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✓ A Year Down Yonder à Download by ☆ Richard Peck The cover shown above has none of the character of the Scholastic Press edition I stayed in bed to read this book this morning You d do well to do the same, or to sit down in front of a fire with a cup of tea and a couple of cookiesA Year Down Yonder is a sequel to A Long Way from Chicago Same cast of characters, different layout.
Mary Alice, Joey s younger sister, is the narrator She is about 15 The recession following the Depression and preceding the war means that MA s parents have lost their house Joey is off with the CCC planting trees, and Mary Alice is sent to spend a year with her grandmother Imagine being uprooted at 14, torn from your friends, to spend a year with your slightly nutty, headstrong, sure of herself grandmother.
The story is gentle and not a bit unbelievable A little outrageous, perhaps, but that s Gr My 5th and 6th graders are currently reading this book It s quite delightful I started the audio book on the way home from work and couldn t turn it off I adore big boned Grandma Dowdel, with her crafty schemes, her happy trigger finger, and her eyes in the back of her heart Some of her ornery sayings and unexpected pranks had me laughing out loud And best of all, her bold, pushy, cantankerous exterior hides her tender, compassionate, unselfish interior Watching Mary Alice grow to care for and understand her grandmother through the course of the story was touching Much to her own surprise, she even begins to emulate Grandma in some ways Side note After reading the first three chapters, all my students boys and girls came to school today raving about Grandma D If you e Mary Alice Remembers Childhood Summers Packed With Drama At Fifteen, She Faces A Whole Long Year With Grandma Dowdel, Well Known For Shaking Up Her Neighbors And Everyone Else All Mary Alice Can Know For Certain Is This When Trying To Predict How Life With Grandma Might Turn Out Better Not Move To Awards New York Times BestsellerAn ALA Notable BookAn ALA Best Book For Young AdultsA Booklist Best Book Of The YearA School Library Journal Best Book Of The Year Highly enjoyable down homey tales of yesteryear If you can t get enough of stuff like Jean Shepherd s A Christmas Story, this little series is just your patch o sweet potatoes Grandma Dowdel is a fiesty old broad think Vicki Lawrence s Mama character , who possesses a Jeeves esque way of fixing others problems In this, book two, Grandma gets a visit from her teenaged granddaughter, from whose pov we see the story unfold It s a year in the life of a teen girl going to school and living away from family during the Depression era in the rural Midwest.
Richard Reck s characters are larger than life and fun as all get out He does an admirable job with period details, making it easy for the reader to get lost in the time and place of these delightful scenes A Year Down Yonder is good fun, but probably a little less over 3.
5 stars I did not really care much for Mary Alice, who is sent to spend the year with her kooky grandmother because her parents cannot afford to feed her in the late 1930 s On the other hand, I really liked the grandmother, who is a hoot and a prankster, wreaking mischief both on deserving teenagers and adults My favorite quote from the grandmother about how much easier life was thenWhen I was a girl, we had to walk in our sleep to keep from freezing to deathThis is a feel good story though, written for middle age readers Fun and funny.
This was a laugh out loud short that I could have listened to for hours The small town, rural, characters are the very best All are so creative and quite different that I could not wait to see what they would do next Grandma is someone I would love to know This is a series I won t miss.
I think this is a first Never before have I read a sequel before reading the original novel At least as far as I can recall The Discworld books don t count They aren t organized in a proper order, are they You can t call a book a sequel unless it s called a sequel on the cover Well, I suppose I can make an exception if it has a number on the spine I usually hold out for the original, but in this case my daughter s curriculum assigned her to read this volume and, unlike my daughter, I wasn t able to check the original out in time Smart kid Must take after her mum Anyway, A Year Down Yonder is the tale of Mary Alice, a teenaged Chicago girl suffering from the recession of 1937 Her father has lost her job and the only way the

I did not want this book to end It s one of those stories that you read it to just enjoy it, not just to see how it ends This is a story about a young girl from Chicago who is sent to live with her Grandmother Her grandmother s life style is very far removed from what Mary Alice has ever know because her grandmother is pure country She is so country that even the townspeople are afraid of Grandma Dowdel In Mary Alice s year stay with grandma she has many life experiences that will follow her through to adulthood Life with grandma is never boring From trapping fox in the middle of the night to taking in artistic drifters who paint nudes in the attic, Mary Alice is going to find it hard to leave grandma afte Gorgeous kid s book for all ages Grandma is really hilarious.
A laugh and a happy tear A fun read Makes you feel good I read A long way from Chicago, the first book, years ago and been meaning to read this one for a long time And my, is it worthed Recommended Mary Alice s childhood summers in Grandma Dowdel s sleepy Illinois own had been packed with enough surprises and drama to fill the double bill of any picture show But now she s fifteen, and with her parents facing hard times in Chicago, she is sent to Grandma again, but this time she faces a whole long year with Grandma, a woman well known for shaking up her neighbors and every one else All Mary Alice can know for certain is this when trying to predict how life with Grandma might turn out better notThen their leader advanced upon Grandma By the name on her cap, she was Mrs W.
T Sheets her medals jangled importantly Grandma obser Mary Alice s father had lost his job so her parents moved to a small room only suitable for two, sending her brother Joey in one direction and Mary Alice in the other she was to stay with Grandma Dowdel for a year Mary Alice was fifteen and couldn t imagine not seeing her friends, having a telephone or the internet or even television starting a new school made her nervous With her previous visits to her Grandma s having been spent with Joey and only for a week, she had no idea how she would get on for a whole year Grandma had all the folk from her small town frightened of her and Mary Alice slowly began to see Grandma s ways Never one to show her feelings, it got so Mary Alice could read her and her Grandma certainly knew what Mary Alice was thinking even before she was thinking it I absolutely loved A Year Down Yonder by Richa

Richard Peck

✓ A Year Down Yonder à Download by ☆ Richard Peck Richard Peck was an American novelist known for his prolific contributions to modern young adult literature He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 2001 for his novel A Year Down Yonder For his cumulative contribution to young adult literature, he received the Margaret A Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 1990.