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[Penny Jordan] ↠´ Force of Feeling (Harlequin Presents, No 1169) [morocco PDF] Read Online ☆ Not bad Seemed too long the ending dragged out Not really believable that a woman would have no idea she was attractive and yet be very attractive Still, not terrible, it did draw me in somewhat.
A Searing Passion Left Her Scarred And Since That Devastating Experience, When Campion Had Been Like A Newly Opened Flower Crushed By A Cruel Hand, She Had Closed Out That Side Of Her NatureNow She Was Being Forced To Reopen It Her Literary Agent, The Frighteningly Sensual Guy French, Declared Her Historical Novels Well Written But Flat And Lifeless He Demanded She Add Passion So Off She Went To A Remote Cottage In Wales Perhaps Inspiration Would Come Then She Discovered Guy French Would Be There To See That It Did A book with a slow start but it picked up once the relationship between the H and h became less antagonistic The h had no self esteem or self confidence because of how she was treated by her mistake of an ex She was young and lonely when she met her ex and he tricked her into sex and marriage with the goal of getting her parents wealth When that didn t work out, he decimated the h with such viciousness that it left her scarred for years Enter the H who has to work with a woman terrified of men, of herself and of feelings He had a lot to overcome But he did so and the h found her femininity for the first time in her life But, years and years or ingrained self doubt and self loathing leaves her insecure And that leads to the separation between them I wasn t sure if I would like this book at the beginning, but as the story developed and the H slowly coaxe This novel was WAY too long, not in pages necessarily but in memory I guess you could say I found that it dragged on and on, especially the ending I personally wouldn t read it again.
The main character was a bit of a twit and not very credible.

Re Force of Feeling PJ brings us an introvert, shy writer h who has a new agent H determined to force passion into her books, even if he has to drag her into bed to do it The background for this h is the usual PJ orphan of distant parents For the added angst bonus, and to convince the h of her complete undesirability to anyone but a man wearing a bag over his head at the bottom of a closed up dark mine who hasn t felt a woman in 20 years, the h was married at 19 to her first lover He was a cad seducer type and only married her to get her parents to fork over a ton of money They refused, he vilely and viciously berated the h and her lack of boudoir skills in front of them and he was promptly sent to the hinterland mists of HPlandia vile slime slurping seducer role successfully completed The h s father got the marriage annulled and then Angsty and passionate I loved it I didn t like that heroine kept her pregnancy a secret but her fears and insecurities felt real because of her ex asshole husband So cute they had twin boys

Penny Jordan

[Penny Jordan] ↠´ Force of Feeling (Harlequin Presents, No 1169) [morocco PDF] Read Online ☆ pamyatnik.pro Caroline Courtney,