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µ Read ↠´ Dragonvine (How to Train Your Dragon Graphic Novels, #2) by Dean DeBlois ☆ This was rather boring I like the movies and cartoon series better i enjoyed the story, continuing from Movie 2 end Book 1 serpent s Heir i depicting drago s aftermath, ii Hiccup s start as Chief , and iii Berk trying to accept many as Chief Hiccup is travelling than Stoick did maybe cuz of their age or phase in life The 1 star, is because of the change in art I wouldn t mind the artist change if Hiccup wasn t so inconsistenetly drawn by the 2nd artist It diddn t happen all the time, but it was very noticable.
None of the charactesr seemed to have the issue aside from astrid on teh last page Maybe it was hiccup s hairdo or the 2nd artist elongated his face at times the worse was that it was sporadic in teh changes The last 3 pages were the worse though Still 4 stars cuz me and my nephew like the world and this story was good Was Eret This Second Standalone Graphic Novel Based On The Film Series Is A New Adventure That Takes Place Shortly After The Events In How To Train Your Dragon , During The Period In Which Hiccup Is Desperately Trying To Fill His Father S Role As The Chief Of Berk Created With The Help Of The Film S Writer, Director, And Producer, Dean DeBlois, It Bridges The Gap Between The Second And Third FilmsHiccup, Toothless, And The Rest Of The Dragon Riders Encounter Two Deadly Yet Mysteriously Linked Threats One Is An Island Consumed By Dragonvine, An Uncontrollable Force Of Nature That S Poisonous To Humans And Deadly To Dragons The Other Is An All New, All Terrifying Dragon Species The Web Spitting Silkspanners Hello there In preparation for this week s upcoming How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World, I picked up a copy of this comic and gave it a read And here s my review After Star Wars, How To Train Your Dragon is my favorite franchise I love the setting and its characters, and I listen to the soundtracks all the time And the third and final How To Train Your Dragon film is one of my most anticipated movies in years if not ever Another tie in comic called The Serpent s Heir came out before this one, and I really enjoyed it It told a good story, stayed true to the characters, and had really nice artwork This one, unfortunately, was not quote as good THE STORY Taking place adter How To Train Your Dragon 2 and The Serpent s Heir, the first part of this comic is actually the Burning Midnight story that came out on free comic day a coup The art in this one was far inferior to that of The Serpent s Heir the fandom response was absolutely hilarious but I appreciate the attempt at diversity by the introduction of African characters Plus DeBlois did name the dragonvine after Berk s Grapevine, the fansite So that was a fun nod to the fans and that will always be appreciated I also appreciate the opening section of the comic, where we get a loving tribute to Stoick and a clear and touching christening of Astrid as someone Stoick considers his daughter.
As far as the plot goes, this book was great Stoick was mentioned, the Dragon Riders encountered a deadly weed dragonvine and also discovered a new species of dragons called of the Silkspanners Personally, I really enjoyed the amount of time the characters talked about Stoick because I really miss his character.
The artwork of the book was frustrating though One person drew up the first 17 pages while a different person illustrated the other 70ish pages I found the art to be weird since the difference is really noticeable but didn t know there were 2 artists until I flipped to the front cover Ignoring this though, this continuation of the Dragon Riders stories is worth a read I didn t like this one as much as The Serpent s Heir, and I think most of that came down to the switch in illustrator, because I didn t enjoy the style of the second illustrator as much as the first.
and it s the second style that makes up the bulk of the graphic novel.
Again, a fun story that feels reminiscent of the show, but didn t quuuite pack the same punch.
Good in between story until HTTYD 3 comes out Only complaint they change artists after page 16, and I m not as big a fan of the drawing style from page 17 onward, but I can live with it.

While I did loveDragonvine,as it reminded me of an episode of Race to the Edge, it didn t feel as coherent as its companion,The Serpent s HeirDon t misunderstand me It was an engaging, fun story there just seemed to be something missing The art also changed a fourth of the way into the comic, and the second artist just didn t capture Hiccup and Toothless and the rest of the gang in the same manner as the first artist There were a few things mentioned in the comic that I was unclear about, mainly one or two characters I had never heard mention of before but who seemed to be important people to the dragon riders and to Berk Everything considered, however, it was a wonderful addition to theHow to Train Your Dragonfranchise I can t wait to see what they come up with next Actual rating 2.
5 stars Just like the previous one, I feel like this is just an episode of the show It s not as good as I was hoping for since this is supposed to be bridging the gap between the 2nd and 3rd movie In fact, I thought the first graphic novel was actually better The story begins in medias res and doesn t really explain much There s a new gadget that comes out of nowhere and the gang meets what appears to be an African tribe I m all for it, but the reader isn t given any explanation for how an African tribe wound up in Scandinavia besides villain from the second movie I haven t seen the last season of the show so I don t know if any of this is referenced there, but the description lists this as a standalone so I shouldn t need to ha

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