Trailer ¹ If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? PDF by ó Melissa Kantor

Trailer ¹ If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? PDF by ó Melissa Kantor 3.
5 stars This is how you redo Cinderella Lovely.
Review to come.
If I Have a Wicked Stepmother Where s My Prince by Melissa kantor 5 STARSWell if the purpose of this book is to make me feel for Lucy it was successful.
My emotions where all over the place even shed a bunch of tears.
Lucy s father got remarried and they moved from San Francisco to New York to live in her stepmother s house Then her father kept working in San Francisco on a big case for work and flew into New york for weekends.
Lucy s stepmother is busy shopping and cares about redecorating the whole house but not her room Lucy lives in the basement by herself Sleeps on a air mattress has no place to put her clothes, because she was not allowed to move with her furniture just being told we will buy.
six months later she finally gets a bed and then told her friend was comming for a week and will have her bedroom Lucy gets the couch.
Lucy calls her two s Wicked Stepmother Check Evil Stepsisters Check Miserable Life CheckLucy Norton S Life Has All The Makings Of A Cinderella Story Her Dad S Always Away On Business, Leaving Lucy With Her Cruel Stepmother And Bratty Stepsisters She S Burdened With Chores, And Has A Hard Time Fitting In At Her New School So When She Sees Connor Pearson, The Star Player On The Varsity Basketball Team, Lucy Hopes Her Destiny Has Finally Changed With Everything Else Going On In Her Life, Doesn T She At Least Deserve To Get The Handsome Prince Melissa Kantor S Enchanting Novel Proves That Sometimes The Happy Ending Isn T Quite The One You D Expect Lucy S About To Discover The Truth About Finding Her Real Prince Charming And Finding Herself This book was written in a very easy to relate, lighthearted way, highly reminiscent of everyone s favorite The Princess Diaries The metaphors in this were extremely effective, and I m really not one to say that lightly When they were used, they were used in such a way so as not to be distractive, but to genuinely contribute to the writing They don t seem forced in the slightest The characters frustrated me for a while, and I was unable to see where they were coming from particularly the basketball loving, popularity seeking main character , but soon, I did grow to tolerate them, some than others One thing I really loved about this book was that the main romantic interest was not incredibly obvious from the start He was introduced subtly, alth Fairytale retellings are definitely my cup of tea I like having the pleasure of reading a story that takes a popular tale and reinterprets it in a way that s fresh and unique, though it might take cues whether subtle or overt from the original tale in spurts That said, If I have a Wicked Stepmother, Where s My Prince attracted me from the get go, not just for the title, but also the blurb.
Lucy is a young woman who s had to uproot her life in many considerations, so its easy to see why she s a bit bitter about things, and she has a strong, savvy voice to boot For one, while her father s sporadically on leave with work in San Francisco, she has to contend with her strict stepmother as well as her bratty, younger twin stepsisters To make matters complicated, she s not exactly at the top of her social ladder at school, being the new girl Her situation in itself seem Sigh How did this modern Cinderella story go so horribly, horribly wrong At least with the Cinderella Story movie series tiresome as that got there was an attempt to make the Cinderella characters likeable, or at least actually underdogs of some kind Literally the only problem this Cinderella has is that she HAS a stepmother The wicked thing is debatable, at best She does a couple of thoughtless things and she does treat her own daughters a little better, but I wouldn t say she was wicked, nor that this Cinderella bore up under unfair treatment with kindness or even patience She acted like a bratty teenager every time she didn t get her own way And she had FRIENDS At the beginning of the book, she claimed to have nobody, but she gained popularity without even trying so what was up with that I also have a pe I ll start with the things I liked I liked Lucy, for the most part I like the interactions she has at home with her family, and surprisingly they were entertaining than her interactions with her classmates The overall story moved along quickly although I did skim over some , but was fairly predictable.
I m trying to figure out what to say without giving away spoilers I thought it was awkward that Lucy didn t have ANY friends, and then the hottest guy in school likes her and all of the sudden she has a million friends She had been at school long enough you d think she would have made at least one friend I just thought that was kind of odd I didn t really care for the ending I think things were wrapped up too quickly and didn t really make a lot of sense Although I didn t think Connor was the best match for Lucy, he did seem genuinely interested so

Well This book was mediocre in every possible way The plot was pretty boring Like, there aren t really too many events Problems just sort of stew and then abruptly change at the end The only thing that wasn t too exasperating was encounters with her stepmother, but the rest of the book was a total blank I finished it a few days ago, and I m already having trouble coming up with things to say about it Because it was so boring Also, it was pretty unoriginal on the Cinderella front, like sometimes there would be a random line about cleaning or Prince Charming, but it wasn t really an involved metaphor that helped the story along, like in Meg Cabot s Avalon High with King Arthur The characters weren t deep or interesting.
ETA one year later Apparently this book is so boring that I have no memory of actually reading it If you had as Ok two stars why you ask well because the plot wascompletelypredictable and the author doesn t mind using language as an embelishment to even the simpest statments Also there was much making out than I would like, even though nothing worse happened It was enjoyable to read this, unfortunatly after I finished it I thought that there was really not much point to have waded through all of the language and akward make out scenes SPOILERS I knew from the beginning that Sam was a great guy, thoughtful and interesting, and that Connor was a jerk who had nothing but sports and lust on his mind It was all one big waiting period for me to see how soon the thickish herione would come to the same conclusion The step mother was annoyingt than truely wicked and the step sisters wre just typical fluffy headed teenage girls Yes they were fashion concious and rude, but they were hardly evil The This is an average Cinderella story, but it had some problems for me One, either the author has never been out of the Los Angeles area or knows nothing about basketball Lucy, the heroine in the story, has moved from San Francisco to suburban New York and her favorite team is the Lakers Really I maybe could have liked the heroine if I didn t hate the Lakers so much, they are not a Cinderella basketball team Come on, you couldn t use the Golden State Warriors or the Sacramento Kings Anything would have been better Next the author is going to be telling me that she likes Kobe because he is so humble.
Two, depicting underage drinking as normal is not okay with me and there was SO MUCH Sure the wrong guy in the story is the one who got smashed on Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels, but the good guy still drinks wine casually and all the gi

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