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Trailer º In the Vines PDF by ✓ Shannon Kirk This story represents itself as an old New England family gothic, though real old New England families don t have names like Pentecost and Vandonbeer They also tend to resemble inmates of a homeless shelter We have two narrators, Lynette Olivia Vandonbeer known as Liv and Aunty with a Y not an ie and her niece Mary Olivia Pentecost known as Mop I m not making this up Both Liv and Mop speak in a very poetic style, chiefly achieved by using nouns where literate people use verbs Mop seems to have studented that at Princeton So we get such beauties as she squirrelled her eyes at me like I was hallucinating Aunty alighted her green orb eyes on me and didn t blink flopping pink hibiscus stabbed a vapor of high octane sugar up my nostrils I reckon Mop didn t do organic chem at Princeton I don t think octane is a sugar I wish to jackhammer this tar As I tweezered my fingers in my back pocke This story is bananas It s like every Poe story smushed into one And I haven t decided if that s a good thing or a bad thing The timeline is a bit all over the place, present and two weeks ago Mop and two years ago Aunty Liv with many past memories interspersed Surprisingly this works and the story feels cohesive even if it is jumping around The writing is very atmospheric albeit a bit wordy In fact, I think it would have made a great novella or short story as I felt a lot of scenes were too descriptive, the information over abundant Family secrets are revealed and psychopathy shines through in this crazy thriller with a touch of horror.
Family Ties So Strong You Can T Escape Mary Olivia Pentecost, Known As Mop, Was Born Into One Of The Wealthiest Families In The Country And One Of The Most Guarded Now, Two Years After Her Mother S Mysterious Death, Mop Is Seeking Closure On The Disquieting Tragedy By Returning To The New England Seaside Estate Of Her Cloistered Aunty Liv Once Her Closest Relative And ConfidanteBut Behind The Walls Of The Isolated Estate, The Shadows Of The Past Are Darker Than Mop Imagined The Puzzles Of The Family History Are Not To Be Shared, But Unearthed With Each Revelation Comes A New, Foreboding Threat And For Mop, The Grave Suspicion That To Discover Aunty Liv S Secrets Is To Become A Prisoner Of ThemHow Well Do We Know The People We Love How Well Do We Want To Know Them The Answers Are As Twisted As A Tangle Of Vines In This Throat Clutching Novel Of Psychological Suspense The poem at the beginning of the book, penned by Shannon Kirk, is so dark and profound it left me breathless And thenAND THEN I read the first chapter and knew I was a goner The first scene of this story left me horrified for a narrator I had yet to meet There is a woman in black with a nail gun, firing it into the sky and screaming at the woman with the hatchet Seriously, what in the actual helicopter is happening This story is like a ride on a derailed crazy train told from the view of two protagonists, Mop and her Aunty Liv, boomeranging between the past and the present seamlessly Mop has returned home after the tragic death of her mother two years earlier only to find her beloved Aunty Liv is no long If you re craving a super dark and highly compelling read to binge on this summer, look no further because In the Vines has all of that and muchThis was a creepy gothic read that bordered on horror at some points, it sure as hell scared me half to death and you guys know how much I love that This is told alternately from Mop s point of view and her Aunty Liv s and it does jump around time wise, but everything is clearly labeled and easy to follow Mop was a great character, but what does it say about me that I loved the mentally unstable and totally unhinged Aunty so much No need to answer that one Following her down a rabbit hole full of dark secrets and bat shit crazy musings was the most fun I ve had in awhile, Kirk is such an outstanding writer that seeing Aunty s stream of conscio Thanks toPublishing partner I was gifted In the Vines by Shannon Kirk via Netgalley Wow This was such a fun, creepy, crazy read I have a rule A rule that is pretty stupid on my part but still, my rule If I can t read a book within two days, I lose interest Why am I like this No clue, just my thing Well, this gem broke my rule With life, school, recitals, etc my reading time this week was limited So, to my surprise I ended this gem on day 4 I could NOT stop I had to know what was going on Enter Mop, Mary Olivia Pentecost, the daughter of Johanna Vandonbeer Penetecost and niece of Liv Lynette Viola Vandonbeer Three very close women that come from the richest family in New England.
Mop s mother jumped into the ocean behind 4.
5 5 stars I loved this read such a fun page turner with a dark side Find my full review here MehThe writing style and I just didn t get along too well unfortunately.
What I liked The author did a great job with creating a Gothic, dark setting that I could visualize The characters were certainly unique both flawed and memorable.
What I didn t like There was a lot going on here, with all the different characters, past and present, as well as different story lines that didn t seamlessly come together for me It felt like some of the violence, language, and horror throughout was over the top All the scenes with the character labeled companion Was I not supposed to figure out who this was until it was revealed at the very END of the book This book has a lot of fans, so don t let this review throw you off Give it a go maybe you will have better luck than I did.
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2018 is the year for gothic noir suspense In the Vines is a disturbingly creepy story set in New England, with Mary Olivia Pentecost Mop and her Aunt Liv Vandonbeer playing center stage Mary Olivia and her family are one of the most wealthy families in America, dating their genealogical power back to the inception of the United States Mop has a strong and very loving relationship with her family, but her closest relative is her Aunty Liv Liv resides by herself in her own estate, rather than at the Rye estate with Mop, her parents, and her paternal aunt Mop has established a life of her own with her Aunty Liv falling in love with the neighbor s son Manny and basically looking at her aunt as a second mother Aunty Liv is very close with Mop s mother, Johanna, and they have a trifecta of strength together This family is far from perfect, but with wealth comes power The family ties of Holy crap This book is about as odd as they come The story centers around Mary Olivia Pentecost, Mop, to her loved ones and the mysterious death of her mother, Johanna, two years prior What happened that night that her mother threw her burning body to the churning waves below Chapters alternate between Mop and Aunty Liv, past and present, and both are telling us a dark and disturbing story that lead us to this treacherous night The first chapter is perfection In present time Mop is hiding in a burnt out cellar while a hatchet wielding mad woman is screaming and trying to break in If that doesn t hook you then I don t know what will This book has me so torn Some parts were brilliant Other times I found myself confused A lot of this book is really over written with long wordy descriptions I liked it in the beginning but as I

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Trailer º In the Vines PDF by ✓ Shannon Kirk My top 14 books of all time are as follows, in the following order as in, if I was allowed only 14 books to bring to a deserted island where I was marooned for the rest of my life, these are what I would pack 1 Love in the Time of Cholera Gabo 2 Orphan Master s Son Adam Johnson 3 The Mummy Market Nancy Brelis , tragically out of print, which makes ZERO sense because it s a classic4 The Inc