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Æ The Boys Next Door é Download by ✓ Jennifer Echols Re read Is it cheesy Yes Is the plot occasionally a bit too ridiculous to be fully believable Yes.
Is the main character frustrating Yes But good lord is it an endearing, cute read It s silly It s ridiculous But every time I pick it up, I can t put it down I reread this book in a single sitting and enjoyed every single second.
Side note I ve never read the sequel, but I have the ebook of the bind up, so I might continue on to it That being said, I tend to consider this a standalone So that s how I m going to consider it moving forward Unless, of course, I do actually end up reading the sequel We ll see what I do if that happens IDK I m sleepy and rambling.
Need an adorable book Here you go This novel is sweet, funny and light hearted, which we all know is something we crave for once in a while It s predictable, but mostly because that s the way we want it to end, too The only thing that really made me cringe was the ending, because it s too cheesy, even for me, which is something you won t here me say often However, I still loved reading this novel and I m convinced Jennifer Echols is one of the best cheesy writers out there in a good way I m warning all of you about the cheesiness, but if that s what you need, pick this book up right now and you won t regret it.
Cute, Available, And One Cabin OverLori Lives For Summertime On The Lake She Spends All Season Wakeboarding, Swimming, And Hanging With Her Friends Including The Two Hotties In The House Next Door With The Vader Brothers, Lori S Always Been One Of The Guys But While Lori And The Baby Brother, Adam, Are Inseparable Friends, She Can T Deny A Secret Crush On Sean, The Older Vader Boy This Year Sean S Been Paying Lori A Lot Of Attention, And Not In A Brotherly WayBut Just As Lori Decides To Prove To Sean She S Girlfriend Material, She Realizes That Her Role As Girlfriend To Adam May Be Even Important And By Trying So Hard For The Perfect Summer Romance, She Could Be Going Way Overboard 3 cute starsIt was cute I liked Adam a lot And Lori is a tipical sixteen teenager I liked the lake background ROMANCE OR WHAT This may be my favorite Jennifer Echol s book If you think this is going to be just another typical summer romance, think again I was swept away into Lori s world from the beginning Lori lives next door to the Vader brothers She s always wanted nothing than to be just one of the guys she dresses the part, acts the part But this summer being just one of the guys is the last thing on Lori s mind She is head over hills in love with the boy next door one of them at least.
I have to admit, just like Lori, I fell completely in love with the Vader brothers I was especially drawn to her friendship with Adam He agrees to help Lori win his brother Sean s heart She is willing to do anything, well ALMOST anything, even if that means losing her own heart in the process.
I truly adored the characters and their dialogue yes, many opportunities to l I bought this book based upon an older review of Steph s and that one of my podcast listeners had recommended Echols as someone to check out I ll admit right here that I am a bit of a softie when it comes to romantic comedy storylines that don t insult the intelligence This is one of those and now I have to figure out where to get Echols is the YA equivalent of crack except without all the obvious pitfalls.
I loved the protagonist s voice, Lori is the inner dialogue that runs through every female s brain in their teen years Not only that but she d got some moxie, a healthy sense of humour and a love of Laguna Beach it s so bad it s good I loved Lori, loved the use of pop culture mentions in a sparing way I loved the brothers and the description of how they interact with one another, so much like many of the boys I grew up with I loved Adam he s the kind Okay so when Lori wanted Sean that was understandable in the beginning, although it got pretty stupid when Sean was smacking lips with Adams girlfriend by this time I knew Sean never liked Lori As I read the story I thought Well maybe it ll get better I was wrong at least in my perspective.
anyways there was some good things I read such as the fact I thought it was cute how she wanted show her crush she was not just like the other guys and that she wanted to be treated and seen as a girl Lori s personality annoyed me so much that I just wanted to strangle her or slap her until she was thinking clearly I found it very rude that she always thought about Sean when serious kissing or gripping was going on and I know that they were fake dating, also another stupid idea from her stupid small peanut brain, But she was t This book is a great example of how a book with simple writing can still be extraordinary You don t always need complicated storylines, strange character names, fantasy elements and insta love, to write a great book Don t get me wrong, this definitely was not a masterpiece in any way, but every single character seemed real and had it s own voice and story Both Lori and Adam felt like real teenagers, acted like them, talked like them and most importantly thought like them There were several situations in the story when I was just shaking my head at their clueless nes is that even a word , but was grinning at the same time because it was such a teenage thing to do I remember being fifteen and having this massive crush on a boy, but I was convinced he didn t not

I don t know if it s just me, but periodically throughout the book, I had trouble understanding many of the sentences and was confused about why they were there what purpose they served within the context surrounding them Also, I felt like the ADHD ADD was sort of just thrown in there just to make a point just to be there.
And why exactly was Lori sooo self bashing and dumb Why would she think she wanted to be with Sean who is a jerk When I decided to read this book for whatever reason, I didn t realize I d be in for a disgusting scene I didn t want to read about my very worst fears in this book that s supposed to be light and happy She had like blood everywhere and underwater it makes me shiver Don t like that much Well, I also felt like the confusion between Sean and 3.
5 StarsThe Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols has TWO of my favorite plot devices Two 1 Love for the boy next door, which is one of my biggest weaknesses The heartbreaking, sweet idea of seeing someone everyday that you have the biggest crush on just makes my heart ache with love and anticipation Plus if you haven t guessed already once upon a time, the boy next door stole my heart D2 The pretending you are a couple scheme The shenanigans and aching hearts that go along with this ruse always make be giggle and swoon I had fun with this book for those two reasons, but it had a few hiccups here and there For one, I felt the scheming went one step too far causing me to roll my eyes a bit at our heroine Adam was the heart of this love story for me His feelings and attitude for his brother, himself, friends, and Lori w

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Æ The Boys Next Door é Download by ✓ Jennifer Echols Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama a setting that has inspired many of her books She has written nine romantic novels for young adults, including the comedy MAJOR CRUSH, which won the National Readers Choice Award, and the drama GOING TOO FAR, which was a finalist in the RITA, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Book Buyer s