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↠´ Read ☆ The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley ☆ Robin McKinley s The Blue Sword blue me away What can I do for swords I don t know how to handle the feeling in a review I m in it to the hilt It s sheathed in my memory No, I got nothing Blue words Stop it, Mar Reading that someone likes world building and atmospherics doesn t really convey why I thought this was awesome so I won t try and be a normal reviewer for once McKinley knows what she s doing She s a master sword bater This is not a glorified fanfic All of those things are true I m not good at the basics I know why I loved this even though I ve forgotten a lot of the details I won t even try to get those down right because I ll be pre destined for failure Stop saying what you aren t going to do When someone says they aren t going to do something it often means that they are going to do exactly that It was the lay of the freaking land Com There are many out there who think The Hero and the Crown the better book, but I read The Blue Sword first and Harry is my one true love That s part of it I always liked the romance line better in The Blue Sword And there s something remarkable in that, because for most of this book the two are separated Yet I believe in their match unquestionably Alanna was my first girl with a sword and magic, Harry was the first one I felt was like me.
This Is The Story Of Corlath, Golden Eyed King Of The Free Hillfolk, Son Of The Sons Of The Lady AerinAnd This Is The Story Of Harry Crewe, The Homelander Orphan Girl Who Became Harimad Sol, King S Rider, And Heir To The Blue Sword, Gonturan, That No Woman Had Wielded Since The Lady Aerin Herself Bore It Into BattleAnd This Is The Song Of The Kelar Of The Hillfolk, The Magic Of The Blood, The Weaver Of Destinies Back Cover There never was a choice I ride the only way open to me, and yet often and again it seems to me I am dangerously unfit for itA penniless orphan of average beauty it starts like a bad romance, no WAIT FOR IT called Harry I DARE you not to think about Prince Harry s bearded face now is forced to leave her home in the England Homeland empire and accept hospitality of strangers in Damaria, a desert land recently colonised but still inhabited by mysterious nomad Hillfolk The opening chapter reminded me of Guns of the Dawn and I thought that that a very good sign indeed I was wrong The Blue Sword is a tale about a girl who mastered a language in three days, horsemanship in a week and fighting skills in little over a month And then she got a magic sword so she could save the world.
Harry is outwardly unprepossessing, well bred young lady finding her place a pleasure to read.
wonderful heroine reminded me a bit of Brienne from ASOIF although quite a different character overall I loved her nonchalant displays of bravery and independence, her easy acceptance of her own difference from others, her drama free perspective on the world s around her, her quiet and her calm.
opening chapters felt distinctly like an alternate version of colonial era Britain interesting path into a high fantasy novel.
best kidnapping ever I never feared for her safety and I liked that.
McKinley is less of a stylist than I imagined but her prose is still liquid and lovely.
there were some minor disturbing undercurrents for me but it was hard to put a finger on something about the blood is blood and the idea that a person can only truly be accepted in a culture when they have the blood of that culture that sorta bothered me, especially when combined I ve read this book so many times over the year that this time I went out and bought a new copy because my cover is in tatters But I reread it again and loved it again, unsurprisingly McKinley still amazes me with how fully realized Damar is as a place, how familiar the Homeland and its desire to civilise feels, and how freaking scary the Northerners are Seriously, y all Motherfuckers are SCARY This is the perfect escapism book, partially because that s what Harry, our delightful heroine, ends up doing Sure, it may be a kidnapping, but through a massive case of Stockholm Syndrome, or through something in the water or, as theromantic view and of course the one I have would put it, fate, she finds a new,comfortable home in the deserts of the native Damarians And a sexy, sexy mentor in Corlath, the king of the Hillfolk, who for Re read for book club.
I got this book when I was eleven, I believe, and that was the perfect age I have read this book so many times that picking it up again, after many years, was like hearing an old favorite song come onto the radio each phrase resonating clearly in memory, bringing with it emotional associations.
So I can t claim to be wholly objective about the book I can say that if I has read it for the first time now, it would not have been as meaningful to me Interestingly, I re read the sequel to this book, The Hero and the Crown not so long ago When the sequel came out, I was mildly disappointed by it, but as an adult, I actually think that it holds up better over time.
Part of this may be that while The Blue Sword is in many ways purely a romantic fantasy, it is also inspired by historical fact When I first read the book I did know about Brit This is my first Robin McKinley book, though I do have a couple others in my possession that need to be read I wasn t really thrilled with this one though Up until about 50% I was liking it quite a bit, though I couldn t tell you why, because nothing at all had happened But it didn t take long or, rather, it took too long and I started to feel like the story would never actually start, and now that I ve finished, all I can say is that it didn t really do anything for me It seemed that everything was just a little too easy, a little too square peg square hole it fit together just too perfectly There s never a feeling of true conflict or danger that Harry will fail, because she fails at nothing at least nothing that she does after joining the Hillfolk Everything that she does, she s the best at Instantly or close enough to seem like it Learn a new l

This book proves oncethat standards for YA fiction have gone significantly down over the last 10 years You just rarely come by this kind of writing anyThe Blue Sword is an age old story of a young woman who after years feeling not belonging, invisible, and insignificant, finds her strength after being kidnapped by a mysterious Hill king who possesses magic powers Gradually she discovers an ancient magic inside herself, comes to terms with her abilities, acquires friends and love and a place where she truly belongs, as unexpected and unfamiliar as this place is to her.
Yes, the story is familiar, but the sign of a real writing talent is to make it special and unforgettable McKinley certainly succeeds in it Her writing is flawless and sophisticated, the imagery of mysterious land of Damar is vivid the horse riding, the nomadic life st Added at the bottom the perfect song for this book Seriously, if it s ever made into a movie, this song should be in the trailer.
The description on this book s GR page is not my favorite synopsis I think my little well loved paperback says it better This is the story of Corlath, golden eyed king of the Free Hillfolk, son of the sons of the Lady Aerin.
And this is the story of Harry Crewe, the Homelander orphan girl who became Harimad sol, King s Rider, and heir to The Blue Sword, Gonturan, that no woman had wielded since the Lady Aerin herself bore it into battle.
And this is the song of the kelar of the Hillfolk, the magic of the blood, the weaver of destiniesBecause easy as it is to think this book is just about Corlath and Harr

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