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✓ Read È Torchwood: Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides ↠´ Is it possible to write a boring Torchwood story Is it possible to write about Jack and Ianto s date and make that boring Is it possible to write about them without their chemistry Is it possible to make even Jack Harkness incompetent Before I read this, I would say it s not possible, but I d be wrong Pack Animals has it all I thought the first Peter Anghelides Torchwood book Another Life was just an accident, but I was wrong I just thought I wasn t in the mood for it that annoying second person narrative , but it seems I was wrong about that too I did like it than this one.
I don t like Anghelides Torchwood stories Fortunately, only Another Life and Pack Animals are his Jack and Ianto had their moments here, but those weren t Jack and Ianto from the series One of the annoying things in this book is that every s What do we want from tie book Solid characterization, that the characters sound like the original we know and love Pack Animals does this and is entertaining too The plot is a little foggy in places but the author doesn t shy away from what makes Torchwood fun and attractive Namely, Jack being Jack, competent Gwen, amusing Rhys and putting forward Cardiff and making it real and interesting A good tie in reads like an episode without the special effects that the production couldn t have afforded anyway This one makes the cut.

I think today was the first day that I stayed off my computer all day I didn t even turn the computer on I spent it reading Pack Animals It immediately grabbed me with the banter between Jack and Ianto The way they tried to have a real date and ended up getting brought back into Torchwood business at every turn I think the writer captured the big child that Jack Harkness can be and also captured the dry wit that is one of the many things I love about Ianto Jones.
I was smiling as they kept the chatter up in the car, while avoiding the journalist and while investigating the church I was smiling even bigger as they roamed the Zoo, Jack holding Ianto s hand as he got disgruntled and walking around in public as a couple It was adorable.
I thought this was another great story for Rhys He shined again and I loved that once again the writer pr Okay, this Torchwood book is a testament to Don t Judge a Book by It s Cover Which, by the way, has Gwen walking on broken pavement, a tiger by her side, carrying MonstaQuest cards that seem to have Tosh on one of them.
The basic premise is simple enough There are monsters out there that frighten the Weevils, ones that seem to travel through telephones and CCTV feeds It is up to Torchwood to find out what is going on and stop it, but this time there is another group of alien hunters who have the same goalThis is my favorite book to date Why, you ask First is because we have a real Jack Ianto relationship, one that involves actual kissing And then there is naked Ianto, always a plus in my mind Seriously, the story is well written, isn t Gwen centric, but has a great Gwen Rhys dynamic going on.
When I opened my copy of this book, there was a note from my friend telling me there was a scene on a specific page that was going to make me write fanfic, but that I was not allowed to peek ahead I was a good girl and waited with high expectations I was rewarded with a naked and invisible Ianto Jones No complaints here My friend knows me so well I ended up reading this book from start to finish while going to and from Awesome Con, where I saw John Barrowman for the third time, so I was definitely in the mood for some Torchwood goodness, and this book did not disappoint The story revolves around MonstaQuest cards, which mysteriously contain cards with images of both fictional and actual monsters The problem is, monsters from these packs start showing up in real life and killing people n Based on the popular BBC Dr Who spin off, this book contains a story not contained in any episode I ve seen As with the series, much of the story is from Glen s point of view Rhys plays a larger part than he does in the TV show.
Kind of slowWas hard to figure the story out and keep up with it also keep my interest The only really funny parts are between Jack and Ianto Ianto has accidentally gotten himself invisible So of course there s jokes about him being naked and walking around But no one can see him of course Torchwood fans will like it.
This is a book based on the television series and it takes place during the second season In this novel, weevils and other alien beings are popping up everywhere and Torchwood investigates During this investigation they find out that a popular card game has these alien beings as characters and this is highly unlikely.
My feelings for this book are split in two The first half of the book was boring and did nothing for me The second half I really enjoyed and that is where it reminded me of the television series I strongly recommend one have a working knowledge of the show to enjoy this novel.
I thought the author did a good job with the characters and their teamwork There are some scenes that are laugh out loud funny and evoke why we love the show as these scenes show character s relationships with each other I hav Shopping For Wedding Gifts Is Enjoyable, Unless Like Gwen You Witness A Weevil Massacre In The Shopping Centre A Trip To The Zoo Is A Great Day Out, Until A Date Goes Tragically Wrong And Ianto Is Badly Injured By Stolen Alien Tech And Halloween Is A Day Of Fun And Frights, Before Unspeakable Monsters Invade The Streets Of Cardiff And It S No Longer A Trick Or A Treat For The Terrified PopulationTorchwood Can Control Small Groups Of Scavengers, But Now Someone Has Given Large Numbers Of Predators A Season Ticket To Earth Jack S Investigation Is Hampered When He Finds He S Being Investigated Himself Owen Is Convinced That It S Just One Guy Who S Toying With Them But Will Torchwood Find Out Before It S Too Late That The Game Is Horribly Real, And The Deck Is Stacked Against Them Featuring Captain Jack Harkness As Played By John Barrowman, With Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato And Ianto Jones As Played By Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Naoki Mori And Gareth David Lloyd, In The Hit Series Created By Russell T Davies For BBC TelevisionThe Seventh Novel In The Bestselling Torchwood Range From BBC books Torchwood Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides was a real treat to read I was surprised to find that this book was one of the better Torchwood novels Anghelides did a great job on the characterization with this book All of the characters were dead on and even allowed insight to them in a way you don t get during the series The author let you in and see the in depth relationships between Rhys and Gwen and Jack and Ianto Rhys played a much larger role in this book than he did in the regular series and this book was a Janto fangirl s wet dream.
The only real problem I had with this book was the quick, unsatisfying ending with the monster of the week The book builds and builds and builds, but once you found out who was behind all of the madness the book just died Overall, Pack Animals and my God, take a shot every time the phrase Pack Animals appears in the novel Y

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✓ Read È Torchwood: Pack Animals by Peter Anghelides ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Anghelides first published work was the short story Moving On in the third volume of the Virgin Decalog collections, which led to further short stories in the fourth collection and then in two of the BBC Short Trips collections that followed In January 1998, his first novel Kursaal was published as part of BBC Books Eighth Doctor Adventures series on books Anghelides subsequently wrote two m