Trailer à Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast PDF by à Robin McKinley

Trailer à Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast PDF by à Robin McKinley fairy tale retellings are fascinating i went through a datlow phase years ago, and i have read many others outside of her collections it is a comfortable pleasure for me so, since i am now going on an introduce myself to the fantasy genre expedition, this book seemed like the most logical entr e into it all beauty and the beast was never one of my favorite fairy tales i don t know why, particularly, but i usually preferred the ones that didn t have a corresponding disney movie which would unavoidably be playing in the back of my head as i was reading them, not to mention the songs the dreadful songsbut i really liked this adaptation.
the best thing about this particular version is that mckinley changes the backstory a little bit in a way that makes itnatural and a much better story overall.
most fairy tales operate by isolating the main character the heroes and heroines ar This is a cozy, delightful retelling of The Beauty and the Beast tale, one of my very favorite fairy tale retellings.
Final review I ve just read Beauty again for the first time in 15 years or , but I probably read this 5 or 6 times when I was in my 20s, so you are not getting an unbiased opinion here But I still adore this book, even though I m older andcynical now It s a fairly simple, straightforward retelling of the fairy tale, with a few relatively minor twists But the writing is lovely, the characters charming, and McKinley used a very fairy tale ish style of writing that fits the story well The ending is a little rushed, but otherwise I have no complaints I want to be Beauty s bestie and chat books and eat buttered toast I curse this book with a thousand crotch louse It s not I didn t like this book At least, I like the beginning for awhile But this book s plot was enough to drive me into a rant Getting out of the way the fact that the characterisation is great and the setting is stunning and all that shit, let s get into possibly McKinley s only, and truly great weakness, which is plotting and pacing.
The book reads at the speed of an unhurried snail It starts a full 2.
5ish years before Beauty even meets the Beast and shows no sincere interest in moving things along for the sake of actually telling the story Beauty spends a stunningly little amount of time with the Beast and when we actually meet him, most of that time is glossed over in narrative telling rather than showing ARE YOU TELLING ME I JUST SAT THROUGH 2.

This is absolutely my favorite retelling of the familiar tale of Beauty and the Beast An aside it far outshines the Disney one.
McKinley begins the tale with the very familiar setting A merchant with daughters has fallen on hard times He and his family are reduced to living in near poverty But there she diverges, to give us a believable family structure of the daughters who have various levels of resourcefulness in dealing with their straitened circumstances They are a family, and there are no cardboard evil sisters in this telling I love McKinley s style in all of her books I have read It is absolutely transparent I fall into her writing effortlessly, and surface hours later feeling as if I have experienced a life rather than read a story.
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99 hereHi My name is Robin and I have a buddy reading addiction Hi RobinSo why not add another impromptu Buddy read with My Enabler Jessica and The Instigator Tadiana over at BBB on Oct 14 The great thing about a fantasy is that some of it is timeless That is totally the case with Beauty It was originally published in 1978 shhhh but when you pick it up it is really a tale as old as time but it can be told throughout these decades seamlessly It could as easily been published last month and because it is fantasy you d never know.
Why I liked this Re Telling It s a classic beauty and the beast retelling the one I remember from my own childhood with an enchanted castle, the rose, the curse Ger strode forwards and caught him in his arms as he staggered, and then half carried him to a seat near the fire As he An absolutely lovely rendition of my favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast There have been many retellings of this tale, from the bodice ripping romance novel covers featuring men muscled to the point of beastliness, holding pale, innocent flowers, to, of course, the smart young lady with a conveinently lovely voice for a Disney musical This one falls somewhere poignantly in between in just the perfect place for adult fans of both genres to find something that they can identify with, while still appealing to the age group that this book is most directly useful to, the pre teen and teenager demographic When I say this, I don t mean to demean the novel in any way, I am just speaking from my own experience Had I discovered this novel as a 13 year old, I m sure I would have read it ragged to shreds, over and over again As it is, there are still plac I try hard not to use spoilers in these reviews but find that is impossible in this case But, since it s a tale as old as time, maybe you ll forgive me for it just this once.
I did not like the book.
Wow, that s hard to say I love stories, love books the way the pages feel under my fingers I like stories that make me care about the characters, that drop me into the action Hand me an Avery Cates novel and I am oblivious to the roar of NASCAR engines on the big screen TV, to the dinner burning in the oven, and even to someone speaking directly to me My sons can attest to this For me to admit I didn t care for a story is an extremely rare occurrence The last time it happened was with Angelology and I don t like the feeling.
Here is the summary Sixteen A Strange ImprisonmentBeauty Has Never Liked Her Nickname She Is Thin And Awkward It Is Her Two Sisters Who Are The Beautiful Ones But What She Lacks In Looks, She Can Perhaps Make Up For In CourageWhen Her Father Comes Home With The Tale Of An Enchanted Castle In The Forest And The Terrible Promise He Had To Make To The Beast Who Lives There, Beauty Knows She Must Go To The Castle, A Prisoner Of Her Own Free Will Her Father Protests That He Will Not Let Her Go, But She Answers, Cannot A Beast Be Tamed Robin McKinley S Beloved Telling Illuminates The Unusual Love Story Of A Most Unlikely Couple, Beauty And The Beast One of my favorite retellings of Beauty and the Beast The family is loving and the prose beyond witty If you love the Disney version, it owes a lot to this book.

Robin McKinley

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