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[ Read Online The Nature of Jade å chick-lit PDF ] by Deb Caletti ¾ I finished reading The Nature of Jade, by Deb Caletti, a couple of days ago I felt a real sense of mourning when it finally finished Not because it was a sad book, but because I hated to end such a satisfying and well written one I would follow these characters forever Jade is a sixteen year old living in Seattle Senior year is approaching and all of her friends and even her family are going through major changes and growing pains Jade herself has anxiety, panic attacks The only thing that helps calm her down is lighting her saint candles and watching the online elephant cam from the nearby zoo When Jade sees a mysterious boy with a baby who keeps reappearing by the elephants, she becomes interested in him How can someone you have only seen seem so right Is that love at first sight As the year progresse This is by far one of the best books I have read I would venture to say that it is now my favorite book I couldn t put the thing down and was completely engrossed in the characters and their lives I couldn t get enough of Jade, her brother Oliver, Sebastian and little Bo I read another review where someone said that they could read about these characters forever and I have to agree with that I also really enjoyed the story with the Elephants that Jade worked with I learned a lot about elephants that I never knew before and that made this a worthwhile read also It made me want to go out and buy The Fundamentals of Animal Behavior with all the little facts at the beginning of each chapter I would love to see a sequel to this because the story was left open enough for that If she never writes that sequel I guess I ll just have to believe that everything did work o

I enjoyed my second Deb Caletti book much than the previous one I read of hers Honey, Baby, Sweetheart but I still have conflicted feelingsCaletti writes beautiful prose, with sentiments about the finer details of life that make you pause and contemplate It s a fantastic skill for a writer to have b c it lets the reader get right inside the characters head and connectMaybe it s the faux fire and the rain and the sinking couch, I don t know Or maybe it s his soft clothes and warm eyes, but I m just comfortable there with Sebastian Some guys give you the edgy feeling of dogs behind chain link fences, and some give you the nervouseness of heels you re not used to But Sebastian he makes me feel like I just buried my nose in warm laundry It gives me a casual bravery not how I d be with anyone at school With Sebastian, I am new The thing is, despite gorgeous thoughtful prose At the end of most audiobooks, the narrator says, We hope you have enjoyed our production of Blahblahblah When it came to it on this one, I said out loud, Um, I didn t really There was nothing wrong on the audio side of things and I actually thought the writing was great at points, but I just couldn t handle the story It felt like I tied anchors to my ankles and then had to drag them along with me while I was listening Nothing was happening for a large part of the book and when drama actually happened in the last third or so, everyone was being idiotic Deb Caletti lives two towns over from me and I certainly hope she won t be coming after me in the night after this review Like I said, I did enjoy her writing though some other reviewers s See of my reviews on The YA Kitten This is a very angry, spoiler filled review rant session If you don t want me spoiling the book s Big Twist for you, please leave now.
Okay, this is less of a review and of a spoiler filled bitch session God, everything was going so well and then we got to the twist That literally bad enough to ruin an entire book twist You re not going to suspect what s wrong with The Nature of Jade when you start reading Jade is just living her life with her panic disorder, questioning her future now that she s eighteen and getting close to the end of high school, It s all the same uncertainty you deal with at that time in your life She s also got her family s messes to deal with, like her dad s obsession with making her brother play ALL THE SPORTS and some concerning behavior her mom is sh sweet story i always appreciate a main character with anxiety and or a panic disorder since i suffer from those as well I really, really loved this The way Deb Caletti portrays anxiety and Jade s situation was so great, I had very few issues with it At times it was genuinely comforting to read The elephant element within The Nature of Jade filled my heart with warmth The way the elephants connection to humans was describe was gorgeous I though Jade and Sebastian s relationship was lovely and it was so interesting to see how Sebastian s situation was dealt with, although I would have liked to have seen from Bo he s such a cutie Jades character development was everything I could have hoped for and the messages within that really stood out to me It was so nice to read from the point of view of a character suffering with anxiety, who s anxiety didn t magically vanish over night I also adored the way Sebastian dealt with the k This is one of my absolute favorite books It s so powerful Jade voice SHINES Her story is so capturing and heart warming you will be thinking about the book days after you re done Jade is very real and 3D The plot is an issue all around the world but it s not very used in books however Caletti captures it PERFECTLY If you haven t read this book please tell me what kind of cave you have been living in because you have been MISSING OUT thank youcome again.
I Am Not My Illness Girl With Anxiety, Trauma Of The Week No I Hate Stuff Like That Everyone, Everyone Has Their Issue But The One Thing My Illness Did Make Me Realise Is How Necessary It Is To Ignore The Dangers Of Living In Order To Live And How Much Trouble You Can Get Into If You Can TJade DeLuna Is Too Young To Die She Knows This, And Yet She Can T Quite Believe It, Especially When The Terrifying Thoughts, Loss Of Breath, And Dizzy Feelings Come Since Being Diagnosed With Panic Disorder, She S Trying Her Best To Stay Calm, And Visiting The Elephants At The Nearby Zoo Seems To Help That S Why Jade Keeps The Live Zoo Webcam On In Her Room, And That S Where She First Sees The Boy In The Red Jacket A Boy Who Stops To Watch The Elephants A Boy Carrying A BabyHis Name Is Sebastian, And He Is Raising His Son Alone Jade Is Drawn Into Sebastian S Cozy Life With His Son And His Activist Grandmother On Their Seattle Houseboat, And Before She Knows It, She S In Love With This Boy Who Has Lived Through Harder Times Than Anyone She Knows This Boy With A PastJade Knows The Situation Is Beyond Complicated, But She Hasn T Felt This Safe In A Long Time She Owes It All To Sebastian, Her Boy With The Great Heart Her Boy Who Is Hiding A Terrible Secret A Secret That Will Force Jade To Decide Between What Is Right, And What Feels Right Jade has panic disorder She fears everything, but eleaphants calm her She lives near a local zoo and visits the elephants She also, has a live webcam on them, so she can watch the elephants from the privacy of home one night she sees a vistors at the elephants area Hes a boy in red With a baby on his back.
and this This is the begining of something she would have NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.
Jade starts volunteering at the zoo, working with the elephants thats when she finally meets the boy in red, though it feels they already met from her many webcam nights Boy in red and jade start to have a friendly relationship which soon turns into Love sebastion tells jade about his son Bo how hes running from the mother o

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[ Read Online The Nature of Jade å chick-lit PDF ] by Deb Caletti ¾ pamyatnik.pro Deb Calettiis the award winning and critically acclaimed author of over sixteen books for adults and young adults, including Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, a finalist for the National Book Award, and A Heart in a Body in the World, a Michael L Printz Honor Book Her books have also won the Josette Frank Award for Fiction, the Washington State Book Award, and numerous other state awards and honors, and