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Download Epub Format À First Man In PDF by ç Ant Middleton This book was outstanding I literally could not put it down I was quite intrigued after watching Ant on various TV shows, as to the kind of man he is The thing with TV is, you always wonder what is actually the truth and what s shown for entertainment value So, suffice to say I was hopeful that the book would be as brutally honest, as Ant seems his whole on screen demeanour to be Thankfully, I was not disappointed The book recounts an amazing history of a man who is at peace with himself and who he is He is an extraordinary character who has taken the time to impart some of his wisdom, to people like me, who could use the life lessons that he imparts This book is well written, brutally honest and genuine and I totally devoured it Roll on winter because I can t wait for the next Ant Middleton book Ant makes no apologies for who he is and if you ve seen him on TV, he says often enough that it takes a special kind of person to excel in the SAS The kind of person who is trained to plunge into insane situations and thrive Unfortunately, in Ant s case, he walks that line between good and outright nut so, just erring on the side of good he could easily go either way , but it makes him unlikeable for most readers His persona is much nicer on TV In this book, he refers to himself as god like, on occasion, and goes into detail about how he looks for weaknesses in people and uses them to get what he wants out of them Yeah, not exactly your typical hero mentality, but admittedly, from a psychological point of view, it s a fascinating glimpse at what makes these kind of operatives tick And for me personally, it provides No One Is Born A Leader But Through Sheer Determination And By Confronting Life S Challenges, Ant Middleton Has Come To Know The Meaning Of True Leadership In First Man In, He Shares The Core Lessons He S Learned Over The Course Of His Fascinating, Exhilarating LifeSpecial Forces Training Is No Walk In The Park The Rules Are Strict And They Make Sure You Learn The Hard Way, Pushing You Beyond The Limits Of What Is Physically Possible There Is No Mercy Even When You Are Bleeding And Broken, To Admit Defeat Is FailureTo Survive The Gruelling Selection Process To Become A Member Of The Elite You Need Toughness, Aggression, Meticulous Attention To Detail And Unrelenting Self Discipline, All Traits That Make For The Best LeadersAfter Years Service In The Military, With Years As A Special Boat Service SBS Sniper, Ant Middleton Is The Epitome Of What It Takes To Excel He Served In The SBS, The Naval Wing Of The Special Forces, The Royal Marines And Parachute Squadron Royal, Achieving What Is Known As The Holy Trinity Of The UK S Elite Forces As A Point Man In The SBS, Ant Was Always The First Man Through The Door, The First Man Into The Dark, And The First Man In Harm S WayIn This Fascinating, Exhilarating And Revealing Book, Ant Speaks About The Highs And Gut Wrenching Lows Of His Life From The Thrill Of Passing Special Forces Selection To Dealing With The Early Death Of His Father And Ending Up In Prison On Leaving The Military And Draws Valuable Lessons That We Can All Use In Our Daily Lives If I had to sum up the entire book in one quote, it d be the following People might think I m an arrogant twat, but that doesn t bother me because I ve looked in the mirror and I know that I m not If you think he s right, then this is an interesting book full of life lessons that you can apply every day I don t think he s right.
Really disappointing, l thought this might be a good read unfortunately not An absolutely fantastic read After first seeing Ant on SAS Who Dares Wins, I ve been fascinated by his life I recently saw Ant on his tour and think he s an interesting and endearing speaker This book felt like an extension of that night A great read, filled with real stories that convey important life tips I would highly recommend this book.
What a great insight in to the life of Ant Middleton and how he came to be the man he is, wow what a life he s led By the end of it I wondered if there is anything this man isn t capable of But the purpose of this book was to inspire the reader to take control of their life and harness the lessons we learn and use them in a positive way Initially flicking through the book I wondered what the ending of each chapter entitled Leadership Lessons could really do for me in my normal life with my normal job but actually each chapter had so many examples of ways to change your mindset in your own life and use things like anger and upset to energise you in a positive way There is something we can all learn from this book and I would highly recommend it.

The problem with leadership books based on experiences while kicking in Afghan doors, or smashing up squaddies and getting arrested, or re enacting the mutiny on the bounty is that they re often quite specific to that experience The value gained is applicable in that and similar situations, but it isn t necessarily obvious how to apply this in your regular life.
Honestly, if this hadn t been Ant Middleton s book, I definitely wouldn t have got it It s badly written, using the sort of analogies a child might use but it s definitely an insight into an incredible life and an interesting perspective.
I m not one for leaving reviews for anything, however with this book I just couldn t resist Not only is this book one of those precious few that you can t put down until you ve digested all of its contents, but it s also a book that enables self reflection and self evalutaion, encouraging you to be the best version of you I would recommend this book for anyone, whether you re the most self assured person out there or someone who is lacking self confidence because I garuntee you will learn something from this book.
Well, this book wasn t really my cup of tea Not because of the genre, which I generally find fascinating, but I found it to be a bit tedious I didn t really care about him as a person he seemed a bit of a dick, that wasn t very likeable to be honest and rushed the last few chapter so I could finish the book and return it to the friend I had borrowed it from I very nearly didn t bother and finishing the book did not enrich the experience for me.
Also we don t know how good a leader he really was, as we only have his word for it Yes, he got awarded by the military, yes he was in the 3 elite forces, but what did his men think of him really Maybe they thought he was a twat too Maybe you only get to be in 3 elite forces b

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