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Download Epub Format Ê The Fog PDF by µ Kyo Maclear Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterIcyland is a special place that people like to visit and the home of Warble, a small yellow bird who loves to human watch When a deep fog rolls in and lingers the other birds don t seem to mind but Warble becomes concerned It s not until a Red hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile also notices The Fog that Warble decides to do something about the spreading menace.
What a gem of a book this turned out to be I was drawn to the watercolor and ink sketch illustrations right off, and they are beautiful They carry through the entire book blowing you away You literally feel like you ve been to Icyland and experienced The Fog with Warble and the Red hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile I loved the fact that this little girl was drawn as an Asian girl We don t see that in picture books much and its so important that we see Just wow.
Warble is a bird and also a human watcher from the Icy Land But one day The Fog spreads over the land turning everything ghostly, and he is not able to watch people any Warble knows something is very wrong, but nobody else seems to notice or care He tries to blow The Fog away, but it doesn t work Warble is really worried Then is when he finds a little girl who is also concerned about the last changes and signals They decide to find other people around the world who are also aware of what is going on They send messages in paper boats, and they receive lots of answers They are not alone, and with each new reply they get, The Fog lifts a little.
I liked the premise of this story, and absolutely loved the wonderful illustrations I think there is a problem with the ending, which appears diffuse to me, specially considering this is a picture book for little kids The messag read for my son during our road trip He loved it I also loved it too because the bird take corrective action to a problem It doesn t sit back and ignore it or wait for others to fix it It stands up and do something I like to read these kinds of books for my son I also like that it pays attention to its surrounding and notices right away when something is wrong The story line is interesting as well It s definitely a re read for my kid every night before bed time We also like the illustration It shows up very well on an iPhone Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review Our opinions are honest.
This book is a bit wispy, like The Fog The pictures alone make it a four The narrative is a little odd, but it appears to be a story of fog taking over everything, and no one noticing, except for one little bird, and one little girl.
And when they ask others, around the world, if they too see The Fog , it goes away, and things are beautiful again I put The Fog into quotes, because it seems to stand for something, but I am not sure what Or I might be trying to read too much into a beautifully illustrated picture book, and maybe a cigar is just a cigar.
Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I d like to thank them in letting me read an advance reader s copy of The Fog by Kyo Maclear for its release.
5 rating This book contains absolutely beautiful drawings, and the writing was mediocre I loved that the bird, Warble, was persistent and tried to change something way bigger than himself I liked that in such a minute size, it gave me good feelings view spoiler At times this book seemed weird and I didn t like everything that was said For one, it s as if they were teaching young children to start eating insects Also, the resolution didn t seem very well written because it s pretty much teaching children to litter in a body of water with paper to raise awareness When there is awareness, the probl Warble Is A Small Yellow Warbler Who Lives On The Beautiful Island Of Icyland, Where He Pursues His Hobby Of Human Watching But On A Warm Day, A Deep Fog Rolls In And Obscures His View The Rest Of The Birds Don T Seem To Notice The Fog Or The Other Changes Warble Observes On The Island The The Fog Is Ignored, The It Spreads When A Red Hooded Spectacled Female Juvenile Appears, Warble Discovers That He S Not The Only One Who Notices The Fog Will They Be Able To Find Others Who Can See It Too And Is The Fog Here To Stay What a timely, remarkable picture book A must have for bird and people watchers It is a great friendship tale but ever so much The illustrations are swoon worthy The illustrator, Kenard Pak is an absolute treasure The emotions, warmth and atmosphere he conveys through his art is outstanding One of my favorite children s books of the year.
I first tried reading this on my phone screen and frankly just didn t get it What I could see was enough to make me try again on my computer and oh, what a difference it made With subtle humor and illustrations, this story definitely requires a close read I don t recommend reading it on a smart phone screen you miss entirely too much On the surface, the story is a cute tale of a human watching Warbler whose i.
s of said humans are hilarious But then, enter The Fog Only a few others seem to notice it, but most just seem to accept it and move on blindly Enter one red hooded, spectacled, female juvenile human And while somewhat lost, seems to see The Fog and Warbler just fine Maybe, if this unlikely duo can learn to communicate with one another, they can find some answers that, alone, they just weren t able to Now, A Mild Environmental Message, But An Even Better Friendship TaleAs a mysterious fog envelops the countryside, the bird Warble is worried, but his fellow creatures seem oblivious or unconcerned Finally, joint efforts by other creatures in other faraway places make The Fog disappear So, the message, such as it is, addresses global warming and the need for global cooperation If that s all we had here I m not sure I d be terribly enthusiastic about this book, even despite its charming gentle full page drawings Even gentle and upbeat messages can be heavy handed if that s all you have.
But, there s something else going on here that s funny, sly and just the type of switcheroo that young readers can get and appreciate Warble is an avid human watcher He has human identification bo

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Download Epub Format Ê The Fog PDF by µ Kyo Maclear Kyo Maclear is a children s author, novelist and essayist She was born in London, England and moved to Toronto at the age of four Kyo is the author of several critically acclaimed children s books including Spork 2010 and Virginia Wolf 2012 , both illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault Mr Flux 2013 , illustrated by Matte Stephens Julia, Child 2014 , illustrated by Julie Morstad The Specific