until I was finished It was so so it just sucked me in and would not let go Meg and John s relationship was so layered and complex, just wow I loved Meg s character, even though she is insane, I got it, I absolutely empathized with her And John, he may seem one way, but his character is so complex and you don t This book is clearly a romance The whole story is about these two different people with their own individual baggage who come together and fall in love As their relationship develops, you feel like you are on rollercoaster ride crazy highs and lows Their relationship is very charged and, at times, explosive The sexual tension between them is there from the very beginning and practically on every page there after These are two people who are very physically attracted to each other but on such different life trajectories that leaves them both confused about what was happening between them They were asking of themselves whether it was worth pursuing, did it make it any sense, was there any substance beyond the flirting and attraction, could they let themselves be exposed and vulnerable to

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[Jennifer Echols] Î Going Too Far [futuristic-romance PDF] Read Online ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama a setting that has inspired many of her books She has written nine romantic novels for young adults, including the comedy MAJOR CRUSH, which won the National Readers Choice Award, and the drama GOING TOO FAR, which was a finalist in the RITA, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Book Buyer s