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Download Epub Format Ú Million Dollar Devil (Million Dollar, #1) PDF by õ Katy Evans I am such a massive fan of Katy Evans and I was so excited to receive this book but having read it, I m not sure what to make of it.
I really did enjoy the book but then there is a part of me that isn t so thrilled about it either So my opinion on Million Dollar Devil is smack dab in the middle50 50.
I enjoyed the pace, I love the banter, I love the sexual chemistry but I felt like there was something missing in the storyline.
Overall, A solid 3.
5 stars ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.
Mixed feelings on this one To be honest, I loved it and I disliked it.
Big City Sophistication Meets Carnal Hunger In This Devilish Contemporary Romance From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Katy EvansHeir Apparent To Her Father S Company, Lizzy Banks Needs A Man The Perfect Man But When The Rich Fundbabies She Usually Rubs Shoulders With Prove Impossible To Hire, She Takes A Chance On A Raw Beast Of A Man Salvaged From The Wreckage Of A Bar BrawlJames Rowan Earns A Modest Income As A YouTube Daredevil, But He Can T Refuse Lizzy S Million Dollar Deal As She Polishes His Rough Edges, Creating A Sophisticated Gentleman Fit For The Highest Circles Of Society, Not Only Does She Bring Out The Perfect Man It S Like She S Making The Man Of Her Dreams How Can She Resist Though Lizzy Loves Seeing James In His Clothes And Out Of Them He Isn T The Kind Of Man You Bring Home To Daddy Her Father S Disapproval And The Pressure Of The Campaign Have Her Eyeing The Straight And Narrow, But Lizzy S Finding It Awfully Hard To Resist The Devil On Her Shoulder 4.
5 Stars ARC provided by author Elizabeth Banks is a 25 yr old socialite from Atlanta s Midtown area who grew up in a world surrounded by men, and is now trying to thrive in a company that caters mostly to men She s a rich heiress to the Banks LTD fortune, and as the only daughter of Harold Banks, she s always striving to get her father s acceptance and approval She wants to impress him and prove her worth, so when she s given the task of finding the face for the launch of their new men s line, failure is not an option, and she plans to deliver The only issue is she can t find the perfect man, so she decides to create one when she stumbles upon the delicious Jimmy Rowan He s a stunt guy on YouTube who exudes raw sensuality, and will do anything for a dare He s a little rough around the edges, but she still bel This had equal amounts of good and not so good for me In the beginning, I enjoyed their banter and how easy they were with each other I loved how James was in hot pursuit of Lizzy from the moment he locked eyes with her His constant flirting was fun I didn t like how tongue tied Lizzy kept getting I just don t think smart women get stupid because of a mans looks I did like that she didn t hide her returned attraction to himtoo much She resists due to the situation they were in but since she couldn t hide how much she wanted him in return, it just didn t feel like it was too much resistance This was very easy to read and for the most part flowed nicely, however I was not a fan of the conflict towards the end I just didn t like how the ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review I think the premise of the story was interesting, and I looked forward to reading how everything would play out However, it felt a bit monotone to me I couldn t really get into the story, I was reading without being engaged with the characters Especially, Lizzy Banks was someone I could not relate to or find sympathetic I also didn t like the whole transforming the daredevil into a gentleman I think it was a bit too much in regards to marketing men s suits The attraction between Lizzy and James was there from the start but the hot and cold attitude of Lizzy got old quick I didn t really connect or care about their relationship They didn t feel like a good match Also the drama towards the end was a bit I don t think this is news, but KE s books have become sexier with each year.
And Million Dollar Devil is no exception The couple might not jump into bed until later in the book, but all the talk of sex, and constant thinking of sex makes this book sinfully SEXY Truly, the simmer is INSANE There is no letup The constant level of sizzle should satisfy any romance reader who likes their books to be HOT.
Surprisingly daredevil James, was much sweeter, honorable, and waydevoted than I expected No bad boy alert this time Just a guy that loves dares, adrenaline and a good time But on the inside he was loyal, and a guy you could trust and depend on And apparently he looked HOT in a suit Would have loved to see the ad campaign pictures for sure.
The story on its own wasn t 100% believable Yearlong habits are hard to break in only a couple weeks Speech, m

eArc gently provided by publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 1.
5 starsElizabeth Banks lives to please her father, so she does not want to disappoint him when she decides to look for a model for the new line of formal menswear But instead of getting a millionaire, Elizabeth gets James Rowan who is dedicated to performing risky physical challenges on YouTube in exchange for money.
The story starts well, and I liked it at first, but then she continues playing up with her zero self esteem and becomes an unbearable character.
James, you are an awesome character man James is view spoiler a hardworking, decent man who takes care of his brother and even welcomes his cousin to support her It does not fit in my head how this woman who has had her daddy all her life, and does not even manage her accounts because daddy pays them, and allows her dad to manage her 4.
5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author He s beautiful, and though I should feel some pride in paying a part in bringing out this man s beauty, all I can feel is a knot in my stomach A knot I can t quite seem to loosen, no matter how much I try It s starting to hurt to look at him.
I had a hard time putting this book down The story and characters grabbed a hold of me from the prologue and I found myself enjoyably lost in this incredibly steamy and angsty romance Katy Evans has created yet another Hero with devilishly handsome looks and heart melting charisma The chemistry between James and Lizzy just about had me dying with anticipation for them to finally give in to the temptation They might be from completely different worlds but there s no denying how they fit perfectly together.
Elizabeth Banks is in line for the role of CEO of he DNF ed this novel at 58% and I am beyond disappointed with the outcome I am truly saddened about the outcome of this novel Maybe it s because I hyped it up too much, but I knew that at 12% through I would not be able to get through it But because I have so much respect for Katy, I just had to continue I almost threw my kindle to the wall at 33% through, but I kept going This was my head at that pointI finally made it to 58% and I had to stop Gosh, it hurts writing this soooo much because I am or maybe I used to be A fan of Katy s work After this book, I think I will have to take a break from her writing It would not be fair for me to rate this novel and talk about it in thorough details since I did not finish it Maybe this will be the ideal novel for other book lovers and Katy Evans

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