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[ Pdf Something, Maybe ☆ classic-literature PDF ] by Elizabeth Scott ✓ Reason why I liked this book would be that it reminded me of diaries because everything Hannah said seemed like it came from a diary It s just that I kept a journal for a couple of years, while I was in highschool and it looked something like that Pages and pages of boy talk and bitching about my parents.
Hannah s father is basically like Hugh Hefner He is a wealthy old fart who likes to have special girls and only worries about himself Hannah is a smart girl and she realises he will never care for her the way she wanted, but he is still her dad, so it s not easy to forget he ever existed with his reality show on air all the time.
Aside from her daddy issues, she has some problems with her mom since her stepdad died a couple of years ago Hannah s mom is still not over him and she is trying to pay the bills with her live webcam I think this is my favorite of Elizabeth Scott s romantic comedies It was definitely the funniest, and wow, I loved the characters.
I totally related to Hannah Poor sexually frustrated Hannah I mean, its so awkward having a Mom who is always half naked and a Hugh Hephner esque father But add in a crush on a hottie who might or might not be interested, an annoying co worker she can t stop thinking about, and a deep seeded fear that, once she does get male attention, she ll wind up being some crazy nympho or guy juggler or something like her Dad.
So funny So painful So adorable And, oh boy, FINN I love Finn YOu will too.
Everyone Thinks Their Parents Are Embarrassing, But Hannah Knows She S Got Them All Beat Her Dad Made A Fortune Showcasing Photos Of Pretty Girls And His Party Lifestyle All Over The Internet, And Her Mom Was Once One Of Her Dad S Girlfriends And Is Now The Star Of Her Own Website After Getting The Wrong Kind Of Attention For Way Too Long, Hannah Has Mastered The Art Of Staying Under The Radarand That S Just How She Likes ItOf Course, That Doesn T Help Her Get Noticed By Her Crush Hannah S Sure That Gorgeous, Sensitive Josh Is Her Soul Mate But Trying To Get Him To Notice Her Wondering Why She Suddenly Can T Stop Thinking About Another Guy, Finn And Dealing With Her Parents Make Hannah Feel Like She S Going Crazy Yet She S Determined To Make Things Work Out The Way She Wants Only What She Wants May Not Be What She NeedsOnce Again, Elizabeth Scott Has Created A World So Painfully Funny And A Cast Of Characters So Heartbreakingly Real That You Ll Love Being A Part Of It From Unexpected Start To Triumphant Finish From the beginning, I knew I was going to enjoy Hannah She says words like craptastic and calls people asshats just like me Plus Hannah s family life was so different, you couldn t help but get sucked into it You have a mother who is struggling to stay in the spotlight, and a father who is basically a Hugh Hefner wannabee No wonder the girl doesn t want any attention drawn her way The friendship between her and Teagan is another thing that drew me in I think why I enjoyed it so much is because Hannah and Teagan sound a lot like my friend Shell and me when we have a conversation Teagan even with her own insecurities is just the friend that Hannah needs She shoots it to her straight, keeping her level headed about things.
Now onto the two boys Josh and Finn When a character is stuck in a some what of a love triangle, there is always a guy you are rooting for All Hannah James wants is to be a normal teenager But it s not easy when your father is Jackson James, a sleazy celebrity famous for partying at his mansion with beautiful women, or as he calls them, his special girls scantily clad young women who parade around with little on or sometimes nothing at all Her mom, Candy Madison, a former special girl , makes her living by doing live web chats in her lingerie With eccentric parents like hers, Hannah only wants to fly under the radar at school and avoid the inevitable whispers, insults and stares from the other teenagers She tries to be invisible by dressing in baggy clothes and wearing no makeup Money is tight, so she also works at a call center along with best guy friend Finn and the dreamy Josh Josh is the only person Hannah does want to notice her He s a deep thinker who wr Hannah s parents take embarrassment to a whole new level her aging playboy dad is the star of a reality show and her mom poses as Candy Madison, running a paid website in her negligee Hannah s perfected the art of being invisible, which is a shame when it comes to the object of her longing, a coworker named Josh How can Hannah retain her invisibility and still get Josh to ask her out Is she doomed to be alone forever This is a really sweet, romantic story and I think it might be my favorite of Elizabeth Scott s so far, anyway It s predictable but in a good way It s funny and touching and a great feel good read Full review on my blog Hahahaha Such a good book and i thought that my life was a total fiasco I m conflicted with this story On the one hand, I did truly enjoy it, I read it all in one go turning the pages quickly to find out what happens next On the other handit just seemedsilly Hannah was an irritating protagonist, but I didn t hate her for it I don t know how to explain it, but although there were many times I just wanted to shake some sense into her, and into Elizabeth Scott for writing some of the driveling nonsense, it didn t hinder my enjoyment of the story Not sure if that made sense.
Here s the thing We spend 90% of the book with Hannah continuously repeating herself Especially when it comes to Josh Josh is perfect, kind, sweet, caring If only everyone could be like Josh Oh, she s not good enough for Josh because he s just so sweet and wonderful Look Josh is reading a book, oh he s just so clever

From the beginning you are hooked Just read the jacket blurb Hannah is the daughter of playboyisk father and her mother was one of what you d call one of his girls Doesn t it make you wonder how a child like this would turn out I was intrigued and totally dived in to see what Hannah had to offer.
Hannah does all things possible to deflect any kind of attention, but she would like a certain someone s attention and that someone is Josh Josh is sensitive, smart, caring and extremely cute or is he Hannah is a bit of a loner, because of all the wrong kind of notice she got when she first arrived in Slaterville In a way she has to keep up the image of not having one Ironic but true Through all her conflicting feelings for her father, Josh, and Finn you still ad I guess I ve never been a Scott fan, and this book is another sharp reminder as to why It s similar to Bloom, but just even worse It s a disaster, to be blunt I liked the creativity For a while, anyway That s one thing I have to applaud Scott for she always seems to have an out of the ordinary story up her sleeve But can she really pull it off Not in this case The Playboy parents were interesting at first but later got terribly melodramatic and boring The father was so predictable after a while and too unrealistic for my tastes Everyone always tries to justify his actions, like the mother, for instance, and it gets so tiring Because you can t make an excuse out of this seventy two year old living in his own world and loves you in his own way It s just d

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