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[ Read Online The Battle for Spain ☆ politics PDF ] by Antony Beevor ç Spoilers the good guys win.
An excellent analysis of a conflict in which the Spanish people are the filling in a sandwich, the slices comprising a fight between the extreme right and extreme left To make matters worse, as is well known, the conflict became the testing ground for Hitler and Stalin to play with their toys of war The book is well constructed, and very readable, suffering only from the author s mild tendency to repeat the lessons he wishes the reader to retain, in a schoolmasterish fashion Although the book is harrowing, given the human tragedy, the fact that Juan Carlos, hand picked by Franco to rule as a royal dictator, moved the country rapidly towards full democracy, provides a profoundly satisfying conclusion Today Spain is a great success, and to this I can only say Viva Espana A Fresh And Acclaimed Account Of The Spanish Civil War By The Bestselling Author Of Stalingrad And The Fall Of BerlinBeevor S ArdennesThe Battle Of The Bulge Is Now Available From Viking books To Mark The Th Anniversary Of The Spanish Civil War S Outbreak, Antony Beevor Has Written A Completely Updated And Revised Account Of One Of The Most Bitter And Hard Fought Wars Of The Twentieth Century With New Material Gleaned From The Russian Archives And Numerous Other Sources, This Brisk And Accessible Book Spain SBestseller For Twelve Weeks , Provides A Balanced And Penetrating Perspective, Explaining The Tensions That Led To This Terrible Overture To World War II And Affording New Insights Into The War Its Causes, Course, And Consequences Ne verujem da je ijedan rat vredan velikog gubitka ivota, ali kao prva linija odbrane od fa izma, ukoliko je postojao rat u kom se vredelo boriti, to je bio ovaj Bilo je ve ih nepravdi i zla u 20 veku, ali na panski gra anski rat sam uvek gledao kao na pravi sukob dobra i zla Prvi u asi fa izma, pu i nemilosrdna vojna sila protiv demokratski izabrane republike, nemilosrdno nasilje, uz stotine hiljada streljanih civila i nepravda nao igled tada jo slobodne Evrope Bivor je i ovaj sukob ideologija sjajno opisao, u svom stilu Detaljno prou ena istorija, pro eta anekdotama, citatima i pri ama, donosi istoriju koja se ita poput dobro napisane fikcije Jednostavno ti ne daje da stane , 500 strana pro e br e nego to bi to o ekivao, bez obzira Can you hear the drums Fernando This is a great book also, very sad.
I ve always been fascinated with the story of the Spanish Civil War, and what it signified In many ways, it was the precusor to WW2, and the fight between the Axis backed nationalist forces and Soviet backed republicans offers an insight into what will transpire in Europe over the next several years It also dispels the easy myths around the black and white truth of what the Spanish Civil War is in popular media.
The author goes into great detail giving the background to the war, the imperialistic delusions, the strong religious influence in the society, the military scheming, the bickering Fascism as we know it wasn t really the defining force of 1920 30s Spain, it was something that Spain grew into over the following decades Likewise, its approach to communism was different from the Soviet model in Antony Beevor is probably best known today for his lengthy histories of the battles of Stalingrad and Berlin, but this earlier narrative history of the Spanish Civil War matches both of these later works for grim and gripping detail While one might expect a historian of the Second World War to treat the Spanish conflict as a prologue to that larger and deadlier global struggle, Beevor sees that the civil war had great significance in its own right It was a struggle between ideologies, in which both the left wing Spanish government and the right wing insurgents committed atrocities on behalf of their opposing visions a struggle between politicos and propagandists abroad, who invested the civil war with ideological meaning and ca Even Antony Beevor Can t Simplify Such a Complicated Topic The Spanish Civil War is a significant 20th century historical event that is logically obscured by the enormity of the Second World War My rudimentary knowledge of the conflict led me to simplify it as a war between the Nazi supported Nationalists vs the Soviet supported Republicans oh how wrong I was My search to expand my knowledge of the Spanish Civil War both started and ended with the discovery Antony Beevor s The Battle for Spain Beevor is an author that captured my devotion with STALINGRAD and THE FALL OF BERLIN 1945 With these books, Beevor exhibited an amazing knack of detailing large scale events in a captivating manner that somehow doesn t lose the reader in the minutia The Battle for Spain, however, proved to be a different beast for me to conquer as I found myself

Histories of wars, particularly ones involving contested political domains, tend to focus either on the battles, the personalities, the international struggles, or other specific aspects While Beevor s Battle for Spain isn t perfect, I give this book five stars because the mix is just right And for one of the most disputed wars in modern history, that is a major accomplishment.
We can find any number of anarchist or Trotskyist reviews of the Spanish Civil War that heap blame on the Russians and the Comintern, and such blame is properly placed But Beevor gives us the proper context by letting us know how everyone contributed to Spain s dissolution He clearly is sympathetic to the anarchist and anarcho syndicalist cause, yet he raises some interesting issues o I found this book nearly unreadable and gave up on it within the first 100 pages As such, take this review with that in mind since I didn t gut through it I had heard great things about Beevor s Stalingrad and may still read it someday The Battle for Spain , however, suffers from a few serious problems its choice to be a straight political history and Beevor s writing style I am not a fan of this kind of history writing It is top down narrative history at its worst It is no doubt invaluable as a reference tool as to what the myriad of factions were doing at any time, but truth is never so neat in practice History is not merely the retelling of official actions by heads of various parties and factions But here, an already questionable historical writing approach is executed poorly Beevor assumes far too much reader k I didn t know anything about the Spanish Civil War until I read this book And what an eye opener it is Spain in the 1930s was a country in transition It had just come out of the departure of King Alfonso XIII and a new republic was trying to get itself established But forces from across the political spectrum took turns weakening the Republic to further their own agenda the political and social conservatives who wanted to retain the status quo of monopoly of power and privilege the socialists, the anarchists, and the communists who were intent on destroying the old order and to usher in their own brand of social experimentation, however violent The moderates who wanted reform and stability through peaceful, parliamentary means were caught in the middle The virulent and often violent clash of ideologies and personal

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[ Read Online The Battle for Spain ☆ politics PDF ] by Antony Beevor ç pamyatnik.pro Antony James Beevor is a British historian who was educated at Winchester College and Sandhurst He studied under the famous historian of World War II, John Keegan Beevor is a former officer with the 11th Hussars who served in England and Germany for five years before resigning his commission He has published several popular histories on the Second World War and the 20th century in general.