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Download Epub Format ☆ Torchwood: Almost Perfect PDF by ☆ James Goss I don t think I ve ever read anything so obviously crack ish in my life How this even got published I have no idea, but it was awesome The villains are gods who come to Cardiff to save the gay scene from mullets WHAT Also featured awesome chapter titles such as Ianto can ride a horse across a beach without fear or shame.
You expect something a little better than substandard fanfiction as part of official merchandise In fact, there is better fanfiction on the net than this book It seems to have taken some of the crackier tropes of the fanfiction genre Hey Ianto wakes up as a woman and pushes it to the limit But that s not actually the worst part of the book it s the fact that the characterisations seem really off The only part I can recommend is that Owen and Tosh are still nicely remembered, and shown to be part of the Torchwood team, and sorely missed.
Emma Is , Single And Frankly Desperate She Woke Up This Morning With Nothing To Look Forward To But Another Evening Of Unsuccessful Speed Dating But Now She Has A New Weapon In Her Quest For Mr Right And It S Made Her Almost PerfectGwen Cooper Woke Up This Morning Expecting The Unexpected As Usual She Went To Work And Found A Skeleton At A Table For Two And A Colleague In A Surprisingly Glamorous Dress PerfectIanto Jones Woke Up This Morning With No Memory Of Last Night He Went To Work, Where He Caused Amusement, Suspicion And A Little Bit Of Jealousy Because Ianto Jones Woke Up This Morning In The Body Of A Woman And He S Looking Just About PerfectAnd Jack Harkness Has Always Had His Doubts About Perfection I was initially not too interested in the unique style odd chapter lengths from one sentence to several pages, odd chapter titles, lots of changing POVs, lots of tense changes , but it did manage to suck me in I liked Emma, somewhat, and definitely sympathized with her I liked that Tosh and Owen weren t forgotten I liked Gwen and Rhys, for the most part And in the end, I liked the odd chapter titles I think I wish this book had actually been written by a woman Ianto started out quite interesting and went downhill fast I can t tell if the author thinks that s what women are like although Gwen wasn t, but the comparisons were constantly drawn or if he thinks that s what women who look like that automatically become, or if the change was due to the body itself Because Ianto s personality definitely changed and I don I m giving this book 4 stars, but it could be closer to 3.
5 the characterization in the beginning seemed slightly off, though they were better in the last 1 3 And, I don t know, the story was just a bit odd A good idea, but possibly not executed as well as it could have been I know James Goss has done a lot of great stories for Torchwood and I think maybe Doctor Who as well but this one was a little rough, maybe one of his earlier works I know from experience that not every story is going to work perfectly It s a good, easy read and had some fun moments.
5 5I quite enjoyed the first 30% of the book but the further it went, the the characterization of Jack, Ianto, and Gwen was getting wonky for me and that was spoiling my overall enjoyment The main plot with gotta find the alien artifact causing chaos was okay, very Torchwoody, but not mind blowing Moreover, it was very evident that this was written by a man in the scenes with the point of view of woman Ianto my exasperation of how his behavior and attitude were painfully stereotypical was growing as the novel went and by the end I just couldn t wait for it to end just so I don t need to read the bizarre and forced logic behind Ianto battling alien phenomena in high hills and short skirts Overall, I don t regret reading this novel but I m disappointed I didn t enjoy it as a whole since the first chapters seemed to promise.
I m not going to lie and say it was the best Torchwood novel that I ve read, because it isn t, but it s not completely unpalatable Yes, Ianto s characterization is woeful but the plot is unique and kind of funny It reads a little bit like a sketchy fanfiction at times and the constant switching of POVs got very annoying very fast I also wish that the book had delved a little deeper than skin level with Ianto s character, perhaps realistically working out how he d react to suddenly being a women rather than have him fixate on shoes and what colours suit his complexion.
On the whole the novel had so much potential but fell flat where it counted A decent read if you ve got nothing else to do and are up for a laugh but otherwise best left alone.
This book quickly delved into bad fanfiction territory The writing was so so, the characterisations were off, bite sized story lines, and by the end of it it had turned into gay stereotypes The overall plot was promising, but when the author only played with the characters on the shallow end of the pool and didn t delve into the deep end to give us a better insight into the characters and story, it failed the potential it had The only redeeming factor for this book was despite the fact that Ianto suddenly found himself in a woman s body, the narrative pronouns did not change in regards to him as so many other stories tend to do on the same subject matter.

Eh, I know it s tv related fiction but seriously Is it really supposed to read like bad fan fiction Perhaps I just didn t like the author s style and the chapter titles were pretty lame I always get confused with canon and fanon But I think I can see the difference with this book The character voices were all wrong and when you based a novel on something, the fans read it because they enjoy certain things like the characterizations Mess with that and then you suddenly mess with a story and it becomes less desirable a read I ve read other reviews praising how wonderful this book isetc But to be honest, I enjoy when a writer captures the spirit, tone and voice that originally drew me in.
A big hint that I wasn t enjoying the book as much as I had other was the fact that these books are quick reads and usually take me a day or two at the most to finish This one has t OMG Captain Jack being himself, Ianto Jones transformed into the perfect woman, Captain Jack, lots of gay sex, and did I mention Captain Jack If you re even a casual watcher of Torchwood, then you have to pick this book up I stumbled across it in a bookstore one weekend, then ignored everyone and everything around me as I devoured most of it on the train ride home.
As the book begins, we learn that Ianto Jones has awakened with a gap in his memory, no clothes, and the body of a perfect woman Thanks to the alien device responsible no spoiler here this is Torchwood, after all , he is physically perfect Mentally and emotionally, however, he is still the same shy, awkward, loveable young man he s always been He has to learn how to walk, how to dress, how to talk, and how to respond to the opposite sex His struggles and grudging acceptance of

James Goss

Download Epub Format ☆ Torchwood: Almost Perfect PDF by ☆ James Goss James Goss has written two Torchwood novels and a radio play, as well as a Being Human book His Doctor Who audiobook Dead Air won Best Audiobook 2010 James also spent seven years working on the BBC s official Doctor Who website and co wrote the website for Torchwood Series One In 2007, he won the Best Adaptation category in the annual LA Weekly Theatre Awards for his version of Douglas Adams