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[James Ross] á Lifetime Loser [prehistoric PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò No loser hereSolid writing Good story with great characters Filled with a lot twist and turns Always making you wonder what would come next.
Recommend highly.
It s been about twenty years since the last time I read a novel based around golf The last one was the very funny The Greening of Thurmond by Michael Zagst 1986.
Lifetime Loser by James Ross covers roughly twenty years in the life of J W Schroeder or J Dub to his friends He is tricked into buying a share in an illegally purchased golf course after washing out of his own chance at a golf career The rest of the book follows how the initial swindle plays out for all the parties involved.
The man behind the swindle is Lewferd E Zermann whose motivations seem to come down to a love of money and a love of evil Midway through the book we learn of his shrine to Hitler and he goes from being a plausible greedy bastard to being a character on loan from Springtime for Hitler.
The book has its moments and J Dub is a likeable character but the awkward w J.
W Schroeder known as J Dub is one shot away from getting the score he needs to become a member of the PGA Tour He has played well throughout this qualifying tournament, and his confidence is peaking His wife, Marcia, is standing nearby, pregnant with their first child She questions the unstudied approach that J Dub is taking to such a crucial swing, while his suddenly swelling ego allows him to believe nothing can go wrong Marcia s doubts prove warranted when J Dub fails to earn a spot to play his beloved golf game professionally With all of the family s hopes and dreams riding on that ill fated shot, what will be next for the Schroeders So begins the first foray into the literary world for author James Ross Over the next 300 pages of Lifetime Loser, Mr Ross takes us through twenty three years of J Dub s life and introduces us to a cast of unforgettable characters J Dub an

First let me start by stating that I am in no way considered to be a book critic However, I know what holds my interest and what does not Having said that I recently had the opportunity to read, the James Ross book, Lifetime Loser This book is the first in a series of 3 novels to date by Mr Ross.
James Ross AuthorLifetime LoserLifetime Loser is a story about greed vs honesty Its backdrop is a golf course and there is a well woven plot that involves a naive golf professional, J.
W Schroeder and a very unscrupulous business man, Lew Zerrmann and his equally dishonest associates and acquaintances Ross takes us on a journey that spans two decades and has enough twists and turns to keep you hanging on every word.
For me this book was as interesting a read as a John Grisham or Patricia Cornwell novel two of my personal favorites The character Sarah Sammis sums up my feelings when she writes The book has its moments and J Dub is a likeable character but the awkward written narrative gets in the way Too much of the characterization is done by attributes alone So an so is the best at this or the worst at that and frankly that s not enough to build interesting, believable or memorable characters The book also suffers from weird mistakes involving incorrect word usage, poor grammar and general typesetting errors More than anything, Lifetime Loser needs tighter editing I can t be as generous in my star ratings as Sarah was I just wasn t convinced that characters were best at this or worst at that Neither the characters nor the events were developed enough to convince I was provided a gifted copy of this book through Masquerade Mob formerly Masquerade Crew Review in exchange for an honest review.
This is a mystery story that has golf running through it.
In the early 1980s, J Dub was on his way to a promising career on the Pro Golf tour until a faulty decision got in the way As life would have it, he was offered a job not only running a golf course but as a junior partner Believing his future would be set, he took on the challenge Little did he know there were unseen forces at work conspiring to dash his hopes and dreams Will he be able to compete against them and win or will he be just another Lifetime Loser I love how the story spans two decades, showing not only the struggles of balancing work a First I should say you don t have to be a golf fan to read this book, because their is a lot than golf going on The game and the Prairie Winds golf course are the backdrop for the story.
W Shroeder has been a golf fanatic his whole life J dub, as he is called decides against the pro circuit and becomes partners with Lew as owners of Prairie Winds J Dub is a fairly honest man and his partner Lew is about as opposite as you could be and J Dub is finding that out the hard way This is the first book in this series and I will be reading two in the collection I found the book interesting and if you are a fan of golf, law and corruption, grab this.
For Fifteen Years On The Outskirts Of St Louis J W Schroeder J Dub Ran A Worn Out Golf Course That Sat High Atop The Illinois Bluffs Of The Mississippi River Then He Learns That His Partner Had Been Skimming Profits The Entire Time But Even Worse, J Dub Discovers That He Was An Unknowing Participant In The Swindle Of An Estate And That He Was A Victim Of Fraud J Dub Is Thrown Into A Civil Justice System That Is Lengthy As Well As Costly To Protect His Family And Correct An Evil And Sinister Secret That Had Been Withheld From Him For Years The Controlling Partner, Lewferd E Zerrmann, Aligns Himself With A Dishonest Attorney, A Deceitful Accountant, And A Corrupt Politician To Derail A Government Investigation And An IRS Audit He Survives Title Improprieties And Outlasts An Overzealous U S Attorney No One Seems To Be Able To Penetrate The Isolated Walls Of Lew S Fortress Until J Dub Steps Up And Risks It All To Fight For What Is His WHO SAID REAL LIFE WAS ANYTHING LIKE THE GENTLEMAN S GAME When J Dub J W Schroeder joins forces with Lew Zerrmann in ownership of a golf course he didn t know what he was getting into It looked like J Dub had found his home at the Prairie Winds Golf Course even after years of deceit unfold.
A great deal of time is spent developing the main characters of Lifetime Loser and no villain is hateful than Lew Zerrmann I couldn t wait to see what would happen to this despicable being in the end This is the first of a series of fictional golf books by James Ross and a worthy start to a series.
Way to long for a so called golf story 100 chapters in this book was way to many , about 30 to many in my opinion Was a good story but a bit repetitive , I see the are books in the series but doubt I will read them if they are all 100 repetitive chapters , this was like a move that could of ended 30 minutes early and still been a good movie

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[James Ross] á Lifetime Loser [prehistoric PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò pamyatnik.pro I m a cancer survivor who had something to say One story has become several novels from fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course high atop the Mississippi river bluffs just east of St Louis.My stories are character based with the genre being realistic fiction My writing style utilizes the use of dialogue from an eclectic cast of characters Aside from the recurring regulars roughly 20 new