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✓ The Wreck of the Medusa: The Most Famous Sea Disaster of the Nineteenth Century ☆ Download by ✓ Jonathan Miles While I wasn t always crazy about this author s turn of phrase it often felt heavy handed to me I must give him credit for keeping his narrative threads pithy I appreciated that he really kept things moving along, which must have been a challenge considering how many interesting aspects there are to this story Previously my only exposure to this story was from a few slides in a college Art History class, and my knowledge of early 18th c European history is weak The Medusa was THE tabloid scandal of its era, with supercharged social, political and historic ramifications A flashpoint that exposed the incompetence of the old order in a time when France had not yet shrugged off royal rule, it also made the career of a tragic young artist Gericault and became a soapbox for Liberal and Abolitio Having seen this painting in the Louvre, I was interested in the story behind it, the real life shipwreck of the Medusa, on its way from France to Senegal A nice, gruesome story of incompetence, bad behavior, and people in dire straits, but the shipwreck story was only a portion of the book There was a lot on the life of Gericault the painter quite interesting because of his doomed romance and on the life of Correard, one of the famous survivors not as interesting to me because of the boring politics.

A haunting, horrific tale of corruption and selfish ambition that lead to one of the most notorious sea disasters of the 19th century best described by author himself as an avoidable catastrophein which the villains are obvious, heroes are few, and the chroniclers are not altogether to be trusted.
It is also a fascinating blend of the politics, history, and drama indirectly responsible for the shipwreck that gave birth to one of the most famous paintings in history, The Raft of the Medusa by Th odore G ricault, as well as a dawning new era of abolitionism in Europe The only lighthearted note to the story is found in a few brief pages about the British obsession with a tale that so obviously portrayed their recent maritime enemies in a poor light The The Wreck of The Medusa.
If only the author had read a book I recently devoured about the General Slocum Steamboat Disaster by Edward T O Donnell because I feel that this book would have benefitted from a similar style.
The only thing I enjoyed about this book was learning about what had happened on the raft and in the desert, although those chapters were a little confusing to read at times Everything else just seems like a cacophony of random information, poorly put into chapters It would highly of aided from a different editor.
Usually, a painting of a tragic event follows the tragic event It outlines it, makes it into something accessible to the people who were not there But the author of this book seems to think that the painting, or rather the painter, is impo Sul manuale su cui ho studiato Storia dell arte al liceo, scritto da Giulio Carlo Argan, c scritto che L opera pi famosa di G ricault Le radeau de la Meduse, cominciata nel 1818, due anni dopo la tragica vicenda dell ammutinamento, del naufragio, della lunga odissea dei superstiti di una fregata francese al largo della costa africana dunque un quadro di storia contemporanea, costruita su un fatto di cronaca che aveva scosso profondamente l opinione pubblica il pittore si fa interprete del sentimento popolare Argan passa poi ad analizzare il dipinto, cui dedica complessivamente una paginetta Il suo L arte moderna 1770 1970 un manuale che copre due secoli d arte e non pu certo soffermarsi troppo sulle varie opere che analizza, ma quello che scrive non aiuta minimamente a capire cosa sia stato il naufragio della fregata Medusa Per farlo, I would agree with some of the other reviews The story of the raft is engaging, entertaining, and brings up deep issues of man s inhumanity to man The story of the artist is interesting in that like many other talented artists he has deep psychological dysfunction Unfortunately too much time is spent on the artist life and the lives of individuals in post Bonaparte France.
2009 review Well, it took me a while to read this book it was academic than most fun reads Non fiction, about a ship voyage that was led by a captain the French Monarchy had appointed because of his merit, or as a political favor, and not because he was actually qualified at all He ran the ship into shallow water, the rich and choice few took the few amount of life boats available, didn t fill them to capacity and left 200 people on a raft that couldn t stay afloat with hardly any food, water, etc Long story short, there was mutiny and cannibalism on the raft and only 13 survived, most of which died in the hospital or shortly after 2 of the survivors wrote books, with the intention of pointing out how bad the current government was, etc the artist Gericault met with the authors and survivors and painting a famous p For those of you not familiar wuth the event, the 1816 wreck of the Medusa was by far the most infamous shipwreck of the 19th Century The tale of the shipwreck itself is rather lurid An incompetent commander placed in charge of a French warship for reasons of having the right politics, though almost thirty years removed from his last stint in the navy An avoidable grounding due to naviagational error A bungled evacuation of survivors by a command only interested insaving itself The usual horrors of survival on a desert shore and cannibalism at sea An attempt by the government to cover up the true scope of its complicity in those horrors.
It s in that last sentence where this book really takes off The wreck, impor The Wreck Of The Medusa Is A Spellbinding Account Of The Most Famous Shipwreck Before The Titanic, A Tragedy That Riled A Nation And Inspired Th Odore G Ricault S Magnificent Painting The Raft Of The Medusa In June , The Flagship Of A French Expedition To Repossess A Colony In Senegal From The British Set Sail She Never Arrived At Her Destination Her Incompetent Captain Hugo De Chaumareys, Ignoring Telltale Signs Of Shallow Waters, Plowed The Ship Into A Famously Treacherous Sandbar A Privileged Few Claimed The Lifeboats While Men And One Woman Were Herded Aboard A Makeshift Raft And Set Adrift Without A Compass Or Many Provisions, Hit By A Vicious Storm The First Night, And Exposed To Sweltering Heat During The Following Days, The Group Set Upon Each Other Mayhem, Mutiny, And Murder Ensued When Rescue Arrived Thirteen Days Later Only Fifteen Were Alive Meanwhile, Those In The Boats Who Made It To Shore Undertook A Dangerous Two Hundred Mile Slog Through The Desert Among The Handful Of Survivors From The Raft Were Two Men Whose Written Account Of The Fiasco Became A Bestseller That Rocked France S Political Foundations And Provided Graphic Fodder For G Ricault S World Famous Painting The Wreck of the Medusa is a shipwreck story not for the faint of heart A recolonization of Senegal by the French is the expedition s purpose, so the Medusa was not only carrying crew, but colonists as well Her incompetent captain, who won his post because of his continuous loyalty to the French monarchy during Napoleon s reign, grounds his ship in 5 feet of water in rocky shoals off the coast of Africa The decision to abandon ship comes with dire consequences There are not enough boats for everyone on board The new governor of Senegal has one, the captain takes another and the first mate takes another The rest of the crew is loaded onto the last two boats A raft is constructed for the colonists which would be towed to shore by the five boats O

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