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è Just Between Ourselves Ú Download by ↠´ Alan Ayckbourn Dennis Spends His Spare Time Messing About In His Untidy Garage, Indifferent To The Fact That His Wife Is Being Driven To Distraction And Beyond By His Possessive Mother The Hidden Tension And Antagonisms Under An Apparently Normal Surface Build Up To A Climax Of Bizarre Violence And Madness Women, Men I ve liked most of the plays I ve read by Ayckbourn The Norman Conquests is a favorite , but this was very underwhelming I don t think I ever laughed during it because none of the characters were witty, funny, or interesting enough.

The play is set in a garage and garden over four successive birthdays Neil and Pam arrive to buy a car from the technically inept Dennis and his wife Vera, who cares for Dennis s over bearing mother who shares the house with them Over the course of a year, we see the two couples fall apart Neil and Pam s relationship becomes increasingly bitter, not helped by Neil s reliance on emotional and financial advice from the ill equipped Dennis Meanwhile, Vera is driven increasingly desperate by Dennis s lack of attention and the constant jibes of his mother Dennis, far from being evil, has absolutely no comprehension of what his wife is going through and marches cheerfully on oblivious to events around him Vera is eventually driven into a catatonic sta Adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn s celebrated 1977 stage play, a bitter sweet comedy about love, marriages and mothers.
Dennis Stephen CritchlowVera Samantha SpiroMarjorie Auriol SmithNeil Chris PavloPam Alison PettittMusic composed by David Chilton.
Directed by Gordon House.
Just Between Ourselves is the first of what Alan Ayckbourn termed at the time his winter plays three consecutive plays written for the first time during the Scarborough winter.

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è Just Between Ourselves Ú Download by ↠´ Alan Ayckbourn Sir Alan Ayckbourn is a popular and prolific English playwright He has written and produced seventy three full length plays in Scarborough and London and was, between 1972 and 2009, the artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, where all but four of his plays have received their first performance More than 40 have subsequently been produced in the West End, at the Royal Nat