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[ Read Online Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon ✓ legal-thriller PDF ] by Mary Fan ☆ Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon, which is maybe the best book title ever, is another powerhouse from Mary Fan, one of the best YA authors out there today This book s got romance, vivid descriptions, an amazing heroine, and some totally badass action sequences you won t soon forget A great book from a great writer Loved it.
i totally forgot every single dynasty i studied in chinese history class, but hello chinese warrior girls Woot woot Just got an ARC of this and I am thrilled This cover is beautiful and the synopsis is SO GOOD.
Check outreviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzDRAGONS Plus its set in an Asian world And Mary Fan seems like a popular author So when my favorite topics came up I knew I had to give it a go And I have to say that it annoys me when a title and cover don t really relate to the story The bronze dragons are incidental world building in the story, which was quite disappointing to me And a bronze dragon didn t even figure into the story enough for anything or any one to be stronger than it The cover does give you a general feel for the Chinese story but could have been so much betterThe PremiseStronger Than a Bronze Dragon is really about deadly martial ghosts Not bronze dragons Not magical pearls, though one is featured Anlei wants to be a warrior like her dead father and is prepared to protect her village with the re I think I will forever be in love with Asian fantasy okayMaybe it s because there is just SO MUCH complicated history to pull inspiration from Maybe it s because katanas always gave me heart eyes as a wee child Maybe it s because I first saw Mulan and thought finally a girl I really connect with Either way, pretty much anything Asian centric or inspired usually has my entire heart and soul And while this book didn t get the entirety of that from me like I had hoped, it got pretty close B U TFor some reason I thought this was part of a series So when there came a point that I thought the book would be winding up for a cliffhanger finale, I kept getting confused by the end of one plot arc leading into another Also, while this was intense and epic and like a classic Asian saga featuring much travel and monstersit kinda felt a bi

5 starsThe Characters Anlei is undoubtedly one of the most badass heroine I ve ever encountered She s strong not just physically, she s also strong willed She s focus and really want to achieve what she s trying to achieve not only for herself, but for her town and family And by family, it includes avenging her father s death because of the Ligui the ghost monsters that antagonize them I even forgive Anlei for her wishes for the Ligui to attack just so she can have her revenge The girl lost her father so that s forgivable even though it s a bit foolish because she knew they can t really defeat their enemies That s why they needed help from Viceroy Kang.
Speaking of Viceroy Kang, I can t say much about him without giving away too much of the plot and maybe twists All I c 3.
5 stars, rounded to four because dragonsAnlei s village is under attack from strange ghost monsters and all seems well when the viceroy swoops in and saves them with his fleet of mechanical dragons Until he demands the village s famed and worthless River Pearl as tribute and one of the villagers to take as his bride No one issurprised than Anlei when he chooses her, and she s dragged to the province s capital to be wed All bets are off, however, when a mysterious thief steals the River Pearl Anlei decides to save her village and capture the thief and the Pearl except the thief has a good reason to steal itAside from the Chinese based world, this is a pretty standard YA fare Only the Chinese influenced world building and the steampunk nature of automatons, mechanical dragons and flying ships distinguish this o If you re a reader of diverse books and want to know what representations this book offers, find the diversity tags here CHINESE INSPIRED FANTASY WITH A REFRESHING TAKE ON WELL LOVED TROPESFor the first few chapters, I found the characters to be a little too trope y, namely, tough cookie female and arrogant love interest However, as I continued reading, I began to see them in a new,positive light The little complexities in their characters, particularly their individual motivations and desires, allowed them to break out of their trope y molds, which I really appreciated.
INCREDIBLY UNIQUE WORLD BUILDING ENDLESSLY FASCINATING ELEMENTS FT MECHANICAL DRAGONS ANGRY SWORD WIELDING BRIDES I am also extremely happy to note that Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is a brave and thoughtful commentary on poverty, privilege, social issues, and corruption With a heroine hailing from a p When A Powerful Viceroy Arrives With A Fleet Of Mechanical Dragons And Stops An Attack On Anlei S Village, The Villagers See Him As A Godsend They Agree To Give Him Their Sacred, Enchanted River Pearl In Exchange For Permanent Protection If He Ll Marry One Of The Village Girls To Solidify The Alliance Anlei Is Appalled When The Viceroy Selects Her As A Bride, But With The Fate Of Her People At Stake, She Sees No Choice But To Consent Anlei S Noble Plans Are Sent Into A Tailspin, However, When A Young Thief Steals The River Pearl For HimselfKnowing The Viceroy Won T Protect Her Village Without The Jewel, She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands But Once She Catches The Thief, She Discovers He Needs The Pearl Just As Much As She Does The Two Embark On An Epic Quest Across The Land And Into The Courts Of Hell, Taking Anlei On A Journey That Reveals Is At Stake Than She Could Have Ever ImaginedWith Incredibly Vivid World Building And Fast Paced Storytelling, Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon Is Great For Readers Who Are Looking For Something Fresh In Epic Fantasy

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