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5 StarsImbolo Mbue s debut novel, Behold the Dreamers takes a look at the immigrant dream of life in the United States, with promises of bigger, better than wherever you came from Undoubtedly, there can be truth to that, but what happens to that dream when it seems elusive, out of reach or comes undone I was hooked right from the start by the story of Jende Jongo, formerly of Limbe, Cameroon, finding a dream job as a chauffeur for an executive at Lehman Brothers, in the year 2007 He s been driving a cab in NYC, but better pay and a better car to drive are not the only thing that makes this job such a break, by driving a Lehman Brothers executive Jende feels he has achieved a point of pride in his work There s humor in Mbue s writing about the everyday life in America, the thought process of the shopping experience in Different things are important to different people Behold the Dreamers captured me from the very first chapter I was actually planning on picking this up closer to its release date, but decided at the last minute to just read a line or two to see if it would work in my favor or not And wow, did it impress for the first half.
This tells the tale of a family of three living in Harlem, New York Jende Jonga, a Cameroonian immigrant, has come to the United States to provide a better life for himself, his wife, Neni, and their six year old sonAs often as she could, she sat in the library to do her homework, or went to office hours to hound professors for advice on what she needed to do to get better grades so she could get into a great pharmacy school She was going to make herself proud, make Jende proud of his wife, make Liomi proud of his mother She d waited Jende Jonga, A Cameroonian Immigrant Living In Harlem, Has Come To The United States To Provide A Better Life For Himself, His Wife, Neni, And Their Six Year Old Son In The Fall Of , Jende Can Hardly Believe His Luck When He Lands A Job As A Chauffeur For Clark Edwards, A Senior Executive At Lehman Brothers Clark Demands Punctuality, Discretion, And Loyalty And Jende Is Eager To Please Clark S Wife, Cindy, Even Offers Neni Temporary Work At The Edwardses Summer Home In The Hamptons With These Opportunities, Jende And Neni Can At Last Gain A Foothold In America And Imagine A Brighter FutureHowever, The World Of Great Power And Privilege Conceals Troubling Secrets, And Soon Jende And Neni Notice Cracks In Their Employers Fa AdesWhen The Financial World Is Rocked By The Collapse Of Lehman Brothers, The Jongas Are Desperate To Keep Jende S Job Even As Their Marriage Threatens To Fall Apart As All Four Lives Are Dramatically Upended, Jende And Neni Are Forced To Make An Impossible Choice Although the novel takes place in 2008 , even now eight years since then , this is an extremely relevant story given this current political discourse on the immigration issue Jende Jonga in efforts to get his green card explains to Clark Edwards, in his interview for a job as chauffeur why he wants to be in America Everyone wants to come to America, sir Everyone To be in this country, sir To live in this country Ah It s the greatest thing in the world, Mr.
EdwardsBecause because in my country, sir, Jende said for you to become somebody, you have to be born somebody first You do not come from a family with a name, forget it That is just how it is, sir Someone like me, what can I ever become in a country like Cameroon I came from nothing No name No money, my father is a poor man Cameroon has nothing This dr 3.
5 I went back and forth, trying to decide whether or not I liked any of these characters, except form the young children of course who were victims of circumstances they could not control Was pretty sure I liked Jende for most of the book until he did something I abhorred Nein too does something, out of desperation, but I did not much like her for it The Edwards, Cindy and Clark were pretty much representative of the privileged culture, or at least how they are usually portrayed I did eventually sympathize with them all for various reasons and in the end that didn t matter to me so much as the story If it shows nothing else it definitely showed the disconnect between immigrants, the privileged and even those who were born here So a worthy and timely read, especially here in the USA where one of our Sometimes, a novel arrives at just the right moment.
Here we are in a crater of xenophobia One of our presidential candidates is foaming at the mouth about extreme vetting for immigrants But then along comes Behold the Dreamers, a debut novel by a young woman from Cameroon that illuminates the immigrant experience in America with the tenderhearted wisdom so lacking in our political discourse While another author might have played that imperative title sarcastically, for Imbolo Mbue, Behold the Dreamers is a kind of angelic annunciation of hope, which ultimately makes her story even poignant.
After a childhood of extreme poverty, Mbue came to this country in 1998 recent enough to retain the optimism of an immigrant but long enough to understand our national schizophrenia about foreigners He 3 stars There were many things I liked about Behold the Dreamer, but in significant ways it ended up feeling like a missed opportunity Imbolo Mbue tells the story of married couple Jende and Nemi, who have moved from Cameroon to New York City to pursue their dream of a better life in America The story is told from their alternating points of view Jende works as a chauffeur for a high finance guy who works on Wall Street in 2008 at the time of the financial collapse, and Nemi works odd jobs and goes to college hoping ultimately to become a pharmacist The set up is really good, and Jende and Nemi are strong multi dimmensional characters Mbue conveys a strong sense of the Cameroon they left, what led them to leave their home, their continuous financial struggle to live in New York and the precariousness of their attempt to gain legal status i Thank you to my friend Lisi who gave me a dozen books that she herself hadn t read but were on my TBR list on Goodreads The books came with red dots on the binding She only wants the red dots book back if I m sure she will love it YES, LISI you ll love this book.
I ve read other books about The Lehman Brothers and the global financial crisis and lived through it I ve read many fiction stories about immigration.
but this was the first book where I ve read a novel of the two topics combined The brilliant combo opened my awareness into corners of our country and deeper insights into the immigrant experience than most all other books I ve read on immigration Imbolo Mbue wrote an outstanding novel a strong 5 stars for me Oprah pick or not but I can sure understand the choice The book reveals the realities of the American Dream and

You think I don t want to remain in America, too You think I came to America so that I can leave I work as a servant to people, driving them all over, the whole day, sometimes the whole week, answering yes sir, yes madam, bowing down even to a little child For what, Neni What pride are you talking about I lower myself than many men would ever lower themselves What do you think I do it for For you, for me Because I want us to say in America But if America says they don t want us in their country, you think I m going to keep on begging them for the rest of my life Never Not for one dayImbolo Mbue s Behold the Dreamers had its highs and lows I d like to first say that I love that Mbue is a native of Limbe, Cameroon Rather than telling a story from hearsay an This novel resonates with contemporary social and political issues dominating in the US, Europe and Australia, where there is a growing and visceral tide of hatred and rage against immigrants Imbolo Mbue has written an illuminating book on the immigrant experience amidst the hollowness of the American dream set in New York The story is told from the perspectives of Jende Jongo, and his wife, Nemi, who are from Cameroon dreaming of a better future in their new home They have a son, Liomi, for whom they have high hopes The stage is set for an exploration of their precarious lives buffeted by economic and social forces beyond their control as the 2008 financial collapse is described in terms of its human cost.
Jende is working as a cabbie when he lands the dream job of chauffeur to Lehman s executive, Clark Edward, who demands

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↠´ Behold the Dreamers ¿ Download by ↠´ Imbolo Mbue Imbolo Mbue is a native of Limbe, Cameroon She holds a B.S from Rutgers University and an M.A from Columbia University A resident of the United States for over a decade, she lives in New York City BEHOLD THE DREAMERS is her first novel.