Read ¾ Please Don't Kill the Freshman: A Memoir by Zoe Trope á

 Read ¾ Please Don't Kill the Freshman: A Memoir by Zoe Trope á This book is way, way outside my usual reading space I picked it up partly because I enjoy broadening my repertoire, partly because I was curious what a successful high school age author has to say, and partly because the author is an Obie and a friend of a friend.
I quite liked it, actually The blurb on the back promised that I d identify with the author narrator, and indeed I did Zoe Trope is a curious mix of the exceptional and the ordinary Highly intelligent and amazingly sophisticated for her age, she is nonetheless mired in teenage angst, which seems to occupy about 95% of her waking thoughts She has to rush off from a meeting with a major publishing company to attend marching band practice I had some of that going on in high school not the book deals, of course, or the cynicism I d require another decade to grow into that , b This book could go on a Goodreads shelf titled books written by authors I take Pilates with However, since Zoe Trope hasn t yet written a second novel and there are no other authors in my Pilates class, it would be a very thin shelf I ve been interested in this book since its release several years ago Portland setting Written by actual high school teenager but have just now gotten around to reading it It was tough going the first 50 pages I almost stopped reading, overwhelmed by the voice that was clearly very smart and clearly very, very disdainful of school However, I kept going and was rewarded by that disdain fading and leaving some incredibly delightful prose It s rough and could have used editing something that was rejected by the author but the roughness has its charms and the charms are many It s also nice to see the difference in acceptan I Wrote A Story About You Well, Sort Of, See, It S Mostly About Me Well, Entirely About Me, But Here S The Catch I M You No, Really, I Mean It Not Like That Transcendentalism Stuff We Re Learning In English Class, But Really, Truly, I M You I Know What It Feels Like When Your Heart Beats So Hard Against Your White Bone Ribs, When You Sing In The Shower With Soap In Your Eyes, When You Run Until You Get A Side Ache I Wrote This Story About You Because I Am So In Love With You, Your Broken Fence Teeth And Your Tissue Paper Scars I Love You When You Re So Exhausted It Could Topple You To The Ground, So In Love It Could Snap Guitar Strings, So Sickly Sweet It Could Make Lips Smile This Is A Reckless Love Story This Is My Shameless Confession So disappointing The original chapbook published by Kevin Sampsell of Future Tense Press inspired me when I was fourteen four years ago , but this extended version overstretches Trope s initial charm and takes the reader nowhere She is talented and could have done better.
Io sono solo un limone che oltre a una smorfia pu offrire ben poco Un giorno sar una mela Un giorno imparer a essere dolce Zoe Trope ovviamente pseudonimo quando scrive ha quattordici, quindici anni E l era di Bush e dell 11 Settembre 2001.
Cosa significa essere adolescenti del XXI secolo Ci sono milioni di persone che ci hanno scritto su e hanno cercato di rispondere Lei, no Scusate se ho quindici anni non una provocazione, non Melissa P.
, non J.
T LeRoy, non un memoriale e non pura autobiografia Scritto con uno stile semplice, asciutto, ed originalissimo, un collage di pensieri sparsi Anzich puntare sulla ricostruzione degli eventi, sulla descrizione delle vicende, l autrice mette a nudo i suoi pensieri Senza alcun filtro Che li capiate o meno, poco importa.
E un libro che non vuole stupire e non vuole essere generazionale Non l illeggibile I think I ve officially arrived at the I m too old for party Yeah, I don t understand most rap music, I forget the difference between Twilight and Teen Wolf which one had Team Jacob , and The Voice, American Idol, America s Got Talent it all sounds like crap to me Boy bands today One Direction, ummm that s the only one I can think of are basically the sons of boy bands of my generation Backstreet Boys, again can t think of any others And this book unfortunately falls into my I m too old for category Some of it most definitely rings true, as I m not too old to completely have forgotten what high school was like But much of the book just doesn t strike me because I have mostly forgotten the emotion of high school Yes, I can remember being shunned not really, I wasn t even noticeable enough to be shunned but the actual feeling of being shunned No

Sono innamorata da un mese esatto e so che lo sanno Lo sanno sicuramente tutti Chiss se sanno che sono gay, se questo che pensano Ma io non sono gay, sono solo innamorata e mi sono innamorata di una ragazza Questo rende tutto pi difficile Tutti capiscono cos un gay, nessuno capisce l a.
I find it funny how some people who review this think its supposed to make sense.
It s not.
It s a diary Its a confession that being a teenager is difficult, and something I think that many adults seem to forget We teenagers think life is so difficult that no one can comprehend it, except for other teenagers And for most of my generation s parents, they tend to write us off as complaining little children who don t know what we re talking about.
This book, I think, is one of those things that lets everyone else know that we DO know what we are talking about, even if its not as well thought out There are insights to be found in our so called trivial problems.
We re not ignorant, we re just drowing and suffocating in a world that doesn t care.
teenagers who think they re better than that people who used to be teenagers who thought they were better than that and now think they re better than teenagers Probably my favorite book, and that s not just a I just finished this book and omg thing, because I read this two years ago and have basically been reading it since then, but yeah so I just read it all the way through again and, yup, it s still my favorite Everyone else who tries to write about being fourteen can t because they forget that anything ever really happened, they think they just thought they were thinking, they weren t really They were too little But Zoe Trope actually wrote this about being fourteen and fifteen when it was happening It s pretty rad And gay Oh, and you have to know that the first part of it, before the second list of characters, was what she originally published, that s why she s t

Zoe Trope

 Read ¾ Please Don't Kill the Freshman: A Memoir by Zoe Trope á Zoe Trope is the pen name of Zoe Fisher She was born in 1986 graduated from high school in Oregon in 2003 That same year, HarperCollins published her high school memoir, Please Don t Kill the Freshman Since then, she has written essays, short stories, and poetry Her 2017 essay, Libraries Are the Real Punk Rock was one of the 15 most read essays of the year at The Rumpus.She graduated f