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[Dan Abnett] ↠´ Torchwood: Border Princes [m-m-m-f PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ç I ll admit, my expectations weren t high, as in my experience books based on TV shows are mediocre at best, but Border Princes still managed to fall short of them The story moved at a snail s pace, and character development was nonexistent In addition, the new character, James, was ridiculously Mary Sue like faster, stronger, smarter than everyone else, attractive, and well liked by everyone And because the author was so intently focused on making his new character awesome than everyone else, his depiction of the other characters suffered I m not sure who these people are, but they certainly aren t the team I know and love Owen s snarky comments and cynical outlook are absent, Jack seems to do nothing but sit back and watch admiringly a Definitely better than Another Life Only the first third of the book or so deals with the Amok, a metallic sentient item that seems eager to play with anyone who comes by The problem is, it isn t created for humans, so all hell breaks loose when people come in contact with it The Amok and other events are only used to introduce a stronger entity though Anything else I write would be a spoiler There is an episode of Torchwood that has similar, but definitely not the same theme I think this one is way better There are so many things I loved It is emotional than the first I ve read and I like the way it is written No second person narrative in Border Princes Even when you start to suspect the truth, it doesn t ruin the story It is fast paced and full of twists, seeming I ll be honest I don t ask for much from the Torchwood books A plot that can at least stick together while I m reading and recognizable characters Snark is good, funny one liners are great, ribald comments from Jack a must.
But seriously It is not a good thing to have your reader wondering through 3 4 of the book if the author was working from an old script where there was an extra team member This book definitely needed a prologue And some editing Ugh.
I only marked two pages as having good lines characteristics things, as opposed to the others, with dozens.

As I have already read most of the Torchwood books I would rate this as the least good one it s probably the worst The novel s plot does not really develop and it s like there are two stories following each other And it s not thrilling like the other Torchwood books, it s obvious, miserably told and the characters are not authentic worse than any fanfiction I ever read like Jack binge watching a TV Series with the team come on, this would never happen The new character and team member James who is just there and not introduced strongly reminded me of Adam guess what was the plot twist Also this novel is told around Gwen and how she out of the blue breaks up with Rhys to be with James Which makes the story almost unreadable.
During a very busy week, Torchwood discovers an artifact that was given to an earlier Torchwood as an early warning system is starting to count down.
What of the many things going on is the Big One that the artifact is warning them about Good read, with lots of clever bits, good characterization and a nice look at the day to day running of a secret agency that deals with aliens.
Jack and Gwen get the most time in the spotlight, and so the most characterization, but at least everyone gets to do something and some good lines.
If only the TV show could be this well written.
I hate to review a book I didn t finish but the fact that I didn t finish it is a sign to me I only got about halfway through before I became disgusted with it And when I pay nearly 10 for a book, it takes a lot for me to flat out not finish it If I could have given it zero stars I would have My main problem The introduction of a brand new team member, James, who never appears series and although he may turn into an Adam at the end, I wouldn t know since I couldn t finish it and my not caring to find out should also say something I couldn t stand the concept of the introduction of such a brand new team member that fit so seamlessly into the group, like he d existed for years I could have probably hung on till the end if the plot had been decent or even intriguing B Torchwood is working like normal, stopping an alien device that changes peoples brains There seems to be another member of the team that we haven t met before, James Meanwhile, an old soldier finds something intelligent in his allotment.
It s cleverly written, as the reader knows that James isn t supposed to be there, but he fits in so well The story of the old soldier is very moving, and you feel sorry for this lonely man I find the idea that Gwen is quite happy to cheat on Rhys a bit annoying But it is a good read.
The End Of The World Began On A Thursday Night In October, Just After Eight In The EveningThe Amok Is Driving People Out Of Their Minds, Turning Them Into Zombies And Causing Riots In The Streets A Solitary Diner Leaves A Cardiff Restaurant, His Mission To Protect The Principal Leading Him To A Secret Base Beneath A Water Tower Everyone Has A Headache There S Something In Davey Morgan S Shed And The Church Of St Mary In The Dust, Demolished In , Has Reappeared Though It S Not Due Until Torchwood Seem To Be Out Of Their Depth What Will All This Mean For The Romance Between Torchwood S Newest Members Captain Jack Harkness Has Something To Worry About An Alarm, An Early Warning, Given To Mankind And Held Inert By Torchwood For Years And Now It S Flashing Something Is Coming Or Something Is Already Here DNF 20%I think I ll just stick with the tv series rather than attempt the tie in novels The characters I ve become attached to don t feel like themselves It had it s moments, but not nearly enough to keep me reading.
ONLY 5 TYPOS Better then the 13 I counted in the first book Another Life Perhaps the editor enjoyed this one as much as I did.
This book was really great Yes, it s for Torchwood fans It will most likely not get any new fans from it, as strangers to the Torchwood series wouldn t care to even look twice at the book.
At any rate, I have few issues with this book The story is very VERY similar to an actual chapter of series 2 of Torchwood, so if you ve seen it, you ll have a good, general idea of whats going on right from the start, which is a shame to some extent but the story starts off with a lot of action, and the action portions of the book are very well written The story, though familiar from a series 2 plot line although, this was probably written first is interesting but there are a lot of other twists

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