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[ Read Online The Simple Soul of Susan Ê victorian-romance PDF ] by Noel Branham × Susan Combs Had Long Ago Found The Love Of Her Life The Only Problem Was The Other Party Still Didn T Know He Had Been Found Every Day Susan Saw Calder Hurtz, Her Next Door Neighbor And Childhood Best Friend They Always Enjoyed The Short Drive To School Down The Dusty Streets Of Their Small Texas Town She Was Happy In Those Perfect Moments, For Her Life At Home Was Most Imperfect The Challenging Homestead She Inhabited Was Also The Favorite Subject Of Local GossipBut One Autumn Day She Overhears Calder And Another Boy Having A Conversation This Occasion Of Accidental Audience Sets Susan S Life On An Unforeseen Path In The Seasons To Come, Her Future Will Be Changed By Two Hospitalizations, Two Confessions Of Love, And One Betrayal Compulsively Readable, The Simple Soul of Susan Is An Engaging, Soul Endearing Romance And A Mesmerizing Debut Susan and CalderI already written a review on goodreads.
com It can be found under Candace Peterson I wish to thank Goodreads giveaway and Noel Branham for a complimentary ebook copy in exchange for an honest review The.
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Susan Combs and Calder Hurtz have been best friends since grade school Their families have lived next door to each other since forever Matter a fact, Tia and Jim Hurtz, Calder s parents, adopted Susan as a member of their family Susan takes care of Rick, an uncle she calls Dad, who uses a wheelchair and suffers from dementia Both attending high school, Susan watches Calder date almost every girl in the senior class, while she yearns for a closer relationship with him She loves him One day Susan secretly listens to a conversation between Calder and Jo No, I got it Calder busted outside and ran to the door But Susan was too quick, and for the first time that night she attempted to open the door herself But the handle wouldn t move the door was broken just like the door on her dad s truck Calder came around and opened it from the outside Why is your door broken she asked Because I broke it Susan frowned How did you break Not how Why I broke it so that I could open it for you As many chances as I get The Simple Soul of Susan by Noel Branham I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Susan Combs knows who her soul mate is The only problem is her love might not be reciprocated Susan and Calder have lived next door to each other their whole lives and have quickly become close friends Susan wants to stay home and take care of her father while Calde The author takes readers into the characters worlds From the very first pages of this book, the author immerses the reader in Susan s small, rural town and all of the characters and personality that come along with it Readers are pulled into the story and the setting in so many ways throughout the book that they feel that they are part of Susan s life and her small town world.
The Simple Soul of Susan offers a lot of realism Sometimes when you read a romance novel you find yourself saying, Oh, please like that would really happen in the real world I did not find myself saying that at all with this novel The characters were all very believable, and the characters and their storyline were true to the setting and the tone of the book There was never a point when the characters behaved out of character , or the story was f The Simple Soul of Susan is a novel by Noel Branham This is a really good novel and it is well written It is evenly paced and the characters and setting are very realistic Noel has put a lot of emotion in the book and it comes through very clearly At first, you feel sorry for Susan, but soon come to admire her courage and bravery in facing daily life with spirit and determination to succeed Calder, on the other hand, you feel a little antagonistic towards as it seems he uses his friendship with Susan and others just to please himself He is chivalrous and does help Susan but it seems it is superficial Susan lived next door to Calder all her life They had played together as infants and were best friends She viewed his mother, Tia, as her second Mother since her own had died early on Her own father had left her when she was young and she The only words I can say for Noel Branham s book is that I am feeling all the feels This book will take you to some pretty sad places in life Susan is the outcast in her class at high school Her parents have abandoned her in one way or another and she is being raised by her uncle a man disabled by a very serious accident At this point of her high school career, instead of her uncle taking care of her, she s taking care of him She often gets left out of events among her peers, but when she is included she becomes the brunt of their jokes.
Living next door is Calder Hurtz, a boy Susan has had affection for since she met him in third grade He is the hottest thing on two feet at school and every girl wants to be HIS girl The girls in the class only get close to Susan to get the goods on Calder Susan and Calder have k A very sweet, old fashioned feeling story The Simple Soul of Susan by Noel Branham was an easy and fun read the storytelling was charming and the characters catch your interest right away.
A small Texas town A girl with an old fashioned soul A boy next door her childhood friend who has secretly been the love of her heart for years A hilarious group of ladies in the nursing home A captivating little adventure.
I think what I enjoyed most about this book was the authenticity of it It was written with such a sense of reality, you felt like you were there with Susan Feeling her quiet, hidden hurts Chuckling alongside her over the nursing home ladies gambling tales The Simple Soul of Susan may have leaned toward a narrative writing style but it was still very engaging, and there was a depth to the story.
Contemporary is generally a hit or miss for me Bu When reading the synopsis, you may think this story is a simple friends to lovers romance but The Simple Soul of Susan is than a simple love story This story starts when Susan is a teenager in high school dealing with typical high school drama For Susan though she has an extra caveat to deal with because her best friend is the most popular guy in school that all the girls swoon for Most girls either despise Susan for her closeness to Calder Hurtz or they feign friendship to pump her for information about Calder All the while Calder flits through life flirting with one girl and then the next, never staying in any one relationship for too long.
Susan though was wise to the games people played regarding her and Calder s relationship and she was us What a lovely, quiet read Just the sort that you need when you re sick of murders and thrillers Susan aren t all the best people called that is the simple soul, living next door to an identical house in Texas where her second family live She s grown up alongside the son of that house, Calder who, when the book begins Susan is rather sweet on.
The title is ambiguous Yes, Susan seems to have a simple soul she s kind, honest, frank and rather lonely Without complaint she s been looking after her father or uncle who has on set dementia Yet, underneath Sue has a complexity of feeling She s strong, never feeling sorry for herself her mother died when she was young and her true father left home years ago and is quite able to stand up for her This is a beautiful book about the life of a remarkable young woman in small town Texas The author does such a wonderful job evoking a sense of place the descriptions of the town and its inhabitants make you fully experience her life in Walnut Springs The main characters are people you love and root for, but they have realistic flaws too Their romance has many twists and turns that keep you from guessing what will happen next The minor characters are also well written and add humor and heart to the story Days after reading this book, many of the characters stayed with me, which sent me back to the book for another read I loved the messages of simplicity, faithfulness, and love that permeate this book Noel Branham is an author with a unique voice and lovely outlook on life Highly recommend

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[ Read Online The Simple Soul of Susan Ê victorian-romance PDF ] by Noel Branham × pamyatnik.pro Born and raised in a small Texas town, Noel Branham started her career in digital communications after graduating with a degree in English An award winning communicator, she now writes from her residence in Florida about things closest to the heart home, family, and love.