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ì Plain Jane ↠´ Download by È Fern Michaels I thought Trixie could be extremely judgemental and ignorant at times I didn t like some of the things she said to Betty Vance Trixie has obviously never experienced depression herself I was glad when Betty told her off, Trixie deserved it Other than that the book was okay I liked the romance between Jane and Mike Jane was fortunately likeable than Trixie although sometimes she could say very judgemental things, too Like when she judged Betty for not doing her hair and makeup when she was severely depressed When you re that depressed it takes extreme effort to do little things like shower and go to work I think she could have showed Betty compassion in that scene As someone who s dealt with depression for years I found those parts of the book extremely offensive.
I m discovering that I definitely like a plucky heroine Give me Kinsey Milhone, Cree Black, Anna Pigeon, Stephanie Plumb, even the sometimes anxious Kate Scarpetta They are strong women and I enjoy their adventures Plain Jane had a lot going for it It s a combination mystery, tragicomedy, love story, ghost story, dog story and But I found the whiny, insecure heroine to be annoying I felt the same way about Eat, Pray, Love so many good elements but if our heroine bursts into tears one time it becomes tough to fight the impulse to gag Jane Lewis is, astonishingly, a psychiatrist I hope her true love, also a shrink, does give her a good dose of the therapy she so clearly needs I think my next couple of books will be nonfiction I need something solid to clear my Fern Michaels Is Indisputably One Of Today S Foremost Writers Of Women S Contemporary Fiction, Cherished By Readers Everywhere For Her Tales Of Family And Friendship, Love And Triumph Now, She Delivers The Story Of A Former Plain Jane Who Finds Her Future Colliding With Her Past When She S Offered The Chance To Become A Truly Extraordinary Womanif She Dares Jane Lewis was attending LSU and she had stayed late at the college studying for finals just a couple of days prior to graduation Connie Bryan came to her and asked if she could walk back to the dorms with Jane because it was late They were attacked by 6 men and Connie was taken into the bushes and raped while Jane was held down The one holding Jane told her that no one wanted her and called her Miss Piggy Jane bit his hand to the bone trying to get free Jane had gained weight while attending college while Connie was the homecoming queen and was planning her wedding Connie made Jane promise not to report the rape because she didn t want her fiancee to find out and break off their wedding plans Connie killed herself two days later Jane was torn up keeping her promise Ugh Fern Michaels is sap queen One part between two people basically goes like I love you I ve been dreaming about having kids with you Really Me too I love you, too Blegh And the tension about the central point of the plot good idea, just way too melodramatic in the conclusion I like my denouments to be believable.
If you call the heroine of a novel Plain Jane, one might expect her to have some other dynamic personality traits Perhaps she s quirky or funny or brainy, but this Jane didn t seem to have any of those things going for her She s an ugly duckling, turnedwell, I m not sure exactly She is sometimes described as frumpy, yet other moments she sounds like a knockout She tries to present herself as sassy, but it translates as snarky She makes certain bold moves that seem unwise, yet falls apart in other situations Jane is not clearly defined, physically or emotionally, making it difficult to imagine her in the scenarios that unfold Take this book for what it is mediocre, easy reading.
We were really enjoying this on the cd player but when we got about 3 4 of the way through it, Jane turned into a stupid twit and I was just yelling at the radio for her to knock it off I can t even begin to think why she became to stupid She was just annoying so don t read this one,

Could not finish the book As soon as a ghost came into the picture I was uninterested.
DNF on page 104.
Ugh, what is it with me and books that seriously are not my cuppa When I first started reading this one in the library, I thought that it had potential to be at least a somewhat entertaining read, but unfortunately it started rubbing me in all the wrong ways quite early on.
I could kind of live with the prologue and the heroine s acquaintance making the shitty decision of not reporting her rapists way back in 1988 because that was not the heroine s doing and she actually tried to encourage the silly girl to go to the police But what I could not really live with, was the contemporary setting of 2000, the heroine Jane working as a psychotherapist, her still not having gone to the police but keeping the evidence of the rape what is it with that and all the contemporary connections that keep popping up with one of her clients and also in her private life A ,.

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ì Plain Jane ↠´ Download by È Fern Michaels Fern Michaels isn t a person I m not sure she s an entity either since an entity is something with separate existence Fern Michaels is what I DO Me, Mary Ruth Kuczkir Growing up in Hastings, Pennsylvania, I was called Ruth I became Mary when I entered the business world where first names were the order of the day To this day, family and friends call me Dink, a name my father gave me when I