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[ Pdf Ecstasy Claimed Ü wicca PDF ] by Setta Jay è FOUR AND A HALF STARS Here s a question that all future readers should ask themselves before starting this book Q Is my body ready for this Correct answer Penny s answer So you think I would have been smart enough to prepare myself after reading the first installment Clearly, I am not smart enough for this And I completely underestimated Setta Jay s sex writing powahs Ooh, that lady is sliiick Not to mention, I m hella convinced that she wrote this book for me since it had all the ingredients of win for me Possessive Alpha that gets owned by his goody two shoes mate Good girl gone wild Two mcs that talk things out well, when their bodies aren t doing the talking wink wink Feelings of rejection or inadequacy my runner up fav to unrequited love and loneliness Beast Alpha and Petite Belle Dirty talk and kinks Female mc who doesn t l Newly Re Visited EditionAs A Powerful Guardian, Gregoire Has Spent Centuries Fighting For The Safety And Security Of All The Realms His Existence Was One Long Bloody Battle Until His Mate Was Born For Over Two Decades Since Her Birth, He S Watched Over Her, Protecting His Innocent Mate From The Dangers Of His World Ensuring She Has Time To Grow Before He Claims Her Alyssa Has Done Everything Her Family Has Expected Of Her, Until The Day She Learns She Has A Mate A Mate Who Kept Their Bond A Secret Having Always Been Treated As Weak And Inferior By Her Own Kind, She Feels The Full Brunt Of His Rejection Angry And Hurt At Being Left In The Dark, Innocent And Unclaimed, She Decides It S Time To Assert Her Independence Can Alyssa Maintain Her Sense Of Self While Surrendering To Gregoire S Savage Passion Or Will His Enemies Intervene And Destroy Their Chance At An Eternal Bond Warning Dirty Talking, Possessive Alpha Male Scenes Of Sexual Exhibition An Instance Of F F Spankings And 4 Holy Mother of Dirty Talk stars It was your beautiful green eyes I saw every fucking time in the last five years You were a hunger that ate at my gut every fucking day Now that I have you, it s even intense It s not enough to have you My beast wants the world to know you re mine It s making me obsessed with showing the world you re mine.
Do you like crazy hot PNR books I m talking CRAZY HOT Several panty changes during the book hot Leave you screaming Hot Well, my friends, then you need to introduce yourselves to the deliciously kinky world of The Guadians of The Realms Setta Jay does a great job with retelling details from the past book without sounding redundant, so you can easily read this as a standalone However, I would highly recommend reading the series in order since many char Spoiler alert This review is a big pile of spoilers I have so many problems with the main couple here, I don t know where to start Our main humping joe ,Gregoire, is the forerunner of abusive jerks He has known that Alyssa ,main kiddo, is his mate since she was a baby He waits till she grows up and then gives her an extra 5 years after her coming of age Do they tell her that her mate is known but he wishes her to experience life before the mating Of course they don t Instead they make her go to the gatherings to find mates every year and make sure that she lives a secluded life and stay pure.
Meanwhile humping joe is having fuckfests Even a menage a trois with his closest brother and his mate in their mating ceremony which is known by everyone to the maids, knowing that he ll claim the kiddo soon and she ll have to see the w Aw man, I m a bit disappointed with this one I fell in love with Gregoire in the first book, I thought he would be really cool and fun and all but then he got all overly possessive with his chick He didn t like her even hugging her friend It got annoying and old real fast Sigh But I have high hopes for the second one, I love Rain.
Gregoire and Alyssa He is a dirty talking Guardian who has been lucky enough to find his mate early on He has kept her sheltered and safe, hidden away until she becomes of age She has just discovered that she has a mate only he has been busy guarding the Realms and doing whoever he pleases as she has been kept in the dark An impulsive visit to the island of pleasure should help her get what she wants Oh, it most definitely will guys Funny and sexy with a side of comeuppance Loved it Click here for Series Review books 1 5Follow us onKT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest Alyssa is tired of living under the hard hand of her parents and their overprotective ways Also, being a mate to a man who hasn t claimed her as really killed her self esteem She needs to reenergize, to take her life into her own hands, so she plans a trip with her friend Rain, to a place where she plans to lose her virginity.
Gregoire has waited many years to claim is mate It s not because he hasn t craved her or wanted to take her, it s because of his respect for his old friend, her father But when his father calls for him, because Alyssa is missing, he comes to the rescue He s pissed off to learn that she has taken a vacation with her friend, to an island known for sexual romps and he realizes that the time has come for him to claim her.
Erik is having a difficult time dealing with the rape of his mate

5 Fantastic STARS Mates Each Immortal has a rare and destined mate, their powers meld and they become stronger pairs that are able to procreate, usually after a decade After reading Ecstasy Claimed, it appears that I have discovered another PRN Series that I am dying to swallow up The characters are magically enhanced with super powers, they are passionate about their mates, they are loyal to their friends, and they have one goal and that is to protect themselves and the human realm from evil.
Alyssa is a sheltered Immortal who has been kept hidden and safely secured from the world by her doting parents She has one best friend who keeps her grounded and entertained When Alyssa discovers that she has a mate who has not clai 4 possessive stars I felt peace for the first time From you You, love.
Alyssa has had enough of letting her parents, her responsibilities and her insecurities get in her way Deciding for once in her life to take matters into her own hands, she takes a much needed trip away with her best friend and give away the one thing she despises her virginity She is a mate of a Guardian, a man who decided she was too weak to claim and not worthy of her place by his side or at least that is what she made herself believe.
Help me to not hate you for thisGregoire has waited long enough, if it wasn t for the respect he had for his mate s father, it would not have taken him five years to claim what it his Yes, he found her too young, but never did he think of her as w

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