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Trailer Ü Lasher PDF by Ë Anne Rice My hatred of this book knows no bounds.
Can t rate this one, since I m still weirded out I buddy read it with my father ahem Lots of sex in this one On to Taltos ALONE this time The Talamasca, Documenters Of Paranormal Activity, Is On The Hunt For The Newly Born Lasher Mayfair Women Are Dying From Hemorrhages And A Strange Genetic Anomaly Has Been Found In Rowan And Michael Lasher, Born From Rowan, Is Another Species Altogether And Now In The Corporeal Body, Represents An Incalcuable Threat To The Mayfairs Rowan And Lasher Travel Together To Houston And She Becomes Pregnant With Another Creature Like Him, A Taltos Lasher Seeks To Reproduce His Race In Other Women, But They Cannot Withstand It Rowan Escapes And Becomes Comatose As Her Fully Grown Taltos Daughter Is Born The Mayfairs Declare All Out War On Lasher And Try To Nurse Rowan Back To HeatlthMichael Remains Entwined In The Mayfair Family And Learns How He Comes By His Strange Powers Michael S Ghostly Visiting From A Long Dead Mayfair Reveals The Importance Of Destroying Lasher In The Investigation, Lasher S Origins Are Revealed, The New Taltos Emaleth Returns, And The Climax Of Death And Life Engulfs The Family Annerice This book kind of surprised me As I wrote in my review for The Witching Hour, I really loved THAT book as a young adult 13 15 I d guess , and had for many years after considered it one of my favorite novels ever written However, re reading it at age 31 revealed a number of fatal flaws that I could not get over I was not expecting much from Lasher by consequence, as I read it as a young adult too, though I do not believe I ever finished it Imagine my surprise when I re read it and found Lasher to be compelling than the first novel in the series.
Now this does not mean the book doesn t have its flaws I find it hilarious the way one of the protagonists Mona Mayfair talks about her computer it s obvious that the author sat down for a five minute conversation in the 90s with someone who knew computers and simply copied his interv WARNING This review can contain spoilers if you haven t read The Witching Hour In Lasher, Anne Rice immediately picks up where she left me in The Witching Hour The first half of the story there are lots of events rapidly following each other Of course things happen which are dark, which stretch the boundaries and speak of untold mysteries Especially the erotic encounter between Michael and teenager Mona may go against the grain for some readers The storytelling holds this fusion of distinctive, edgy characters in a strange situation that defies logic, which is all happening against the lush setting of New Orleans that ensnares me so The vibe Anne Rice creates is unlike anything I have ever read Michael, Rowan, Aaron, Lasher, Mona all come alive via this authors voice I may not alway So stunningly bad is the first third of this book that only the lunatic and the true devotee are likely to get beyond it It is actually a riot of Rice s worst sins strained and wooden characterizations, the abandonment of plot for the sake of a tangled and murky history, and a sort of mutant prose stumbling between a modern person s idea of old fashioned elegance and an old fashioned person s idea of how people actually talk in the 1990s Part of the purpose of this 200 page cancer is to make the transition from the novel s progenitor, The Witching Hour 1990 , but this could have been accomplished in 10 or 15 pages Well, let s say you made it through What you get now is the best of Rice a deliciously perverse image of an infant, Lasher, This is the worst book I have ever read If you are considering reading this book, please do not read it I will never ever get those hours of my life back again please do not waste yours I would honestly rather gouge my own eyes out with a rusty fork than read this again My husband read the book before me, hated it, but mischievously encouraged me to read it even though he knew I would hate it, as some sort of psychological test of endurance I have never forgiven him for this.
If you think that all sounds rather melodramatic I don t blame you, but Lasher really is that bad I have never read an Anne Rice book before, and quite honestly if Lasher is typical of her output then I am at a loss to understand how she is so popular I would like to assume that Lasher is atypical though.
The plot well, what plot there is is ludicrous Now obviously Anne Having just finished The Witching Hour I found myself still liking the novel, but it didn t impact me the way it did the first time I read it I even understood the extensive details and character development for its set up to the series In the case of this second book of the series, not so much This was detail and development overload I can only imagine what it would be like to see a ghost, or to actually hear one speak, but what I can t seriously imagine is someone nonchalantly sitting by while a ghost spends 4 hours relaying their past life story especially when the ghost sounds like a whiny bitch.
I ve read about 20 of Rice s novels, and though I was smitten with her work in the beginning, there is one pattern with her writing that I have noticed and one which has really turned me off most of her characters are whiny bitches And by whiny bitches I am mostly referring to the male

The follow up to The Witching Hour, 1993 s Lasher, continues the masterful world building of that precious volume while fully standing on its own it is a cold, horrifying treat filled to the brim with Anne Rice s signature gothic, sensual overtones The daemon that is Lasher He who has bestowed wealth and punishment upon the Mayfair clan for centuries wants nothing than to reproduce, but it has been a challenge In Rowan, the most powerful Mayfair witch yet and current keeper of the ancestry, He has found his vessel, the would be bearer of his spawn And He will force her to keep trying, if attempts prove unsuccessful no matter the cost Though this book did not immediately grab me, unlike its predecessor, I did soon fall into its groove and could not put it down As is Rice s way, I was spellbound by her lu Boy was this a letdown after reading The Witching Hour It was really long and drawn out I felt like the entire book was just two very long rehashings of the first story with a couple of blanks filled in It was almost like re reading the first book and became quite tedious at times I guess it was important to develop the character of Lasher, but I think it could have been done effectively by just adding another chapter or two to the already long first book I haven t read the Queen of the Damned yet, but my feeling was that this book was the filler book until she could come up with a plot for the third book I liked hearing Lasher s story, Julien s story could have been pared down alot Way too much repetition from the first book I m also a bit disturbed by Anne Rice s apparent obsession with kinky and illegal sex with minors It s an obvious theme in both books so far and would make me

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Trailer Ü Lasher PDF by Ë Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet