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[ Pdf Creature of the Night ï st-petersburg PDF ] by Kate Thompson ¾ Review Creature of the Night by Kate ThompsonThis book was a quick read actually 260 pages but it took weeks and for me to finish it It is not suitable for young reader as state at the back cover and surely I would definitely not recommend it to any earliest teen s age to read it I doesnt like the main character here because i felt like i spend too much time focusing Bobby s bad habit He is very jerks 14 years old who step into social life drugs,drinking, robbering, hits his mother, running with bad gangs and has a foul mouth He struggles to survive in Dublin which is he dont want any changes of his life and his mother decide to move the family at the country and wanted to escape her own debt A young single mom,aged 28 and not matured enough to handle two kids and doesnt have any parenting skills Thats why h This is probably the only book I ve ever really fully disliked In my opinion, it s the worst book I ve ever read I read it as part of a school reading challenge and it annoyed the crap out of me The main protagonist was an absolute pain Maybe it s just that he s so opposite to me that I couldn t understand or sympathise with him Also, the book didn t really have anything to do with the Creature of the Night from the title I think it was mentioned about three times, if that, and it was certainly nothing to do with the main plot Basically, the boy and his mum move to the country and the boy s pissed off because he can t steal things or hang out with his friends, so he runs back to Dublin about four times, filling up most of the book, and realises at the end of it that his house has s Icould Hear Dennis Talking To My Ma She Was Little, He Said Little Like Me But Old Older Than YouThose Words Gave Me A Cold Shock I Could See Dennis Imagining Fairies, But Old Ones When Bobby S Mother Moves The Family Into A Rented House In The Country, A Neighbour Tells Him That A Child Was Once Murdered There Bobby Doesn T Care All He Wants Is To Get Back To Dublin And To Resume His Wild Life There, Stealing From The Crowded Shopping Streets And Racing Stolen Cars At Night But Getting His Old Life Back Doesn T Turn Out To Be So Easy, And The Longer He Spends In The Old Cottage, The Convinced He Becomes That Something Very Strange Is Going On There Was There Really A Murder And If So, Was It The One He Has Been Told About I remember reading this years ago and being terrified.
This book has almost nothing to do with the Creature of the Night, It is about a 14 year old brat trying to adjust to a new home I was not happy with this book because when I picked it up and read the description I was expecting a book about some fantasy creature not some book about a kid trying to adapt to a new life.
This book uses a ton of profanity because the main character of the book is a thief, a liar, a smoker, a drinker, and a rude little brat keep in mind he is only 14 Warning, some part of this book I would consider to be vulgar I would not recommend this book to kids, because I feel like it encourages bad behavior It is possible that I would of enjoyed this book a little bit if the description actually described what the book was about, because I was very disappointed that th If you come to this from The New Policemanyou may be surprised and may not appreciate just what Kate Thompson has accomplished in this coming of age novel which goes back and forth between the Dublin streets and the countryside his mother thought would be a safe haven but has violence of its own Although I have heard people say the realism and the fantasy don t mesh well, I think that might be an American reading I wonder if Thompson s Irish readers are closer to a folkloric tradition, likely to accept the changeling possibility This would be a spectacular teen book discussion title just who is the Creature of the Night And how can you come to care so much for a narrator who is so wrong headed for so much of the story read it as teen grit, not as fantasy or horror.
This Book Was BORING.
I m sorry, but when I read the inside cover, I thought it would be loads of a creep fest, with spooky things going on and lots of murder, disappearances, and mystery No.
This book is very misleading it is NOT what the inside cover tells you it is about It is about Bobby coming fro a messed up background and learning to be a farming and occasionally putting milk and chocolate out for the little woman who may or may not be a fairy.
The book is quite resistant to explaining things.
So if you re looking for a cutsie little coming of age story with some sort of modern reality when there is little resolution, then go right ahead.
If you are looking for the eerie novel the inside cover suggests, try Long LankinorTen.
I liked how the story was told by Bobby It made you realize that even though he was in trouble a lot he still had fears and feelings like everyone else His mom made them move to the country to try to keep him out of trouble, but I didn t think she was a very good mom When they moved to the country he did move next to some cool neighbors I liked this book because it was easy to read and was very interesting All the people in the book seemed very real and could remind you of people you know in real life.

I hate to say it, but I really did not like this book at all I think I have a high tolerance for foul language and misguided actions I work in a high school and hear it all of the time , but it was just so excessive in this book Bobby is 14 years old He drives, steals, lies at one point, saying his mother has cancer , smokes, drinks, and swears constantly Almost every page has the word fuck, bastard, piss, or kill He has a terrible mother, and they are very abusive toward each other He calls her a fucking bitch and a lazy cow and she calls him a little shit The fact that the author turns his behavior around in the last ten pages doesn t make this okay to me, as a reader I didn t find the mystery to be very developed or believable, and I thought his bad behavior overshadowed that aspect of the plot I I m surprised that I liked this book as much as I did From the plot description, I thought I was getting a dark urban fantasy I ended up getting much of a gritty urban contemporary The former is right up my alley, the latter is not And yet, I was fairly glued to it All credit goes to Kate Thompson for that The story is far, far about Bobby s shift from a thoughtless thug to well, not exactly sure what Something , at least The epilogue was a little too brief for me I would have preferred to see a bit about who exactly Bobby became, and how There is a mystery, possibly involving a changeling, but it s very much on the back burner The winning thing about this story is Bobby s voice Here is where Thompson really nailed it It s very, very real, and his gradual change is very believable Would ve liked to see of t

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[ Pdf Creature of the Night ï st-petersburg PDF ] by Kate Thompson ¾ pamyatnik.pro Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Kate Thompson is an award winning writer for children and adults.She has lived in Ireland, where many of her books are set, since 1981 She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E P Thompson and Dorothy Towers She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the