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[ Pdf The Wooden World: An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy á world-war-ii PDF ] by Nicholas A.M. Rodger á In depth study of a period of the British Navy just before the war in the American colonies If you love O Brien s stories you will find this interesting If you like British history or naval history, this is for you If you are curious about the British Empire as it was forming, this is informative Rather than a chronological approach, the author breaks down the study into descriptive categories, such as recruiting, discipline and authority, in order to address some apparently common misconceptions about what the British navy was like at that time What was eye opening was the way in which the British navy resembled the current culture at investment banks, hedge funds and private equity funds ARGH THERE BE SPOILERS The British navy was a far cry from meritocratic in this An absolutely fascinating book on several levels As a social history of an important but little researched 18th century institution it contains a wealth of insight and detail It also serves as a useful example of how organisations can function outside the commonly assumed parameters of command and control as dynamic organisms working on the basis of mutual interest, it offers an alternative view of how organisations can function effectively.
I thought this might be interesting Instead I came away from it vastly impressed, and having learned a great deal I particularly remember how, after years of studying patronage in the ancient world, I finally understood how it really works after Rodger s explanation in this very different context.
I m just half way into it, but gonna finish this initial review now This is not some swashbuckling beach read, it s a deep historical dive with lots of detail Here s an interesting excerpt.
the Navy was by far the largest and most complex of all government services, and indeed by a large margin the largest industrial organization in the western world It faced problems of management and control then quite unknown favored continuity of service for there was no pool of talent or relevant experience outside the naval service from which staff could be drawn, and they had to be bred up within the service Where can we go now, where there is no manual, no fat book of procedures to guide us In what great enterprise is humanity now engaged, where new leadership must be forged from raw stuff, into which we could throw ourselves and be in A fantastic description of the Royal Navy during the times of King George II to King George III If you a history buff, a fan of Patrick O Brian s Aubrey Maturin series or of C.
S Forester s Hornblower novels, this book will give you a great look at the workings of shipboard life, careers both seamen and officers , and even the food in the Royal Navy While it focuses mainly on the Seven Years War 1754 63 period, much of the information is useful for the period following as well.
Lots of illustrations and historical information including appendices and a glossary of nautical terms.

the classic book on understanding the British Navy in the Eighteenth Century Well researched, detailed and explained Covers everything from pox ridden seamen to the promotion and patronage system Nelson and co may be the glory element but is an able work for a researcher to use to see how the nuts and bolts of the machine worked.
A few illustrations and copies of primary letters would have been nice, but the only real flaw to note is belabouring a few points eg Rodney s corruption character but it is a minor matter If you like illustrations and coffee table books of this kind of history, then I d recommend this as a companion read.
What else can I say Brilliant text book.
I picked this up expecting it to form a useful complement to Patrick O Brian s books fool me, Georgian though the Napoleonic period technically was Rodger s focus is generations earlier, most particularly on the Seven Years War of 1755 63 But any disappointment I felt was short lived, for it soon became apparent this was just the sort of non fiction I love, or one of them anyway fluent without being flashy, opinionated without being aggressive, always happy to admit opposing examples while still making a clear case, and above all very obviously the work of an absolute expert in the field Rodger s case, one which presumably through his efforts is now less controversial than it was, is that the Navy of the time was not a sort of floating concentration camp , but a largely happy and in many ways surprisingly chaotic organisation, one in whi Meticulously Researched, Rodger S Portrait Draws The Reader Into This Fascinatingly Complex World With Vivid, Entertaining Characters And Full Details Of Life Below The Decks The Wooden World Provides The Most Complete History Of A Navy At Any Age, And Is Sure To Be An Indispensable Volume For All Fans Of Patrick O Brian, English History, And Naval History

Nicholas A.M. Rodger

[ Pdf The Wooden World: An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy á world-war-ii PDF ] by Nicholas A.M. Rodger á pamyatnik.pro Nicholas Andrew Martin Rodger, FBA, is a historian of the British Royal Navy and Senior Research Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.