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[Justina Chen] Ó North of Beautiful [folk-tales PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Terra, a sensitive, artistic high school senior born with a facial port wine stain, struggles with issues of inner and outer beauty with the help of her Goth friend Jacob.
I was initially dismayed by the first few chapters of this book because of the intense amount of references to maps and cartography, of which I was not well versed in, making it feel like I was reading an encyclopedia and in need of constant referencing with a dictionary to find the meaning of certain words The cartography metaphors slowed down my reading and almost turned me off from continuing on But with the encouragement of fellow goodreaders , I trudged on and gladly that I did Because once I ve finished peeling the top layers of map metaphors, I was gifted with such beautiful ,smart, and heart warming prose I realized that the use of cartography North of Beautiful is about Terra Cooper, the blond bombshell with a killer body and perfect boyfriend whose life would be unblemished if not for the port wine stain encompassing the entire left side of her face There is a saying that goes Humans only take into account bad deeds, and once a bad deed has been committed, the good will forever be ignored This is true for Terra, for when most people think of her, they forget that she works strenuously to keep in shape and that she has promising ability in art they make her out as the poster child for port wine stains This is only one of the reasons she wishes to escape her small Washington town and attend a college on the east coast Terra s father is over controlling, vicious, and so emotionally abusive that his words could substitute as punches being thrown at a person s self esteem Couple him with Terra s i As He Continued To Stare, I Wanted To Point To My Cheek And Remind Him, But You Were The One Who Wanted This, Remember You Re The One Who Asked And I Repeat Why Not Fix Your Face It S Hard Not To Notice Terra Cooper She S Tall, Blond, And Has An Enviable Body But With One Turn Of Her Cheek, All People Notice Is Her Unmistakably Flawed Face Terra Secretly Plans To Leave Her Stifling Small Town In The Northwest And Escape To An East Coast College, But Gets Pushed Off Course By Her Controlling Father When An Unexpected Collision Puts Terra Directly In Jacob S Path, The Handsome But Quirky Goth Boy Immediately Challenges Her Assumptions About Herself And Her Life, And She Is Forced In Yet Another Direction With Her Carefully Laid Plans Disrupted, Will Terra Be Able To Find Her True Path Written In Lively, Artful Prose, Award Winning Author Justina Chen Headley Has Woven Together A Powerful Novel About A Fractured Family, Falling In Love, Travel, And The Meaning Of True Beauty I am extremely ashamed to admit that about twenty pages into this book I was feeling like, Oh here we go again another wealthy girl with made up problems her dad will only pay for a state school Boo hoo.
Yeah, I kind of want to punch myself in the face now too But, I think that s just one of the things that are so remarkable about this book on the surface and even in the beginning, it seems to be a simple, even juvenile story about a girl with a birthmark, but it ends up surprising you with so much.
Terra has developed an exhaustive protocol to detract everyone s attention from her face She keeps her body in perfect condition with endless exercise, and she has created a make up combination that, when applied in generous layers, can almost hide the I m sure this must get better as it goes on but the opening was too dull for me to want to spend any time finding out.
Once upon a time, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning while sitting under the covers in a darkened air force base hotel, watching a PBS Nova special about the magnetic poles hold on while I push up my nerd glasses The people I was with were all asleep but I was watching it, flabbergasted, and wanting to wake them up because I never knew, until that moment, that what we know as magnetic north and south have changed several times in the history of Earth Can you imagine Obviously it blew my mind And we re overdue for another change Here s the link if you are interested Your Mind Blown Anyway, the point of this story is that this book has a map and discovery theme that I found totally refreshing Though the story The first thing people notice about Terra Cooper isn t her gorgeous blonde hair or killer body it s the port wine stain that spreads across her cheek, marking her face Terra is desperate to escape her tiny Washington town, and plots to attend a small liberal arts college on the East Coast, but her controlling father dashes her plans When she meets Jacob, a Goth Chinese boy, after she nearly hits him with her car, things begin to change Jacob gets her For the first time in her life, Terra is with someone with whom she can let down her shield Through Jacob s friendship and a life changing trip to China with her mother, can Terra find her true path and figure out who she really wants to be This book is gorgeous Gorgeous The thing about Justina Chen Headley s books is that I s TBR Pile Reduction Challenge 3 KristyNorth of Beautiful and I were off to a rather rocky start After about 50 pages in I was contemplating giving up on it because what I had read so far had either bored me or had made me uncomfortable to a great extent.
Terra s family is than shattered Her father is a real bully and all those mean and hurtful things he said to either Terra or her mother hurt me so much that I wasn t sure whether I wanted to stick with the story or not I guess the fact that I was unbelievably mad at Terra s father and that I desperately wanted to see her standing up to him made me continue reading and luckily, I found myself warming up to Terra and her story and Jacob s appearance on the scene helped a lot, too Even though I didn t really know what to make of this goth boy at first, I liked him enough and was curious to see how Terra s and his relation

Posted at Shelf Inflicted Terra Cooper is blonde, beautiful, a talented artist, and dating a popular and athletic boy She has everything going for her, or does she Well, she has one physical flaw, a port wine stain birthmark in the shape of Bhutan on her right cheek Along with her daily exercise regimen, Terra skillfully applies an assortment of cosmetics and moisturizers to conceal the red stain that brings her shame She lives in a small, boring town in Washington, has a father who is controlling and overly critical, and a mother who is overweight and passive She wants to escape by attending a college far from home When she gets accepted, her plans are thwarted by her father While Terra and her mom are in Seattle for laser treatment to lighten her birthmark, they get into a minor collision and Terra meets Jacob, a handsome Chinese boy with a propensity for bl I don t read a lot of realistic YA fiction precisely because of books like this well meaning, angsty books with Messages whose earnest agendas are perfectly clear to anyone who skims the jacket It s funny that a book that wants so very much for people to look past the mark on Terra s face has so much trouble focusing on much of anything except that Despite being a decently sized novel, somehow how the abusive dad, the meek mother, the endless references to cartography, the artwork, and the boyfriends all feel like 2 dimensional filler, much like Terra herself None of the characters or details really come alive or invoke any feeling for me, and the writing furthers the awkwardness with sentences such as, Spent, I fell into bed, closed my eyes, and dreamt of torn maps falling on me like fresh snow The events and e

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[Justina Chen] Ó North of Beautiful [folk-tales PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ pamyatnik.pro Justina Chen is an award winning writer Her latest book, THE ART OF INSPIRATION LEAD YOUR BEST STORY, is for any leader who wants to inspire employees, customers, and constituents Her YA novel, NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, was named to Best Books lists by Kirkus Reviews and Barnes Noble Her other novels include A Blind Spot for Boys, Return to Me, Girl Overboard a Junior Library Guild premiere s