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Download Epub Format È First Flight (Dragon School #1) PDF by à Sarah K.L. Wilson Short story packed with action, emotional thrills and highly engaging very relate able everyday struggles with a epic magical twist Dragon is the great equalizer in this society, it does not matter where you came from, rich or poor, as long as you have the heart and the drive you can be a dragon rider You enter for a lifetime commitment and so do the Dragons Amel lost the use of a leg years ago due to a accident and uses a cane to walk Her only dream is to be a dragon rider and no longer be a burden to her family Loved every heart pounding twist and turn in this adventure.
This may be a short novella, but boy is it packed with so much action and suspense Amel has lived a tough life She is not athletic or fast or flexible In fact she can barely walk on two feet without her crutch Ever since she had an accident at a young age, her legs have not been perfect Force to live with a disability, her life is no easy or glamorous but that does not stop her from joining the Dragon School and become a Dragon RiderBut, because of her disability she is underestimated and under appreciated No one believes she will survive the tests and trials in order to become a rider She makes enemies unintentionally with most of her classmates, particularly the girls and guys from the higher class status But she makes a true friend in the academy, one who she never thought will believe in her, much less able to talk to her, Rouclan a purple dragon These dragon It didn t matter if you came from money or not, if you had what it takes in your heart, you could become a Dragon Rider Dragon School was the great equalizer in society, but once you entered you would be part of that community for life, a huge commitment for anyone and sixteen year old Amel was ready, this was her dream, she could help her family financially instead of being a burden All she had to do was prove to both herself and the world she could be as good, if not better than a person who didn t have a disability First she had to believe in herself and her dreams, just like the dragon who chose to open her eyes to the fact there are many types of disabilities in the world, and most are not physical.
L Wilson is THAT book to give any middlegrade reader for the magic of fantasy and Amel Leafbrought is a 16 year old girl with a crippled leg and who comes from a poor family, but all her life she s dreamed of becoming somethingsomeone important No longer wanting to be a finacial burden to her family, and being fed up as only being seen as nothingthan a girl with a disability, Amel makes a life changing decision The grim thought of never even trying brings her to dragon school What is there to lose when she already has no one and no moneySure,she could lose her life , but it d be better to lose her life trying to become something than to waste it by playing safe and always wondering what ifShe had always imagined what becoming a dragon rider and living her days with purpose might be like, but never thought the day could ever come But here she is now, in dragon school, along side her wave of new dragon rider trainees Each one eager to pass every task and be An excellent read My only complaint is that it s too short BUT, there are 20 of them, so plentyto read and plentyaction I love the concept of different types of dragons The character interaction is believable and the development of the hero and her relationship with her dragon is the best part of the story.
Definitely worth checking out if you re looking for a quick read, but reader beware, you will be sucked in If you are looking for your next compelling series that will have you reading late into the night and convincing yourself to start the next book even though it s 2 AM and you should be going to bed, then you have found it.

books with dragons in are one of my biggest weaknesses If a book involves dragons, I m muchlikely to read them Thus, it should be no surprise to find out Sarah K.
L Wilson s Dragon School series caught my attention Sarah K.
L Wilson is an author to have been on my radar for a while, I keep meaning to pick up one of her books, so finding out she released a book about dragons killed two birds with one stone I finally picked up a Sarah K.
L Wilson book and I got my hands on my next dragon read.
I ll be completely honest, though despite my love of all things dragons, I was a bit tentative about this one You see, I m not the biggest lover of short stories This is one of those series where the story is split into parts, each released short story being a part of something much bigger When it comes to my fantasy reads, I much prefer one huge book where I can work my wa A nice short story, a club foot young girl, and a purple dragon How does a shy girl become a dragon rider By developing a better self image, facing her fears Great mid grade adventure.
I know this was meant to be a story and not an entire book, but it was a beautiful opening to the series Very heart felt I can t say I ve read a story like this before.
And I love anything relating to dragon riding school.
Dragon School is a serial published onwhich consists of twenty books They re novellas, each about 100 pages long As is usual with serials, the episode just ends In a series, books might have cliffhangers, but the main arc is complete, and there is a somewhat proper ending With serials, the somewhat proper ending is missing and instead you immediately want to buy the sequel In fact, you do not get the whole story unless you buy the sequel.
First Flight is aimed at teenagers, can definitely be classified as Middle Grade, but can also be enjoyed by adults It offers interesting world building and a protagonist with a disability Amel is a great main character, a sixteen year old girl with a crippled leg, who wants to ride a Join Dragon School Learn To Fly Sixteen Year Old Amel Arrived At Dragon School Just Like Everyone Else With A Dream To Ride Dragons And Join The Dominion Dragon RidersBut Amel Has A Crippled Leg And Dragon School Training Is Grueling Before She Can Even Become An Initiate, She Must Complete Her First Flight On A Dragon Can Amel Survive First Flight And Become A Dragon School Initiate Or Will Her Dreams Dash On The Rocks Below

Sarah K.L. Wilson

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