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[ Read Online The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man Who Brought Them Down ☆ yuri PDF ] by Colin Woodard ã I m not sure how I feel about this book It gave a disclaimer talking about how people have this romanticized view of pirates and then went on to give a similarly golden picture of freedom loving rebels, the forerunners of the American founding fathers who never killed anybody without need and, no doubt, nursed orphan puppies back to health It also had one of the most skewed, over simplified summaries of the Jacobite Rising that I have EVER seen outside of a third grade textbook It did get marginally better after the first chapter, but I didn t end up finishing the book It was too much work staying alert at all times to watch for lazy scholarship for me right now.
Somewhere around this time of year mid January or just after one of the big cold snaps that pass for winter in central Texas I usually get an urge to pick up a book that will put a smell of sea salt in my personal air I freely admit to a love of coastal areas and good beach time, and I will typically begin to start thinking ahead to planning some playtime in the sand during the many warmer months to come.
Author Colin Woodard s The Republic of Pirates is a rollicking introduction to some of the most notorious of the Bahamian pirates and their consorts It s a colorful romp through pirate history, and it s interesting than anything that Hollywood could have conjured.
It picks up a few years after Stephan Talty s book Empire of Blue Water I admit that the main reason I read this book is because of Black Sails, an excellent Starz series about the golden age of the pirates in the Bahamas, set as a loose prequel of RL Stevenson s Treasure Island After two seasons of me fangirling over the series version of Charles Vane, whose cheekbones and penetrating stare can melt me into a puddle of happy goo , season 3 currently being aired features this guy Yes, that s Blackbeard, aka Edward Thatch or Teach, depending your source Played by the amazing Ray Stevenson, whom you might recognize as Titus Pullo from Rome Yes, the real Blackbeard wore three pistols There were some added theatrics too, but I won t spoil those Anyway, I suddenly have the itch For a book about pirates it was surprisingly dull I realize that the very nature of pirates means there is not much archival material to work with other than official documents that are very likely biased, but I came away from this book not much enlightened than when I started The title is never really addressed, in my opinion Mr Woodard simply states the pirates wanted a base and made one on Nassau So how, exactly, was it a republic by and for pirates We never find out At no point is there any mention of how such a society functioned Was it rule by the strongest, most daring, the one with the best charisma Don t know, it is never stated Instead, we get a pretty complete rundown of ships taken And then the pirates themselves While finding out about the real Blackbeard is interesting he is not as bloodthirsty as the books I Truth, not speculation.
I found this book incredibly informative Much of what I thought I knew about pirates was entirely false Woodard builds this book around solid facts Facts backed up by relevant journals and ledgers In many cases he directly refutes previous stories with honest facts and dates.
The downside to this is that the book CAN become very dry in parts The most detailed documents relating to pirates would be the claims lists for lost cargo This means that you do get plenty of detailed lists of what each pirate stole, sank or otherwise ruined.
The only other downside I saw to this book was how it was organized Woodard makes an attempt at going in a chronological fashion Unfortunately many of the pirates in the

I ended up picking up this book because I realized I didn t really know much about the historical pirates Despite my rating, I really do appreciate what this book attempts to do It really attempts to correct a lot of the mythology concerning the pirates in caribbean, which is probably exacerbated due to the movies and Disney Ride that was eventually decommissioned I had fond memories of this ride from when I was a child and I quite enjoyed the first few movies.
That being said The Republic of Pirates is a very thorough account of the history of piracy in the early American colonies I really tore through the first 150 pages or so of this book The information was exhilarating and interesting Woodard appeared to be a great writer for conveying all this information and I really thought this whole book would be a quic So Ive been looking for a series about Pirate scallywags for an age since starting to watch Black Sails harking back to my schooling days Navy School where tales of Pirates were told from an early age My search for a modern updated fiction series has turned out to be fruitless so I ve gone with this book which is highly rated, as i wanted to learn about the characters involved as an adult not the fantastical recollections of a small child who wanted to be a pirate Arrrrrrr and that portrayed recently in film.
The author gives a summation of his narrative in the opening chapter which i ll copy here to give you a flavour of it s source material What follows is based on material found in the archives of Britain the Americas No dialogue has been made up After watching the last season of Black Sails, I wanted to learn about the true historical pirates rather than Hollywood types This book gives a very good overview of the golden age of Piracy Black Beard, Charles Vane, Anne Bonney, Mary Reed and Calico Jack Rackham, as well as many other well known pirates make appearances in this book It tells of the rise and fall of this golden age of Piracy and the stories of the pirates, and those that hunted them I found the book very informative and very interesting It goes over the whole era pretty well, in a very good presentation of stories and facts.
Wow, this was super informative book If you re not really interested in the subject matter, you may find it a bit dry, but I personally found the attention to detail wonderful This is a really gritty, close up look into the life and times of some of the world s most famouse pirates Sam Bellamy, Blackbeard, Henry Avery and Charles Vane to name a few You certainly come away with sense these were some very, very rough men, who lived rather short lives to their own code The issues around slavery and child labour during this era although not new to me were very confronting and there were a few bits I simply wished I hadn t read However, Woodard sets the scene in with incredible thought right down to the last, smelly, cruel, scurvied detail.
If you re interested in pirates, like real history with all its glorious plunder and sordid re The Inspiration For The NBC Series Crossbones In The Early Eighteenth Century A Number Of The Great Pirate Captains, Including Edward Blackbeard Teach And Black Sam Bellamy, Joined Forces This Infamous Flying Gang Was Than Simply A Thieving Band Of Brothers Many Of Its Members Had Come To Piracy As A Revolt Against Conditions In The Merchant Fleet And In The Cities And Plantations In The Old And New Worlds Inspired By Notions Of Self Government, They Established A Crude But Distinctive Form Of Democracy In The Bahamas, Carving Out Their Own Zone Of Freedom In Which Indentured Servants Were Released And Leaders Chosen Or Deposed By A Vote They Were Ultimately Overcome By Their Archnemesis, Captain Woodes Rogers A Merchant Fleet Owner And Former Privateer And The Brief Though Glorious Moment Of The Republic Of Pirates Came To An End In This Unique And Fascinating Book, Colin Woodard Brings To Life This Virtually Unexplored Chapter In The Golden Age Of Piracy

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