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Ë The Long Ride í Download by ¼ Marina Tamar Budhos In The Tumult Of S New York City, Seventh Graders Are Bussed From Their Neighborhood In Queens To Integrate A New School In South JamaicaJamila Clarke Josie Rivera Francesca George Three Mixed Race Girls, Close Friends Whose Immigrant Parents Worked Hard To Settle Their Families In A Neighborhood With The Best Schools The Three Girls Are Outsiders There, But They Have Each OtherNow, At The Start Seventh Grade, They Are Told They Will Be Part Of An Experiment, Taking A Long Bus Ride To A Brand New School Built To Mix Up The Black And White Kids Their Parents Don T Want Them To Be Experiments Francesca S Send Her To A Private School, Leaving Jamila And Josie To Take The Bus Ride Without HerWhile Francesca Is Testing Her Limits, Josie And Jamila Find Themselves Outsiders Again At The New School As The Year Goes On, The Spanish Girls Welcome Josie, While Jamila Develops A Tender Friendship With A Boy But It S A Relationship That Can Exist Only At School You know, it s a lot easier to be one side or the other It s harder to be in the middle People don t like the middle That s the bravest thing of all 178 Jamila, Josie, and Francesca are mixed race best friends living in Queens, NY, in 1971 Their plans for starting seventh grade together with their white neighbors at the local junior high school change when their neighborhood becomes part of a social experiment integration Francesca s parents send her to a private school where she doesn t fit, while Josie and Jamila take a long bus ride to a predominately black school in a neighborhood much rougher than theirs However, they hope they may fit in better there, but Jamila is too light for the girls who call her white, and Josie is no longer in the advanced classes and worries about her future The girls don t Copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
While The Long Ride had a cool historical setting and an interesting premise, this book just didn t click for me.
I liked that this middle grade novel was set in 1970 s Queens and that it was about young, mixed girls who take The Long Ride to a school where they are supposed to feel able to fit in something that actually happened at this time Segregation was illegal by the 70 s in the US, but schoolchildren of color, like our three protagonists still faced major problems in school at the hands of their white classmates These issues were portrayed in a realistic way, and the means by which the main character, Jamila, reacted to racism that was aimed at her was believable she was immature at times, but she s only a seventh grader in the story, anyways I was expecting to get a message out of The Long Ride, or at lea Jamila, Francesca and Josie all live in the Cedar Gardens neighborhood of Queens, New York in 1971 For the coming school year, their neighborhood, which is largely white, will be bused to a school which is largely people of color Since the girls are all racially mixed and somewhat unusual in their neighborhood, Jamila is interested in going to a school where she doesn t stand out for a change, even if her father is concerned about sending his daughter to a bad neighborhood Before school starts, Francesca announces that she will be attending a private school, and this is yet another change Jamila has a fairly good experience at her new school, although some teachers and other students are mean, and she is very concerned that the much quieter Josie is no longer in the accelerated classes because of her test scores S 4.
5 5 for The Long Ride by mbudhos.
I love perusing the shelves at my local public library Sometimes I get lucky and find a title I haven t heard of and it turns out to be amazing The Long Ride by Marina Budhos is a slim mglit book about three interracial girls in 1971 who are affected by school desegregation via busing Jamila, Josie and Francesca live in a a mostly white neighborhood in Queens, NY, but all three are mixed race When the busing experiment is announced, families in their neighborhood are concerned and many parents place their children in private or Catholic schools, including Francesca s parents Jamila and Josie are initially excited they ll finally be in a school with Black students Then they discover that they aren t in the same program Jamila is in the gifted classes and Josie is falling further behind every day There are other problems in their new scho I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review While it felt genuinely well intentioned, this book fell very flat for me.
Positives The main character s voice was very authentic I liked the concept of dealing with segregation and mixed race kids, and I thought addressing school system issues and middle graders was a great idea Negatives I was confused by most the book The plot really went nowhere the book ends exactly where it starts, with the characters not having grown or changed at all Scenes jump without scene breaks, characters appear and disappear without notice, and characters draw conclusions not supported by the text, making it a very difficult story to follow Random interactions occur consistently that do nothing to move the The Long Rideby Marina BudhosRandom House Children sWendy Lamb booksChildren s FictionPub Date 24 Sep 2019I am reviewing a copy of The Long Ride through Random House Children s Wendy Lamb books and Netgalley Jamila Clarke, Josie Rivera and Francesca George are three mixed race girls are close friends whose parents all immigrated to the U.
S working hard so they could settle down in a neighborhood with the best schools The girls are outsiders but they have each other until In the tumult of 1970s New York City, seventh graders are bussed from their neighborhood in Queens to integrate a new school in South Jamaica Jamila and Josie get bussed to the same school but Francesca is sent to a another school.
At the start of the seventh grade the girls learn they will be part of an experiment, taking a long bus ride to the brand new school whose goal is to mix black and white kids It pains me greatly to call this historical fiction, because I m about the same age as the girls in the story, who are going into middle school in 1971 These three girls, Jamila, Josie, and Francesca have been best friends their whole lives But they are going to be bussed to a different neighborhood for racial equality Francesca s parents decide to put her into private school but Jamila and Josie go for a 45 minute bus ride each way each day to get to school They don t know anyone so they re trying to make new friends and remain friends Each of them deals with a different part of racism Francesca wants to be friends and the boys treat her like a sexual object Josie is put into lower level classes and has to work extra hard to be taken seriously as a student Jamila is called names and threatened by gir 5 In 1970s New York, Jamila, Josie, and Francesca are inseparable They are all mixed race, and their families moved into a white neighborhood so their children could attend good schools However, the city decides to integrate their schools, sending Jamila and Josie to South Jamaica, with Francesca s parents opting for a private school Over the course of the year the girls struggle as outsiders in their new school, and also learn harsh realities about prejudice I flew through this audiobook and am excited to get this one into my students hands Recommended for grades 6.
Oh, darlin , when you going to learn Most people never change It s the world around them that changed Summer of 1971.
Jamila, Josie, and Francesca have just found out that they will be bussed to a school in another neighborhood for integration The trio decides they will face this new school year head on together, but things don t go as planned Friendships become strained Relationships change They begin to see each other and those around them in a different light Will they be able to navigate the new school and the growth of their friendships This book give shows how integration affected child, their parents, and the communities they lived in A historical fiction must read

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